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  1. Tuvalu

    Trip Report The Tuvalu Chronicles ~ Chapter 25 *NOW LIVE*

    Welcome, welcome, welcome to my 25th trip report. Over the past five years, I have loved chronicling my WDW adventures with fellow forum readers who share my Disney passion. Writing keeps the magic alive for me. Discussions that result from your comments are icing on the cake! I appreciate...
  2. Tuvalu

    Trip Report I Will Survive.....Spring Break (with a hint of May) *COMPLETED*

    At first I was afraid, I was petrified Kept thinking I could never live among the Spring Break crowds But then I spent so many nights thinking how I could be wrong And I grew strong And I knew I could get along.... Well that’s what I’m hoping for anyway. I’m not a newbie when it comes to...
  3. Tuvalu

    Trip Report The GRAND Birthday! *COMPLETED*

    “Hey, Ma ~ you’re about to celebrate a BIG birthday. What are you going to do next?” “I’m going to Disney World!” If it were only as simple as it sounds in the commercial. But we all know that real life rarely aligns with what is portrayed on TV....or for that matter (dare I say?) social media...
  4. Tuvalu

    Trip Report The Holiday Humdinger *COMPLETED*

    I couldn’t disappoint a very expectant mama-to-be, now could I? Especially one who was kind enough to provide the title for this trip report! So here you go, @krisri18......and anyone else who’d like to follow along on yet another Tuvalu WDW adventure, HOLIDAY STYLE. I plan on posting live...
  5. Tuvalu

    News PHOTOS: Tambu Lounge Closed/Temporary Bar Areas

    8/25/18 Temp location by monorail Temp location by ‘Ohana check in Same friendly Tambu bartenders 😊
  6. Tuvalu

    Trip Report The Never-Ending Summer Of Disney *COMPLETED*

    Seriously?!! Can you believe it?? This is jaw-dropping news!! If only. Two things in life give me the blues ~ the end of summer and the end of a Disney vacation. A never-ending summer of Disney would be a dream come true! But I am certainly happy to “settle” for a WDW vacay in June....in...
  7. Tuvalu

    Reply box issue using Safari

    Since yesterday all the special features above the text reply box (bold, italic, emoji, embed media, etc.) have been grayed out and rendered useless. This appears to be a Safari issue, as Chrome is working normally. However I use Safari on my mobile devices and it is frustrating not to be able...
  8. Tuvalu

    Trip Report I Vowed Never Again ~ Yet Here We Are! *COMPLETED*

    Wait, what? WDW-obsessed Tuvalu actually vowed never again ?!?! Must. Read. More. Clickbait! :joyfull: But there is truth in my statement. I did vow not to visit the world whenever our spring break...always the first week in April....aligns with Easter. The first week of April typically...
  9. Tuvalu

    Trip Report ‘Tis The Season For More Disney! *COMPLETED*

    Fa la la la la la la la LA But let’s be honest. Which season isn’t the season for more Disney? In 2017 I have been fortunate to experience winter, spring and summer in the world. And now the holidays! Since December is such a festive time of year at the parks, I think two trips are in...
  10. Tuvalu

    Trip Report A Total Eclipse of the Park *COMPLETED*

    Not quite. And apologies to Bonnie Tyler for parodying her hit song title from 1983 (although that was a very good year :inlove:.) So if you want to turn around and not read further I’ll understand. After 17 trip reports in less than four years you are probably sick of me. Heck, I am sick of...
  11. Tuvalu

    Trip Report No Sounds Like Summer? We'll JOURNEY Anyway! *COMPLETED*

    It was this week last summer that @TrolleyFollower91 and I had an epic girls trip to WDW. http://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/the-no-rain-red-card-vanna-white-july-journey-completed.917246/#post-7369605 On our first day we rocked to the music of DSB ~ the ultimate Journey tribute band ~ at the...
  12. Tuvalu

    Trip Report Makin' Memories....One More Time! *COMPLETED*

    Makin' memories Makin' memories Takin' pictures is makin' memories Catchin' little pieces of time Makin' them yours and makin' them mine Great vacations and celebrations we love to hold near and dear And when we're makin' memories Happy days can reappear! @amjt660 it seemed a little...
  13. Tuvalu

    Trip Report It's Two, Two, TWO Trips in One! *COMPLETED*

    Title reference for those of you younger than dirt ~ Got it? Good! This trip report is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introduction. This, as you may recognize, is a picture of me and my significant other. I invite you, if you dare, to follow along on a lengthy...
  14. Tuvalu

    Trip Report Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It's Back to the World We Go! *COMPLETED*

    Sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you prematurely. I am your host ~ your trip report host. Here in the following pages you'll see how the Tuvalu family survived Spring Break 2017. Kindly sit back and relax please, and make room for everyone. There's no turning back now...... Well, that's not...
  15. Tuvalu


    Just received a Passholder invitation from Disney to experience Pandora May 13-22. Passholders must register through the special email link and will be given a time for one in-park preview time slot, based on day of guest's selection. Event capacity is limited and as usual there is a disclaimer...
  16. Tuvalu

    Trip Report Get in the Car, We're Going Home! LIVE *COMPLETED*

    Surprise! I could have titled this "That Time We Went to Florida and Didn't Tell Anyone" but I didn't want to plagiarize @Doc Disney. ;) @Longers, you were right ~ we are sneaking in another trip before April. :D (I could not leave you in suspense until April, @blgauger!) @amjt660 told me to...
  17. Tuvalu

    Trip Report Another Jolly Holiday ~ JOY From the World ! *COMPLETED*

    At the conclusion of my last trip report http://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/a-jingle-bam-birthday-completed.922901/ I ended with To be continued.... Well, here's the continuation. :) Though to be fair, the trips were totally different and not connected in any way except they both included Me...
  18. Tuvalu

    Trip Report A Jingle BAM Birthday! *COMPLETED*

    *Sorry for the bump. This TR is from December 2016* Let me begin by giving a shout out to all park commandos ~ those who arrive at the parks at opening and stay until closing ~ those who only use the hotel room to sleep and shower ~ We SALUTE you!!!!! After a whirlwind 48 hours in the world...
  19. Tuvalu

    Current 2017 Bounceback Offer

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