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    Do you own Disney Stock? (Poll)

    Do you own Disney Stock? If so what price did you buy it at and how much is it worth now?
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    Carousel of Progress Fifth Act: Progress City. Did anyone see this?

    "After the show, guests boarded a speedramp that would take them to the second level of the building. On the upper level, a 4-minute post show, narrated by Mother and Father, with a few barks and growls from their dog, coincided with guests gazing at an enormous model of Progress City. Progress...
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    Is Disney Corp (Reactionary) vs Walt Disney (Visionary)?

    Disney Corp: Built Animal Kingdom: Keep people from going to Busch Gardens Tampa and to a lesser extent Sea World Built Hollywood Studios/MGM Studios: To keep people from going to the new Universal Studios. Passed on Harry Potter (from another Visionary, JK Rowling) Built a monster at...
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    Long Lines in the Smart Phone Era

    Who remembers the time before Smart Phones in the last century? Do you find waiting in line easier in the Smart Phone era? What did you do in long lines to pass the time in the era before Smart Phones? Did anyone play any games (non smart phone) to pass the time?
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    What Star Wars clothes will you be able to wear to the Galaxy's Edge opening?

    I read the rules here but they are very vague. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/faq/parks/dress/ Can you wear a cloak like Obi Wan Kenobe? Paint your face like Darth Maul? Dress like a Han Solo/Luke stormtrooper without the helmet?
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    Golden Week at Disney World

    I've noticed alot of Japanese tourists in Orlando this week which is unusual because usually I don't see any. And then someone told me it's Golden Week in Japan. (When the whole country shuts down and goes on vacation for a week). Normally most Japanese go to Disneyland in California because...
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    Spaceship Earth Getting Rid of Christmas Lights

    Noticed it yesterday that they had removed some Christmas lights and mirrors on the way down and replaced them with large triangles. I hope this isn't a permanent change.
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    Are Gorilla Pods allowed at Disney/Universal?

    Are Gorilla type pods allowed at Disney or Universal? https://joby.com/us-en/gorillapod-3k-kit-jb01507-bww/
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    How early did they allow you to line up for the Pandora FoP Opening? (For those who went)

    How early did they allow you to line up for the Pandora FoP Opening? Early in the morning? Overnight?
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    Ellie Steadman or Dave & Sophie or Charlotte Ruff: British Disney Vloggers

    Which British Vloggers do you like and why? Ellie Steadman: https://www.youtube.com/user/xelliesrambling/videos Dave & Sophie https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2mZ_7sZjrvkyf_9TsBEf-A/videos Charlotte Ruff: https://www.youtube.com/user/Lilmisschickas/videos
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    WDW Annual Pass and Ticket Increase Watch

    Shouldn't it happen soon? last year it was raised on Feb 11th.
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    Where should we place Disneyworld South America?

    If you were to place a Disney World in South America which city would you place it in? and why?
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    The Last Days of International Gateway/Boardwalk Area

    The Last Days of International Gateway/Boardwalk Area: I love entering Epcot through the International Gateway. (Absolutely hate going through the front entrance). Love strolling around the Boardwalk, visiting the Yacht and Beach Club. Taking the boat to DHS. The surprising thing is alot of...
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    WDW Toilet Paper Quality

    Anyone else notice they are using a really thin sheet of cheap toilet paper at the parks compared to earlier this year? It was that just a temporary change?
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    18 month AP Pass Renewal Start Date

    When does the 18 months AP Pass Renewal start? Is that when your previous pass expires or upon first use?
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    When is the next AP/Ticket Price Rise?

    When will the AP/Ticket price increase? Isn't that usually sometime in early February?
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    Annual Pass Renewal Discount Question

    If you renew in Year 2 then you pay the same price as your first year I think. What happens in Year 3? Do you get the same price as the first two years or does it go up in price to the normal AP price?
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    Annual Pass Renewal Activation

    If you renew your annual pass then does it activate the moment you renew it? If not then how long do you have before you have to activate it. I am assuming you can't just hold on to it and wait to activate it right before Star Wars Land opens.
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    Hurricane Alberto/Florida State of Emergency

    Is this something to worry about for this week?
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    Character Meet Up Fast Pass Question

    Does each person in the group need to have a Fast Pass for the character meet up even if only one person is actually going to meet/take pictures with the character?
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