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  1. phi2134

    Ride swap and larger groups

    So we have a group of 10 going in October , Including 3 toddlers. The way my sister in law did the fast passes was she split the group say 3 fast passes for flight of passage and 3 fast passes for river journey and we are going to do ride swap for each ride. So technically we are only using...
  2. phi2134

    Will TRex Cafe get an updated look?

    Even with the old Marketplace themeing, or lack of, I have hated how the TRex Cafe building has stuck out like as sore thumb. A horrible foliage mural on the outside makes the building look cheap and the surrounding area takes a hit because of it. With the new DS overlay, are they going to do...
  3. phi2134

    Star Wars magic band

    Will you be able to pre-order these when you select your magic bands through the, my disney experience? Or is this something you have to get in the park? It is definitely not a choice on the site as of right now.
  4. phi2134

    FastPass+ and groups splitting up

    Hey all, I am getting ready to make my FastPass+ reservations for my family soon and had a quick question. Does the My Disney Experience let you split your group up when making FastPass+ selections? For example with a family of six, for the first fastpass+ of the day, can three people get one...
  5. phi2134

    Help with FastPass+ and magic bands

    We are heading to WDW in early September, everyone is all linked up on My Disney Experience and it says that we need to have our magic bands customized by august 5th. Can we still make fastpass+ selections before we get the magic bands, i think they said we can start on July 6th? I am assuming...
  6. phi2134

    Do you plan your Disney vacation around the opening of attractions?

    With the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train set to open within the next month or so a lot of discussion/praying has gone on between people who are going to be there within the next few weeks or so. My question is how many people plan their vacation around the opening of a brand new/updated...
  7. phi2134

    Disney Hong Kong to get Iron Man Ride...

    Knew this was coming, but every ride that is put in another park besides WDW, especially outside of the US, is a huge let down for me. Thankfully it doesn't seem like anything that would bring me back to the park multiple times, but still would be great to have a new ride of any kind...
  8. phi2134

    SDMT and IASW Pics from 2/25/2013

    Here are a few fun pics I took on Monday, they show progress on the SDMT and a picture behind one of the new monitors at the end of IASW. Plus I also found this interesting, on the down ramp being loaded onto IASW they had a video monitor/maybe touchscreen covered with this piece of paper...
  9. phi2134

    Disney standards are fading in all areas

    Hey all, I just got back from Disney on Monday, spent 4 nights at the Port Orleans Riverside hotel and was able to hit all the parks in my stay. Couldnt have been happier with the resort for the price and was extremely happy with the room and staff there. Myself, girlfriend and her sister were...
  10. phi2134

    Best way to get a cab at resort hotel?

    Hey All, I am staying at Port Orleans Riverside Next weekend and we need to get to Epcot's parking lot and the Disney Fitness Expo really early in the morning on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is all for the princess half marathon weekend. Our hotel isn't a host hotel, therefore we dont...
  11. phi2134

    Test track 2.0 now?

    Heading to the world in a month, has anyone been there lately and ridden Tt 2.0? Curious as to the wait times and how the ride is running.
  12. phi2134

    What to expect during disney's half marathon weekend?

    Going to be down in WDW for the 1/2 marathon weekend and was curious what to expect as far as crowds or just overall experiences during this event. Going to be staying at port Orleans riverside for the first time and pretty excited. Also if anyone has any tips or tricks during this event and...
  13. phi2134

    What would be a memorable souvenir

    Going in February and already trying to decide what will be a great memorable souvenir for the trip...Myself, Girlfriend, Girlfriend's sister and her husband. Was thinking along the lines of something similar for all of us but unique too.
  14. phi2134

    Is TDO doing things strategically at WDW?

    Before people bash this thread, hear me out and let me know what you think about the state of the parks and what I think they are starting to do in WDW. With the recent boom from CarsLand and additions over in California, I believe that WDW is starting to receive a vast amount of minor...
  15. phi2134

    Full Belle walkthrough and behind the walls pictures

    New update from ThemeParkReview showing the full Belle experience as well as pictures outside of Maurices and behind the walls. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1223493#p1223493
  16. phi2134

    What makes Disney World "Disney" to you?

    Hi All, what I am curious about is what makes Disney special to you and where do you get your feelings from when you are at the parks/hotels or just even on Disney grounds. I think I am curious about this because of all the recent discussion, excitement and let down certain people have over the...
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