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  1. Jones14

    New Marvel Attraction at Hong Kong Disneyland

    So it looks like there's a Marvel attraction coming to HK; The Pavilion has a coming soon poster for something called Mission: Dimensions of Danger. The photo below is from Instagram:
  2. Jones14

    Halloween at Hollywood Studios

    Okay, so I got to thinking about what it could be like if DHS were to ever get its own Halloween event (post-Star Wars Land opening), and here's what I came up with: Ghostly Citizens of Hollywood on Hollywood Blvd and Sunset Blvd Projection show on the Chinese Theatre focusing on Disney...
  3. Jones14

    How Long Should We Go?

    Hi, guys! So the boyfriend and I are planning our first ever trip to Disneyland (and also the rest of California, but honestly we're totally going for Disneyland). We're looking at a mid January 2018 trip to avoid the crowds, and currently we're thinking of three day park-hoppers with a walking...
  4. Jones14

    Christmas Decorations @ All Star Movies

    Hi, all! The boyfriend and I are staying at All Star Movies next week (his birthday is the day after Christmas, and it's my date month), and I was wondering if there are Christmas decorations of any kind that will be up at the resort! Obviously, we're not expecting anything crazy or elaborate at...
  5. Jones14

    Passholder Discounts and Candlelight Dining Package

    Hi, all! We're looking into doing a dining package for Candlelight this year. Will our annual passholder 10% or 20% discounts kick in if we eat at Garden Grill or Rose & Crown? Or will there be a set price for the dining package that we can't apply our discounts to?
  6. Jones14

    Star Tours Poster Missing

    The large attraction poster for Star Tours is missing from the top of the entrance to the attraction. Any idea when/if it will be back?
  7. Jones14

    Construction Near Colortopia

    The area directly across from Sum of All Thrills (next to Colortopia) has been curtained off, and there are construction walls in front of the curtains. Any idea what this is for?
  8. Jones14

    Beauty And The Beast Revamp?

    I have a friend who works for Disney, and she mentioned to me a few days ago that show plans for the BatB theatre had changed. Supposedly, the plan now is to upgrade the theatre and modernize the show from a tech perspective (two specifics she gave were an articulated Beast and improved...
  9. Jones14

    Animal Kingdom: What to Do?

    We are headed to Animal Kingdom for the first time in a long time tomorrow, and I was wondering what attractions to steer my family towards in the event that we don't have time to do everything. Generally, our party enjoys thrill rides, dark rides, and shows, but we aren't that big on trails or...
  10. Jones14

    Mini Trip Report

    So yesterday I went over to the World in the evening to catch Candlelight before Christmas, and I checked out some of the new attractions while I was there. Here's what I noticed. At Epcot, I rode Test Track, and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. Getting to design...
  11. Jones14

    Three Simple Ways to Fix the Little Mermaid

    Many people who have ridden the Little Mermaid attraction in the Magic Kingdom have told me that the attraction is good, but that there are lots of dead spots or places where nothing is going on or the area fails to feel complete because of static or redundant background characters (I'm looking...
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