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  1. KrzyKtty

    Disneyland Christmas Crowd Projection ?

    So, Now that we know ROTR is opening in January 2020, does anyone th think this may affect the crowds at the park between Christmas and New Year's? My have never been to Disneyland yet, so I am not sure. But I was curious based on all of the posts I have been seeing about reduced crowns. And...
  2. KrzyKtty

    You can have breakfast with a Disney princess — for only $125 per person - OCR/SCNG

    I saw that Disney hosted a media preview. Anyone else change their mind, or their opinion of the breakfast after reading any of the reviews? It looks like a lot of fun, but it would cost $500 to take my family. 😶
  3. KrzyKtty

    Disneyland Christmas 2019 or Bust

    I am really excited about the trip. We booked at the Disneyland Hotel since we could not get a Disney Vacation Club rental.
  4. KrzyKtty

    Favorite Dessert Party?

    The last time we went the only dessert party was really the Magic Kingdom dessert party for the new firework show. We still really loved it though and the food was great.
  5. KrzyKtty

    50th Anniversary Planning

    There really is no way my family could wait that long.:joyfull: probably won't care too much about the merchandise or special food. However, if we feel we are really missing out we could always go back the next year.
  6. KrzyKtty

    50th Anniversary Planning

    Most of the rumors at the moment seemed to say a large portion of the celebration will be from May 2021 through 2022. Considering my kids are still in school, the best I can do is sometime within the summer. Here we are not allowed to pull our kids out of school for more than 3 days without the...
  7. KrzyKtty

    50th Anniversary Planning

    We are also tentatively planning our trip during that time. I will probably book Resort only at first. Especially considering we are considering a split stay for that trip. I was considering trying to rent DVC points, but it might be pretty hopeless. We are probably going to go around Juneish 2021.
  8. KrzyKtty

    Disneyland Christmas 2019 or Bust

    Lol I know it will be crazy town, but that is why we took 4 days. We have the option to add a 5th if we need. That fifth day is a expendable travel day to San Diego. Also, we aren't trying to see and do everything. We go to WDW often enough. We are prioritizing things that are unique to...
  9. KrzyKtty

    Disneyland at Christmas?

    Did you end up going? How was it?
  10. KrzyKtty

    Disneyland Christmas 2019 or Bust

    YAY!! Excited that I just booked my family's 1st ever Disneyland Vacation. Multi-time WDW veteran but first time Disneyland vacationer. We will be staying from December 26th through December 31st. Getting 4 day park hopper tickets with maxpass. I know that time of year the crowds will be nuts...
  11. KrzyKtty

    Which upcoming Walt Disney World attraction are you most excited for?

    I can't wait for the Tron I can't wait for the Tron coaster. I'm also really excited about the space themed restaurant at Epcot.
  12. KrzyKtty

    When should I go for the 50th anniversary?

    For us it depends on when the early festivities actually begin, for us it depends on when the early festivities actually begin, but we will most likely go around June of 2021. we will also be celebrating my daughter's birthday and our 15 year anniversary that month.
  13. KrzyKtty

    Resort Parking Charges

    They want to stop people like me who left my Resort for two days last vacation to go to Universal instead. 😁😁😁 That was a lot more Revenue lost to them then they will recover in parking fees.
  14. KrzyKtty

    Resort Parking Charges

    Although I have to believe the fact that they did not bake it into the cost of the room is exactly why it is an incentive to leave your car at home if possible. If it really was just to increase Revenue than they would have done exactly what you just said in my opinion. At least that way they...
  15. KrzyKtty

    First Time DLR guest - Logistics

    When the 11-month mark comes I might actually try to rent DVC points. Seems like the best compromise to get the perks of staying onsite but not paying as much. If nothing is available at the 11-month Mark I can always just get a normal room.
  16. KrzyKtty

    How much did your trip cost?

    My estimated cost for our 2021 trip for 15 nights is about 17k. We are planning a split stay at multiple Deluxe resorts. I don't remember what our trip was last year exactly, but I think somewhere in the realm of 11k for 10 days at Disney with day trips to Universal. For that trip we stayed at...
  17. KrzyKtty

    POFQ or POR?

    POR one on our last trip because of the princess themed rooms.
  18. KrzyKtty

    Dining Plans - Are they worth it?

    When we had the middle version DDP last year, the only way I found that we would break even is if we ate the most expensive item on the menu just about every time. It really is more about convenience, and even then it wasn't so convenient to rack up hundreds of dollars in tips on my credit card...
  19. KrzyKtty

    New Rider Switch Policy is Terrible

    Nope, you're not allowed to go to any of the Quick Service locations to cool down. If you do the other thread will flay you for taking a table without food LOL.:banghead:
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