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    Hoop Dee Doo Menu

    Does anyone know if Sangria is the only wine offered at the HDDR? Thanks in advance!
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    Fireworks and the WL

    Does anyone know if there is anywhere you can see the fireworks at the MK from the outside of the Wilderness Lodge. DH hates the idea of waiting in the park and then trying to get out with the masses :grumpy:
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    Tipping on dining plan.

    We will be going to the World and are on the DDP. Is there a problem with tipping using gift cards? Thanks in advance.
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    First Time Shipping

    Who has shipped things for your trip and which carrier do you like to use? How far in advance do you ship? All information is appreciated!
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    Scavenger hunts

    Does anyone have suggestion for scavenger hunts at the World? I just saw a scavenger hunt at PoC that look cool and wondered if there were any others that you may have done that you would suggest? Thanks for any suggestions.
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    AP holder

    Hello Disney Planners, We are planning for a two week retirement trip in December. We are first time AP holders since it was the most economical way to buy park hopper passes. I just saw the SWGE opening date for the end of August, and with that someone mentioned possible black out dates for...
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    Staying at WL with an EVC

    Hello Everyone, I am planning a trip with DH who has a heart condition. He will need to use an EVC as he cannot walk very far or stand very long. We will be staying at the Wilderness Lodge and it occurred to me that we will need to take the boat to MK and to the Contemporary to ride the...
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    Anyone for duck?

    Planning our retirement trip, it has been 10 years since our last trip, and we have never had duck. We are doing the DDP and thought this would be a good time to try it. Which restaurant would you suggest we go to for duck? Thanks in advance!
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    Park Fare Breakfast

    Planning our first trip in 12 years to celebrate my retirement. We loved the PF breakfast, but when checking out the menu for the buffet the only breakfast meat was ham! No bacon? Everybody loves bacon!!! If anyone has eaten there recently could you let me know before I have to think seriously...
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