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  1. DISR

    Golden Oak Observations

    I'm sure I'm like many on this forum who occasionally check out the Golden Oak listings and dream a bit. Last weekend I got to stay in the Four Seasons, which is essentially in the Golden Oak neighborhood. You drive the entire length of the neighborhood to access the hotel. The individual...
  2. DISR

    Morimoto Last Weekend

    I know Morimoto Disney Springs is not on par with his other outlets, but we were pretty disappointed in our visit this weekend. We sat in the lounge area upstairs and ordered pork bao and sticky ribs. Everything tasted extremely salty to me. The service was just poor. It took awhile to get...
  3. DISR

    Best Sushi in Orlando

    We are heading down for a non-park weekend and staying in the Four Seasons. I am looking for recommendations from locals or frequent visitors who are sushi lovers. I have tried (an enjoyed Nagoya). Does Seito live up to the hype? Are there other options I should explore? Not looking to...
  4. DISR

    Star Wars Land Demand vs Capacity

    So here is my thought: Toy Story Land is crowded, but demand will stabilize after the newness wears off and other attractions come on line. Pandora is an amazingly well done area. Even without the tie to the IP, anyone can appreciate what has been built there. Demand is still high and it...
  5. DISR

    Hilton Bonnet Creek vs Waldorf

    I am booked at the Hilton in June for a long weekend with just the wife (no kids). Is it worth the premium to upgrade to the Waldorf? It looks like the rooms are similar, and all of the facilities are available to guests of each hotel. I'm guessing the upgrade would only buy me different...
  6. DISR

    Disney Area Golf

    My wife and I are doing a non-park trip to Disney and staying at the Hilton Bonnet Creek. We will play at least one round of golf...maybe two. There aren't a lot of threads on golf here, and none of them are recent. I have played LBV twice, but that is my only Disney golf experience. What...
  7. DISR

    Bar Seating in Disney Springs (No ADRs)?

    My wife and I are doing a long weekend without the kids (June 2019). The whole idea is to relax and do things we wouldn't do if they were with us (so no parks). We are staying at the Hilton Bonnet Creek. One of our focus areas is to explore is Disney Springs, which always seems to get shorted...
  8. DISR

    Do Entire Restaurants Close for Private Events?

    Just curious...I tried booking Jiko for Aug 23rd the morning the booking window opened. There was no availability then. and that has not changed since. There is availability on days before and after that date. Jiko is one of my go-to restaurants and that is the only evening it works into the...
  9. DISR

    Trip Report Oct 18-27 Yacht Club Resort

    I’ll just post a few things that I don’t think I saw prominently featured in other posts…no reason to repeat things others have said over and over. We stayed in at the Yacht Club for 10 days in Oct with 2 adults and 2 children (ages 5 and 10) Yacht Club vs Beach Club: lots of previous threads...
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