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    The Lion King Soundtrack (2019) Release Date?

    It is now on Spotify as of 11:22am July 11th.
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    The Lion King Soundtrack (2019) Release Date?

    I have been seeing the release date of the Lion King (2019) would come out on July 11th. I know that they release the Beyoncé spirit song yesterday. I have checked iTunes, Spotify and Amazon, but still haven't seen it yet today (as of 9:15am on July 11th). Does anyone have other information of...
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    News New movie coming Epcot's Canada Pavilion

    ETA when it will reopen?
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    What song are you listening to currently?

    I have been love listening to the new Aladdin soundtrack.
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    Air Conditioning Trick

    You can ask a room service CM for a fan and they can bring one to your room. That what we did.
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    Big Group Trip Planning

    I wanting some tips for planning hotel, park, flight and packaging.
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    Big Group Trip Planning

    Like 25.
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    Space Mountain Tip for Tall People

    I know that I am not tall as some of you taller folk. But, I am 6'2" and I always felt that some of the jolts sometimes hurts my lower back with seats. As anyone else had that problem?
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    Big Group Trip Planning

    What are some good tips and suggestions for making a trip for big groups? Thank you all for your tips and suggestions.
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    Planning a trip for the 50th Anniversary for Disney World

    I am planning on going to Disney World during the 50th anniversary and I was wanting non-peak periods. This will be my first going during an anniversary celebration. Is it possible that there might be some non-peak periods? Will it be busier during beginning and end or the middle of celebration...
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    The Park Formerly Known as Disney's Hollywood Studios? Yep ...

    I like that except if they were still using the studios.
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    New Member Needs Help With Forum Abbreviations

    Hi, I am some what of a new member (I casually get on read some forums and even comment on some). But there are some abbreviations that I see and I don't catch on what they are short for. Can someone help me?
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    *CONFIRMED* Cranium Command & Body Wars Current State

    He looks happy to see you.
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    *CONFIRMED* Cranium Command & Body Wars Current State

    This picture made sad for Figment and I am not a fan of Figment. Thank you for showing that I have sympathy for Figment.
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    *CONFIRMED* Cranium Command & Body Wars Current State

    Oh gosh! No more Figment!
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    *CONFIRMED* Cranium Command & Body Wars Current State

    [ Looks to me like a makeshift kitchen.
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    If you could have one back...

    I never liked Journey Into Imagination (Figment annoyed me), I don't know what Horizons was (though I am curious about it), and I voted for 20,000 Leagues just because I heard how great it was. And I was always was so curious about it. I do miss Mr. Toads, Body Wars and I will miss Snow White...
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