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  1. CJR

    Abigail Disney Calls Out Iger Over Employee Wages

    IMHO - I would rather see working conditions improve for CM's. The pay rates are climbing at very fair, even arguably beyond fair rates. What needs to improve is how the average CM is treated on a daily basis. While it's important that employees do show up, be on time, and work hard, the...
  2. CJR

    News Coronado Springs Expansion - Gran Destino Tower

    I like the look inside, the lobby has a Deluxe feel to it, IMO. Outside of the lobby, the tower itself is not my cup of tea, I'm a sucker for balconies. The older hotel rooms don't have private balconies either, but the walkway on the outside is good enough for me, I like the fresh air...
  3. CJR

    Spider-Man Far From Home SPOILERS (FOR ENDGAME, TOO)

    I actually have to agree with this. For me, it's a minor thing in an otherwise entertaining and fun movie, but I do agree it was a bit over the top. After seeing it all, it makes me think that Dr. Strange and Spider-man are bound to have some on screen moments together in the future (EDIT...
  4. CJR

    News Character Spot, Innoventions and more to close in September

    I equate this to demolishing the train station at MK. It's a big deal.
  5. CJR

    Rumor Bye Bye (Tiki) Birdies?

    It's not too surprising IMO. I just hope it stays on the East coast and keeps away from DL. At least it's not a return to Under New Management.
  6. CJR

    News Annual Pass price increases June 2019

    The problem with this option is that it would curb attendance on the wrong days and would actually cause it to rise on the days that they need it reduced most.
  7. CJR

    News Annual Pass price increases June 2019

    Both are true. However, what I'm saying is a lot of the up-sells make money just because the parks are busy during normal hours. If it's slow, people are less inclined to buy those upgrades because they're unnecessary at that point.
  8. CJR

    News Annual Pass price increases June 2019

    I buy a lot in Kissimmee, charge $5 a day and provide a shuttle, just like they do at the cruise ports. ;) Can't say I haven't entertained the idea.
  9. CJR

    News Annual Pass price increases June 2019

    I agree, Disney does want their parks full. That's why if they're slower than expected, they lift block out dates for APs, launch a "Bring a Friend promotion", offer all kinds of deals, meal discounts, you name it. They want the regular day busy or those cupcake parties and After Hour events...
  10. CJR

    Crazy Thought - Tangled Ride???

    That is what I'd be afraid of. Especially after them ripping out Maelstrom for Frozen Ever After.
  11. CJR

    News Summer Splash Pass gives summer-long admission to Disney's water parks for the cost a single day

    This is a good deal, seems like they're having trouble filling the gates. Perhaps it's time for a little investment in the water parks? I do find it a bit funny that they don't just extend it through the end of the year, when the water parks are even slower. Still, it's a nice deal for what...
  12. CJR

    Passholders can save 20 percent on lunch at select Table-Service Restaurants at Walt Disney World Resort for the next month

    What's funny to me is a lot of pass holders are blocked out. Or, did they lift those? I don't believe they did, so you'd need a gold pass or higher.
  13. CJR

    Aladdin is out drawing Godzilla

    To be fair, Maleficent did quite well, for reasons I'm still trying to understand, and is definitely a higher bar. Better to be compared to that, at least financially speaking, than Dumbo. Now, Maleficent's sequel coming out this year........ ;)
  14. CJR

    Xmen beat Pets 2 on preview

    That all makes sense because kids aren't included with A-List. Pets will probably be stronger in matinees and specifically stronger on Saturday.
  15. CJR

    Aladdin is out drawing Godzilla

    I have a feeling The Lion King will outperform it. Just a gut feeling. Even that will have trouble making the top five though, with Endgame having came out, Toy Story 4, Star Wars and Frozen II on the way. That's just Disney alone. One could guess (and hope) that one of the other studios...
  16. CJR

    News Disney to reveal more about the future of Epcot at D23 Expo 2019

    I noticed that wording too. For my family, the foodie park is Disney Springs.
  17. CJR

    ABC Commissary to begin accepting reservations for dinner

    I like the design, it's really nice and a step up IMO, much more bright inside. I'm glad they kept the trees and plants, that was really nice. I am sad that the TV's are gone, but I suppose in this day you can just pull out your phone and watch TV if you want to. I just liked them because...
  18. CJR

    "Aladdin" live action movie remake

    IF they make a sequel, I hope they forget all about Return of Jafar. I mean, I would love for Jafar to be in it, but I'd prefer that they start from scratch following the end of this movie and mostly take it in a different direction from the animated trilogy. Lots of potential. Also, get...
  19. CJR

    Marvel Studios May Introduce DEADPOOL To The MCU

    I know I probably won't get my way, but I'd prefer a rated R Deadpool 3 soonish instead of waiting for Spider-Man 3, which is likely five years or so away. They should just let the current franchise play out, it works, it'll make money. They could technically do both.
  20. CJR

    "Aladdin" live action movie remake

    We just got back, we enjoyed it. Not perfect, far from it, and a huge step down from the animated version which had a much better climax, but still, better than other films I've seen. It's very watchable, not an "Into the Looking Glass". Some stuff even worked far better than I anticipated...
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