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  1. Jewels0621

    Husband and I are taking Disney Trip, March 2020 w/ Daughters but kind of separate? Need advice and experience stories

    DH&I are at YC resort and they will be at ASMovies resort. It will be for their 20 and 21 birthdays:joyfull: but they are paying for their trips and we'll be paying for ours. We're flying in from KY early and hope to be on the same flight but that's not guaranteed. DH and I are definitely set on...
  2. Jewels0621

    Hello fellow Disney Fans!

    Husband and I are planning a trip to Disney World for January 2020. It will be my 3rd and his second trip. We went with my 2 daughters when they were younger and am planning now for eldest daughter's 21st birthday. :cool:
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