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  1. J

    Poly Parking for Breakfast

    I have made breakfast reservations for my husband, myself and my grandparents (who live locally) at Kona Cafe for a couple weeks from now. I am the primary name on the reservation but I have also put their names on the adr. Are they likely to have issues parking since they are not the primary...
  2. J

    Fantasmic and Fireworks on Same Night?

    I see that on my day in Hollywood Studios Fantasmic is at 7 PM and the Star Wars fireworks are at 8 PM. Is it easy to see both on the same night without rushing to be one of the first out of the Fantasmic theater? I am wondering if we need to park hop on a different night to get a good view of...
  3. J

    Ingress at WDW

    Are there any other Ingress players here who can give me advise for playing at WDW? My husband and I have a weeklong trip planned for this winter. His requirement was that we plan plenty of time for ingressing while we are down there. He especially wants to do missions. Can anyone give me...
  4. J

    Disney after back surgery?

    I'm so excited. After a rough summer of back pain, back surgery and recovery with none of our planned vacations or trips to the local amusement parks my husband suggested a trip to Disney this winter. The visit will be about 7 months after surgery and I will check with my doctor for general...
  5. J

    The Seas Dolphins

    My husband and I did the Dolphins in Depth tour on our honeymoon back in fall 2007. I can't remember the names of the Dolphins that we got to interact with. Can anyone help me with their names? Thanks!
  6. J

    Disney Podcast?

    Does anyone know of a good podcast about WDW?
  7. J

    Dole Whips in Ohio?

    After a long visit to H&R block last night I decided I needed a pick me up. I made my husband drive me down the street to the local Hershey's Ice Cream shop so I could have a milkshake. As we were walking in the door I noticed their markerboard said "Now serving Dole". Now I know it is...
  8. J

    Magical Express 10 day deadline

    How strict is disney on the 10 day deadline for scheduling magical express? My mom has so generously :rolleyes: :hammer: invited my brother's girlfriend to my wedding but she doens't have her airfare yet. The 10 day deadline will be sunday.
  9. J

    Tips for first-time flyers

    My fiance's parents and grandparents will be flying down to Florida for our wedding and it will be their first time flying. I've been looking for websites that have a nice printout of security regulations and also for ways that the flight would be less stressful for them (they are a little bit...
  10. J


    Question from my fiance, When can you find good mudslides at the world?
  11. J

    Ducktales on DVD

    I was looking at the rewards on disneymovierewards.com and noticed that DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp was one of the rewards you can earn. When my fiance say this he went nuts because that is one of his favorite cartoons from growing up (yup, we're made for each other)...
  12. J

    Port Orleans French Quarter King Bed Question

    In september I am getting married and honeymooning in Disney. I booked a standard room at port orleans french quarter and requested a king bed knowing that was a request given on a first come first serve basis (this is what I was told each time I called in to make a payment). I called today...
  13. J

    Free Dining Through AAA?

    My fiance's parents have booked a september trip for disney through AAA which is when our disney wedding is. They booked the disney dining plan with their package with the hope of changing it over to the free plan when the offer was released. They called their AAA agent to ask about the the...
  14. J

    CM Discount Question

    I know a lot of you out there are or have been CMs so hopefully someone can help me out. Here is my family's situation: My grandma is spending the winter in florida and working part time as a CM. My family is taking a disney vacation late august-early september. If my grandma books the...
  15. J

    Cell Phone Signal

    How is cell phone service at WDW? I've been to Nascar Races and Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio and have had problems getting a call to go through because of the huge numbers of people there using cell phones. The towers can't accomidate all of the calls. Is this ever a problem at Disney?
  16. J

    Help! Dinner for a big group?

    I am getting married at Disney on September first and want to make dinner reservations somewhere the night before as kind of a mock rehursal dinner. Only thing is that we will have a group of 17 and would like to be sat at no more than two or three tables. Also, we cannot make reservations...
  17. J

    Getting Married At Disney!

    My fiance and I are getting married at Disney September 1st. We are having an intimate wedding at Seabreeze Point. After getting part way into planning a big traditional wedding back home (luckly didn't put any deposits down yet) we both decided a big traditional wedding was crazy. We wanted...
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