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  1. Fievel

    Adding dining plan to existing reservations

    Hello all - long time no see :) My wife and i have booked at vaca at the Poly in May to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. We used a pin code discount to get a good rate. At the time, we did a "room only" reservation because we are annual passholders. I called tonight because we were...
  2. Fievel

    Gluten Free....

    Hey all: For the last couple years I was dealing with a lot of problems with migraines....I knew certain things were triggers...beer, barley, etc. I could not have any of those things without having a massive headache a few hours later. Within the last few months, I was having weird skin...
  3. Fievel

    First time at Art of Animation

    Hello all... We'll be arriving at the world in a couple of days for Marathon weekend, and I have a quick question. I require coffee in the morning - especially the morning of a race. Does AoA have the one-cup coffee maker that they are putting into the resorts lately? Or should I bring some...
  4. Fievel

    Runner's Recipes

    We've discussed how we prepare on every level, but I don't think we've talked too much about what kinds of meals we like to prepare to help keep us healthy. Feel free to post recipes...or even what your daily fueling routine is like.
  5. Fievel


    I live outside the main city, in a little township. It's a great area to run in, as it's quiet, and I have a nice trail that goes through the wood and another along the highway near my home. However, none of these streets have streetlights, and because it's a township, we don't have sidewalks to...
  6. Fievel

    Cool Website for race Results

    Hey all: I saw a website advertised that is pretty cool. www.athlinks.com It's free to register, and can somehow find all your race finishes...going back years. I'm not affiliated with them or anything - just thought that y'all would find it kinda neat. I didn't know websites like...
  7. Fievel

    Disney Dining Plan 2012 Changes - Restaraunts Gone?

    I was going over the restaurant list for 2012's dining plan, and I notice that Neither of the restaurants in Mexico, both restaurants in Italy, Raglan Road, Earl of Sandwich, Teppen Edo were not included on the official list. Is this normal? I know they are run by 3rd parties, but it seems...
  8. Fievel

    AP Rates available for Marathon Weekend

    We recently booked our Hotel for Marathon Weekend. (Port Orleans - Riverside), and we were able to take advantage of Annual Passholder savings. The lady on the phone stated that Pop Century did not have any rooms available at a discount, but that other resorts still had openings. So AP...
  9. Fievel

    Special 1/2 marathon medal!

    In honor of the WDW 1/2 marathon's 15th anniversary, RunDisney unveiled this medal for January's race!
  10. Fievel


    I know that Riverside wasn't an original host resort for the W&D 1/2 marathon, but the recently released booklet lists it as such. We booked at Riverside, as it's our new favorite resort, figuring we could just walk over to French Quarter to get transportation. I'm just wondering if the...
  11. Fievel

    Running Sunglasses!

    I was wondering what everybody uses for sunglasses when they run. I use Oakley Flak Jacket's. I originally bought them for duty, as they are safety rated, but actually are the best running sunglasses I've ever had. I'm looking into buying a pair of more specialized glasses for my wife when...
  12. Fievel

    Kids races

    Anybody have any kids that have participated in the kids races? My daughter (5 years old) is going to run in the kids race before the EE Challenge in May. She knew mom and dad were racing for a medal, and wanted one of her own. How does it work? Do I run with her? Or is the race such that I...
  13. Fievel

    Marathon Weekend 2012

    Registration opens March 15th....who's in, and what are you going to run?
  14. Fievel

    Something hurts....

    Ok....I've been running regularly, and the last couple days, my right kneecap seems to be killing me...on the front side, right above it. I can walk ok, but if I have to crouch or bend down, it feels like it wants to give out. Never really had anything in the way of injuries (other than minor...
  15. Fievel

    Wine & Dine 2011 Registration Open!

    I'm all signed up....let's commit early, and train often!
  16. Fievel

    Expedition Everest Challenge

    Has anybody done this race? I know it got rained out last year, but I just booked for May, and I was thinking about doing this race as long as it fell on the dates we happened to book.
  17. Fievel


    Ok everyone....it's one thing to check in on here, but I'm really active on Facebook, and if anyone would like to add me, my profile is here. http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profile.php?id=100000288673152 Just send me a message saying wdwmagic...running...or whatever! Let's get some...
  18. Fievel

    Time for New Shoes

    I need new shoes....and I'm really stuck as to what to get. I've decided it's probably time to invest in some better running shoes...I pronate just a bit on my right foot, and would like a little cushion. I'd prefer a shoe that isn't very stiff.....Any suggestions are helpful!
  19. Fievel

    My first Half Report!

    Well, I've never really done a formal trip report on here, but I'll try and make this somewhat readable and entertaining for everybody. My family and I had just been to the World in November, so we were more than excited to have 2 trips back to back. We arrived on Thursday, and I figured I...
  20. Fievel

    Marathon weekend- report your times here

    Ok...I'll start..ran my first ever half this morning....ran a 2:53:59..not great, but I'll take it. I've already decided to run the W&D half in fall....such a great event and experience.
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