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  1. D.Silentu

    The Miscellaneous Thought Thread

    Vying for the most random post here, I'm currently in the midst of an unsuccessful hunt and perhaps someone here may be able to help. My mother had a set of vintage salt and pepper shakers, passed down from her aunt, and the salt shaker has accidentally broken. I've been perusing online to see...
  2. D.Silentu

    All things Knotts Berry Farm

    I appreciate all this fond talk about Kingdom of the Dinosaurs. For what it's worth, I never got to go on 'Berry Tales,' but I absolutely loved Dinosaurs. It had flaws, certainly, and the dinosaurs were never as impressive as those at other California parks. Yet, what it had in spades was style...
  3. D.Silentu

    GCH Bar

    Not a photo of the new restaurant to be found. I agree, and while I do appreciate that they're trying to sophisticate their menu resort wide, these offerings aren't what I picture when I hear "bar & grill."
  4. D.Silentu

    Independence Day Earthquake - 6.4 in Mojave Desert

    Surprisingly overcast morning, minor tremor, today I suspected the worst...
  5. D.Silentu

    All things Universal Studios Hollywood

    This really does seem like an obvious move that they should have taken and Universal using it first comes off a bit like egg on their face. It reminds me of when I was at Citywalk last week and happened to catch the aerial finale of Universal's "Dark Arts" show. I don't want to spoil the...
  6. D.Silentu

    Marvel Land - Construction/Specifics

    Looking at that causes me to wonder, has there ever been an intellectual property that has been represented by so many rides at so many different parks?
  7. D.Silentu

    The Miscellaneous Thought Thread

    To add to raven24's trivia list, In-N-Out locations are built in driving range of their supply warehouses, since they do not freeze their beef. That's why they are only located in specific regions, namely the range of a refrigerator truck. As for their popularity, I suppose much of it is tied to...
  8. D.Silentu

    Emotional Whirlwind Grand Opening & Ride Reviews - Let's Get Excited!

    I believe I heard at one point that the area could have been used as a corridor to another, larger, attraction built outside the boundary of the park. Much the same way that 'Midway Mania' is actually outside of California Adventure.
  9. D.Silentu

    Less Immersion Improves Galaxy's Edge

    Didn't you hear? They all left to ride 'Emotional Whirlwind'!
  10. D.Silentu

    MSEP Returns

    If I push aside my bewilderment of the thinking behind this decision, I find that it gets me sort of down. I used to love the Main Street Electrical Parade and like many of us made the trip to see its "final season" in 1996. When it came back to California Adventure I made a point of avoiding...
  11. D.Silentu

    Most Exciting Disneyland Attractions for Intellectuals

    I've read up to page five of this discussion, patiently waiting for the original poster to make their point.
  12. D.Silentu

    News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Disneyland opening reports/reviews

    Unfortunate to hear, sadder still since we predicted this long ago. I have not yet been, but I don't think this is a case where time will ease the crowds to satisfactory levels. They might do well to redesign the cantina into part of the larger space they had saved for a restaurant, or at least...
  13. D.Silentu

    All things Universal Studios Hollywood

    Actually, I think that Fallen Kingdom is a milestone for the series. After Jurassic Park, every movie has been a B-Movie with an A-Movie budget. Fallen Kingdom lets go of the pretense and in the pre-credit sequence lets the audience know what kind of movie they're in for. Armed with that, I...
  14. D.Silentu

    Hyperspace Mountain: I find your lack of end date disturbing.

    I suppose it’s time for my obligatory comment that Space Mountain needs to leave the overlays and improve its normal visual aesthetic. Could not the lazers that light up be modified into commets zipping by?
  15. D.Silentu

    The Dawn of a New Era for Disneyland

    I think this is an accidental blessing. What once was supposed to be an exclusive venue will likely become someplace open to all, once they see the need is there thanks to overwhelming crowds.
  16. D.Silentu

    Farley the Fiddler: Disneyland’s roping, joking, fiddling cowboy hangs up his spurs and heads for the sunset

    I was always happy to see him out and about and few of his jokes still tumble around my mind. Farewell and best wishes to the man who showed me how awful I am with a lasso!
  17. D.Silentu

    Tropical Hideaway Construction - Tiki Room Refurbishment - Adventureland Entry Remodel

    If memory serves, one day during the age of deferred maintenance and excessive thrift, it collapsed due to age and rot.
  18. D.Silentu

    News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Disneyland opening reports/reviews

    Thank you for your review, could you elaborate on the unusual pay setup?
  19. D.Silentu

    Star Wars Land Droid and Lightsaber Cost?

    I'm anxious to hear about the saber building experience itself. I have no familiarity with the pricing of current high end lightsabers, but until I hear more this seems pretty steep. Likewise for the droids.
  20. D.Silentu

    Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Thread

    I'm almost fully recovered from my ailment of shock that people will pay so much for so little. However, I dread the day that Disney starts charging these prices for things that are actually unique and worthwhile.
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