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  1. GoofyFan1

    Good Luck

    Good luck to everyone headed to WDW for the Marathon Weekend. Stay safe and enjoy your race. See you in October for the ToT And the Marathon Weekend next year.
  2. GoofyFan1

    Marathon Weekend

    Good Luck to all who are running at Disney World this weekend!
  3. GoofyFan1

    Need help

    Hi everyone...I was supposed to run the Goofy this coming weekend but I have torn my plantar fascia and now can't run. Would anyone be willing to pick up my packet (running shirts etc.) and ship them to me? I will pay all shipping cost and would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you. (Ron)
  4. GoofyFan1

    Capacity Counter

    The Disney World Half Marathon is now at 50%.
  5. GoofyFan1

    What did you do?

    I just came in from an easy 3 miler, still recovering from a knee injury. What did you do today?
  6. GoofyFan1

    Disney Sued Over Tower of Terror Ride

    Found this story on the cfnews13.com webpage and thought it was interesting. Disney Sued Over Tower Of Terror Ride Thursday, January 29, 2009 10:58:08 AM LAKE BUENA VISTA -- An Orlando woman is suing Disney after she says management unfairly banned her from all parks. Denise Mooty...
  7. GoofyFan1

    Meerkat Manor

    :(RIP Flower, you were a good mom and leader. Anybody else hooked?
  8. GoofyFan1

    MNSSHP Attendance Question

    Do they empty the park before MNSSHP starts or is it more like EMH where anybody can wander around? I've never had that chance to attend, but will this October. It would be nice if you didn't have to compete with the crowd from that day's attendance when you're paying $45.00.
  9. GoofyFan1

    CBR Question

    When we have stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort, we have always stayed in building 52 of Aruba. For our upcoming trip I have requested building 25 in Martinique. I like to have my room on the second floor, so can anyone that has stayed there before tell me if rooms 2556 or 2557 are on the...
  10. GoofyFan1

    Anybody know anything about this robbery on International Drive?

    No school today,:sohappy: so while surfing other Disney sites I came upon this article http://wdwinfo.com/news/article_001061.htm Does anyone know at what hotel this happened? I tried to search the Florida news sites, but couldn't even get info from CBS 4 Sorry about the heading, I...
  11. GoofyFan1

    AP Site

    I have been trying for several days to get into the AP page on WDW's site but I keep getting a system error, please try back later message. Anybody else getting the same? I was looking for offers for June, being a new passholder I was wondering when the discount offers might come out.
  12. GoofyFan1

    Yetis Unite

    This summer I wore my Crocs to WDW for the first time and had NO problems with my knee. Since I heard later in the summer that Crocs was going to have a Disney line, I was excited. Now that Crocs finally has come out with their Disney line I'm upset. Like many 6'+ men, I take a size 12 or 13...
  13. GoofyFan1

    Passholder Site

    Is anyone else having trouble logging in to the AP site on Disneyworld.com? I've been trying for most of the day.
  14. GoofyFan1

    Boardwalk Inn

    I just set up my first AP discount reservation at the Boardwalk Inn. This will be our first time staying there. What does everybody think about this resort?
  15. GoofyFan1

    Christmas AP Discount?

    This will be my first year with an AP. We are going in July, but will also be going the week of Christmas (sometimes it doesn't pay to be a teacher). My question is; does WDW offer AP resort discounts during the Christmas season?
  16. GoofyFan1

    Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

    Do you need PS for Sci-Fi or can you usually get a seat when you get there? Usually I have stuff like that all planned, but this time, 7/6-7/12, we're just winging it.
  17. GoofyFan1


    Does anyone know how CRO decides upgrades? In the past two months two of my students and one of my fellow teachers have been upgradeed from a moderate to the beach/yacht club. My parents, last year, were upgraded from All-Star to Animal Kingdom. Just wondering.
  18. GoofyFan1

    listentotheland how are you?

    Dan are you ok? I called home and my mom hadn't heard anything from you. Did you get out before Katrina hit? Hope to hear soon. Good Luck.
  19. GoofyFan1

    5 Scout Leaders Killed

    There were 5 scout leaders killed about an hour ago at the Jamboree in Virginia. Please keep them in your prayers. My dad is one of the volunteer leaders down there teaching archery and we haven't heard from him yet. Keeping our fingers crossed.
  20. GoofyFan1

    Dreamfinder Pin

    WDW will have a Mickey pin dressed as Dreamfinder holding Figment, due out in September. There is a picture on www.dizpins.com. Look under the September offerings for WDW.
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