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  1. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    WestCOT Idea

    We need a WestCOT. And WestCOT needs Body Wars. But not the original version because that is too outdated. Because everything nowadays needs an IP on it to sell, I'd retheme Body Wars to Marvel. STORY! Falcon is injured in a fight. Ant-Man and the Wasp shrink themselves and the riders to go...
  2. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    My friend's trip to EPCOT

    My friend Martha went to EPCOT Center when she was 6 in July 1995. Her and the neighboring family were on close terms and they liked to take vacations together. This trip to Disney was one of them. Martha told me this story on Hangouts and even though there are no pictures (I assume they've been...
  3. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    We have to bring back Wonders of Life!

    We need the gold dome back for its original purpose: teaching kids about health and how to live well, especially with all these deadly diseases circulating around the world nowadays. EPCOT needs to properly educate children again. Mission: SPACE is themed to space, Living with the Land is a tour...
  4. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    EPCOT Layout

    At long last, my redesign of EPCOT is here. In this park, employee paychecks do NOT come on Tuesdays. OK, so Future World first. Innoventions Sum of All Thrills: Basically a revamp of the original. An exhibit about advanced robotics, featuring S.I.R. from Alien Encounter Sega exhibit with...
  5. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    Alien Encounter 2018

    My friend Martha told me of a dream she had where she was at Disney and saw some young kids waiting on line for Alien Encounter. She took them, sat them down somewhere, and told them how the attraction worked. But when she accompanied them in, it was Stitch. This got me thinking of another...
  6. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    If Disney acquires Sega

    So with Sonic being at Epcot in the '90s, and his appearance in Wreck-It Ralph, I'd like to imagine what it'd be like if Disney acquires Sega and puts Sonic in the parks. Here's how I'd do it. MK: Demolish Stitch and put a Sonic dark ride in. Sgt. 90210 could be relocated to somewhere in...
  7. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    WDW info needed for fanfic

    So I'm writing a fanfic where Sonic and his family go to Disney in the summer of 1991. What was it like then? What rides were and weren't operating at MK, Epcot, and MGM? What had yet to open? What restaurants were there? And what hotels were open?
  8. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    WoL attraction 2 - Tooth Defenders

    Like the Body Wars rewrite, but different. Again, this is an animesque simulator. The preshow would be about the micronic denistry practice being perfected. Then we'd crossfade to a young bespectacled blonde, laying back in a chair, uncomfortable. His name is Akio. Akio: Oh, great. I've got a...
  9. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    Body Wars Rewrite!

    Cast: Elisabeth Shue - Dr. Cynthia Lair Steven Blum - Hayate Izuki Michelle Ruff - Aiko Takagi Ruth Shiraishi - Pinku Segawa Cindy Robinson - Julie Kondo Aubrey Plaza - Coco Tomoe OK get on with the good stuff! (Pre-show) MET agent: This is MET Institute, the prime source of Medical Education...
  10. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    When I have an idea...

    OK so I remembered there was a Family Matters episode from 1995 where they went to Disney World. Jaleel White was on that show, and of course I first knew him as voicing Sonic. Sonic SatAM aired on ABC as well, which was bought by Disney by that time. And Sonic was at Innoventions... Which...
  11. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    Has Darkwing been phased out

    The last time I'd expect him to appear would be in 1992 at Mickey's Starland. Does he still appear at WDW or at DL in Mickey's Toontown?
  12. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    EPCOT attraction about computers

    I was thinking of doing a Tron style dark ride for EPCOT about how computers work. It'd be an Omnimover ride similar to Adventures Thru Inner Space, and I don't know how the ride would lay out - all I know is that a sentient, evil computer virus is there. Help me brainstorm, okay?
  13. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    Attraction question

    Who does the voiceover at the beginning and end of Doctor Doom's Fear Fall? I'm guessing it was one of Doom's VAs, my money's on Tom Kane (who voiced him in the last season of the 90s Spider Man series).
  14. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    I reworked AE again.

    This reworking of AE that I just came up with combines the X-S storyline with the Stitch characters. The best part? Lilo is in it. First Pre-show (Guests see Lilo on the monitors above them.) Lilo: Aloha! My name is Lilo Pelekai. I need your help! My beloved pet Stitch got kidnapped by this...
  15. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    The Disney Attraction Quote Game

    OK, I want you to see if you know which attractions these quotes are from, and who said them. "There's nowhere to go but up!" "Stop immediately!" "Atten-HYUT!" "Then we won't have enough energy to power the exit door!" "Bon voyage!" "Any volunteers?" "If we can dream it, we can do it." "I hope...
  16. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    Star Wars area at Tokyo Disneyland.

    Since there's gonna be a Star Wars Land at DHS I thought "Why not put one at TDL?" It'd be themed to the Spaceport. We'd have Star Tours there, as well as Jedi Training Academy, and the Launch Bay. RX-24 would be meetable. "Kon'nichiwa! Boku no namae no Kyaputen Rekkusu!" ("Hello! My name is...
  17. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    To the guy who portrayed Boba Fett at DHS yesterday, and also the various Stormtroopers I saw.

    AW YEAH! THAT WAS AWESOME! Boba Fett was SEXY haha he fired the blaster and then said "We will meet again, count on it" thank you to whoever portrayed him yesterday at DHS now I'm gonna spend the entire month of June being turned on by this character. And the stormtroopers were hilarious, I...
  18. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    Pre-Trip I'm going to Disney World!

    Everyone's favorite Tomorrowland Operations Module (yes, that's what I'm calling myself now) is heading to Magic Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios. I'm going from June 1-3, while my school is going to Washington DC (how lame). I got my Magic Band in the mail yesterday. Wish me luck...
  19. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    What do you say while on rides?

    Going to Disney this June, and hopefully I can say some hilarious stuff on rides like I always do. Usually, I sing Touhou themes, but there are some others. On Buzz, I keep saying "9,999,999" to myself because I really want to get 9,999,999 points. On Pooh, I always say "this is the trippy...
  20. SimulatedIntelligentRobot

    Rubber Spider Revue

    http://passport2dreams.blogspot.com/2011/03/rubber-spider-revue.html Yeah, I know it's cheap, but rubber spiders will become one of those little things at Disney World that are remembered even after they're gone.
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