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  1. Kellylynn322

    Best view of MK Fireworks not in the park

    I am headed to WDW next weekend with a friend and her 3 kids for a long weekend and may not go into the parks. Where is the best place to view the fireworks from outside the park other than dinner at O'hana or the Cali Grill?? Trying to keep the weekend as cheap as possible for her with 3...
  2. Kellylynn322

    F&W Drink around the world shirts

    I saw people wearing shirts last year that had a logo on the front and check boxes on the back with the countries listed. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could either get these or have them made. We are travelling with a group this year and thought it might be fun for us adults. THanks...
  3. Kellylynn322

    Casey's Brand

    Does anyone know what brand of hot dogs Casey's uses??? TIA
  4. Kellylynn322

    I Lost My Ap!!!!!!!!!!

    I lost my Premium AP.......I am leaving on Saturday and I can't find it..... Will they give me a new one w/ ID???? Is there a fee? Or do I have to buy a new one???? HELP PLEASE!!!!!!! Kelly
  5. Kellylynn322

    Goofy Signature

    Does anyone have a jpeg or bmp of Goofy's signature? or is anyone willing to scan one from an autograph book and email it to me? please please please. :) :) :) Thanks!
  6. Kellylynn322

    Pop Century Q's

    I am getting ready for a trip to WDW on Feb. 19th for 6 days and have booked at Pop Century. I am hoping someone can tell me which building I should request when we arrive. We are renting a car and want to be not too far from a lot. We can always drive to the front for food if needed. I was...
  7. Kellylynn322

    Tiffany vs. Quicksilver

    Hello everyone......... I saw that Quicksilver is the new sponsor for transportation and was wondering if anyone has used them yet and can help me. I know people who have used Tiffany and loved it. The difference is $5 (not the issue) but was wondering how the service was. I have used...
  8. Kellylynn322

    What Animal is this???

    Can someone please help me? I took this picture on the Kilimanjaro Safari in November, now I want to put it in an album and label it. Only problem is I have NOOOOOOOOOOOO idea what it is and can't seem to find it anywhere. So any of the CMs have an idea or anyone else with a picture of...
  9. Kellylynn322


    Hello everyone- I have a question about Thanksgiving dinner in WDW. Where is the best place to get a "normal" Thanksgiving turkey type dinner? I made ressies for 1900 Park Fare but am unsure if that is the best place. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Kelly
  10. Kellylynn322

    Grocery Stores

    Can anyone tell me where the Grocery Stores are near WDW? We are going August 20th-25 staying at OKW in a 2 bdrm and would like to save some $$$ on at least breakfast (1 character already planned and Whispering Canyons). Thanks everyone!
  11. Kellylynn322

    July 4th Crowds

    I am planning a trip to WDW next year for July 4th. Can anyone who was there this year or last year tell me what the crowds were like that week and if they had any trouble getting a room (I don't want to book now and have to change it based on the other people traveling with me). Thanks in...
  12. Kellylynn322

    Boardwalk Villas vs. Old Key West

    Being new to the DVC I am wondering if current members can help me...... My Husband and I are planning a trip with other family at the end of August. My question is where is the better place to stay Old Key West or Boardwalk Villas? The difference in points isn't much and I am wondering...
  13. Kellylynn322

    1st timer ideas

    Someone please help me with some ideas for great relatively inexpensive things to do. :confused: My husband and I are bringing my Aunt, and 2 cousins with us. We have been there many times but they have never been. My 1 cousin is 15 and he is excited but not nearly as excited as the 10...
  14. Kellylynn322

    August Questions.................

    I am currently planning a trip for sometime in the last 2 weeks of August. I am bringing my Aunt and 2 Cousins with me, who have never been to WDW. Can anyone tell me what they have encountered there at this time as far as weather, crowds, attractions being closed or anything that would help...
  15. Kellylynn322

    Park Capacity

    I was having a general discusion of the parks with a friend. Does anyone know the capacity of each park. By this I mean at what number do they consider the parks full and close them to guests for the day? Thanks! Kelly
  16. Kellylynn322

    Animated Dvd Releases

    Does anyone know the schedule for the Disney Movies to be released? Not Mosters Inc., but Lion King, Aladdin and prior. I hope the Lion King is soon. I love that movie and my VHS copy broke.
  17. Kellylynn322

    Dinner Help

    I was hoping someone could tell me the best place in the Park or Hotels for a nice Quiet Romantic Dinner. We are going to DL on our honeymoon and I really want to have at least 1 REALLY nice dinner.
  18. Kellylynn322

    Boardwalk Inn

    I just booked a room at the Boardwalk Inn for November. Can anyone give me any info on the resort? I read that you can take a boat to EPCOT and MGM but can also walk to EPCOT. Any information would be great.
  19. Kellylynn322

    Mickey Shaped Pizza

    Since they closed Pasta Piaza does anyone know if you can still get Mickey Shaped Pizza in the parks?
  20. Kellylynn322

    Chat Rooms

    Someone help me please. I am new to this forum and can't seem to get into the "Chat Rooms". Are they actually chat rooms as in other sites or just message boards?
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