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    Will the parks really be dead at the end of August?

    I wouldn’t say that! A lot of the UK head on their holidays the first half of the school break, which traditionally runs mid July to first week of September. There will be some UK visitors, but many will be there earlier in the summer. In addition the poor performance of the £ and brexit...
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    Countdown to a 11 day stay

    One of my favourite things to do for a break from the parks is to hire a boat and float around Seven Seas lagoon for an hour or two. So relaxing!
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    Trying to figure out my post trip state of mind

    I think much of my post WDW blues come from not only actually visiting the world, but the weeks of anticipation beforehand. WDW is a great place to visit if you like to tinker and plan. What with meals you can book, fast passes to snag, park hours and crowd levels to muse, and much more, there...
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    Why did WDW stop making EVENTS out of Disney movies?

    I wondered the same thing, why there is no synergy between parks and marketing. Sure adding live entertainment such as a new parade has large costs, but how hard would it be to show a trailer of the next big film ahead of HEA or ROL? Or to add photo ops at parks or resort hotels - not always...
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    What happens when 2 from a party dont show?

    Yea more than happy to sit in the lounge or up at the bar when it’s available, but this isn’t always the case, particularly with restaurants inside the parks. Plus sometimes after a hard day pounding the pavement I like a proper chair to relax in, rather than a bar stool to perch on.
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    What happens when 2 from a party dont show?

    In fairness it’s not that we do it because we don’t care, it’s because the Disney reservation system forces us to book for two people because it rarely shows availability for a single person. I get why Disney limit availability for solo diners. They want to maximise profit by filling every...
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    What happens when 2 from a party dont show?

    I do the same. So often can’t find a table for one, so I book for two. If it’s breakfast I just tell them my teenage Son/Daughter can’t be bothered to get out of bed and so it’s just “Dad” on his own! Never had a problem with it from any of the CM’s. I always leave a big tip to make up for the...
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    New gorilla born at Animal Kingdom

    Haha I just love that in the midsts of all the stuff about nature, saving animals in the wild, animal enrichment and bonding, the Disney article manages to sneak in “oh there’s also a celebration cup cake” Haha. Does a day not go by in WDW without a special cup cake for something. I have...
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    News Improvements coming to the entrances of all four Walt Disney World theme parks

    I don’t totally disagree, and certainly there is a percentage of people who just clearly are not ever aware of their situation. However I would also say that perhaps if you haven’t heard the CM it’s because you're one of the thousands of people who are making their first trip to the world, and...
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    Which Disney’s Water Park is better Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon?

    I love the lush tropical theme at typhoon, just works so well. I find all the fake white snow at blizzard really off putting, and it’s just so bright in the sun it makes me want to shut my eyes the whole time (something I normally reserve for the lazy river ride or Hall of Presidents 😁)
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    Ever had this happen before? A turnstile saga...

    Or if maybe they just put on more CM, opened more turnstiles so the AP line wasn’t needed???
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    Who wants to see a new Disney location with a real block and mortar castle?

    Less stone, and more well painted cement! Plus cleaverly disgused whole sections of the wall at the base that swing open for cast access. Still, it’s my favourite Disney castle by far, and the dragons awesome.
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    Leaving on COP

    It’s 2019, nobody does spelling anymore 😁😁 What makes it worse is I changed “their” from “there” in my first draft and thought I had done well catching that! Ha guess I need to pay more attention!
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    Leaving on COP

    It’s 2019, no one stays seated for 20 minutes anymore! What are Disney thinking? Of course guests are going to leave midway through the show, cos once they have instagrammed/tweeted/snap chatted about the “cool retro show” they’re watching with “the puppets in” it, they’re out of there! No one...
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    UK people......booking planes

    Defo cheaper to do it yourself, but don’t forget when you go independent you do loose some of the protection you get by booking a package deal if something goes wrong. If your traveling in hurricane season that maybe something to consider. Holiday insurance may cover you financially, but won’t...
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    Rumor Proposed Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion

    Me to! Can’t stop playing it!
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    Very weird contemporary rumour?

    I thought the general policy was if you can’t upcharge for it, and it has any artistic merit, it has to go? 😁
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    News Escape of the White Rhino

    So what’s the answer on the door thing? Can anyone set this straight one way or the other? I have no idea, I just noticed the sturdy doors and locks on a couple of visits and made a wild guess. Hadn’t heard the Jim Hill thing. But now I really want to know! Are the bathrooms designed as...
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    News Escape of the White Rhino

    I’ve always wondered about the bathroom dooors in AK and if the bathrooms were designed as places of refuge. Thinking particular of the restrooms in Harambe village one of the things that stands out for me is the door construction seems particularly sturdy, and on the inside of the door there...
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    A path to the front of the park that bypasses food, beverage and gift locations. Never let that come to pass! How will Disney drain people of their last remaining dollars or give opportunity for one more family meltdown when little Billy is told he can’t have any more sweets, sorry, candy. If...
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