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    If The DHS Hat Comes Down...Will The Chinese Theater Still Have To Be Blocked?

    There are dozens of different rumors on this, but can anyone confirm/deny the myth that if the DHS Hat eventually comes down, the Chinese Theater will still have to be blocked with some sort of structure, or altered completely to keep it from being a park focal point? I know it's a long shot...
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    Simba's Return

    Jonathan Taylor Thomas, famous for playing Tim Allen's son in the popular sitcom Home Improvement, as well as for his vocal role of young Simba in Disney's The Lion King, seems to be coming out of hiding. (Seriously, where has he been after all these years?) His return from obscurity will be...
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    When You're A Tourist...Do The Locals Hate You?

    Tourists: They are valued, they are the reason CM's & CP's have a job, they are the reason WDW & Central Fla thrive...they are important! However, in the private confines of Vista Way, or any given off-stage area...you can hear a much different opinion on how tourists are perceived. "But...
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    One for the Jedi!

    So why not? Edit: Dammit I left the "H" out of "Who". It's supposed to read: "Who Was The Prettiest Leading Lady..." to heck with it, too late now. Carry on.
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    The Enchanted Hall Of Country Progress Birds Jamboree Showdown!

    Of the classic four MK animatronic shows, which one is your favorite, and why?
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    Plot Hole In Lion King: Why Didn't Scar Just Kill Simba?

    So Mufasa has just been trampled to death by a herd of wildebeests. Simba runs down, finds his father's body, and is mourning his loss. Scar emerges, blames Simba for the whole darn mess, and tells Simba he should run away and never return. Simba starts to run away. Scar then sends the 3 hyena's...
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    Google Earth: What Am I Looking At?

    So I'm sitting here browsing Google Earth. What places am I looking at? Here are 3 places for starters...many more to follow! Destination 1: Destination 2: Destination 3:
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    Plot Hole In 'Beauty & The Beast' How Old Is Chip?

    @lazyboy97o made a very good point in another thread, pointing out a rather large plot hole in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Here is his direct quote: "What I want to know is, where did Chip come from? Lumiere says it has been ten years since they were cursed while singing Be Our Guest. So...
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    The 2013 Oscars Thread!

    Well here we sit only a few short days away from the 85th Academy Awards. Lots to look forward to & speculate about between now & the big night Sunday. For starters, what are everyone's Oscar predictions? Here are some of the categories & nominees: Best Picture Armour Argo Beasts Of The...
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    The TSI Appreciation Thread

    The Tom Sawyer's Island Appreciation Thread So many times we overlook attractions which are not bubbling with today's cutting-edge special effects, AA's, thrill factor, or branded with a Princess/Pixar name. We often shun the little; simpler things in search of that next E-ticket to satisfy our...
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    Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs Favorites

    Brand new season of Survivor! Ready, set,...and Francesca's already eliminated again.
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    Happy Birthday Abe!

    Happy Birthday to the POTUS with the Mostus! There will never be another one like him. "Whatever you are, be a good one." -Abraham Lincoln
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    Not Trying To Be A Grammar Nazi, But...

    ...this sorta bugs me a little. Lately I've been noticing an odd slogan at the end of Disney Parks TV advertisements: "Disney Parks: The Place Where Dreams Come True!" Okay, Disney Parks, the Place where dreams come true? Shouldn't it instead be: Disney Parks: The Places Where Dreams Come...
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    Introducing: BobPass! (My 1,000th Post)

    Greetings & salutations, friends. For my 1,000th post here on these awesome discussion boards full of amazing peoples...I would like to unveil a new planned proposal for Disney Parks both here & abroad! Lately there has been a lot of discussion over the pro's & con's of FP, FP+, Next Gen...
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    Lance Armstrong At The End Of American Adventure

    So...considering recent developments surrounding cycler Lance Armstrong, I wonder how much longer he will remain in the emotional finale video of Epcot's American Adventure. Better yet, who should replace him in that shot if/when he is removed? Since Lance is now a severely tainted athlete, I...
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    Windows 8 GAAAAAAAAAHH!!!

    *gnashes teeth* *pulls hair out* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate you, Windows 8!! I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I HATE YOU!!!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: Sorry, I needed to get that outta my system. That is all.
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    The Devolution Of The Theme Park Slogan

    "The Year Of A Million Dreams". Yeah, that one was catchy & fun. "The Year Of More Magic." Seems kinda lazy, but not horrible. Universal's "The Year To Be Here." Clever, yet a bit ironic considering three major additions were in the construction process, and a major ride (Jaws) closed...
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    Does The Internet Take Away Some Of The Mystique?

    There was a time not too long ago when we couldn't just sit down at our computer, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy a full ride-thru of Disney's newest attraction simply by hitting a "Play" button. It wasn't that simple. We couldn't experience the insides & outs of the newest themed land...
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    Stupid Camera Question

    No, the camera is not stupid...but the question probably is. Anyhow, I gots me a nifty Sony HD Handycam for Xmas! -Took bunches of pictures on Xmas day...all could be viewed perfectly when playback on the camera itself. No problem. However... When I insert my memory card into my laptop (a...
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    Snow Miser / Heat Miser: Which One Are You?

    One wants the ground covered in snow, the other wants to roast in the sun. One never wants to know a day that's over 40-degrees. One never wants to know a day that's under 60-degrees. Which one are you? Are you a Mr./Mrs Icicle or a Mr./Mrs. Heat Blister? And now the sing along:
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