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  1. joanna71985

    Dream- Tips & Must Dos!

    Have fun!
  2. joanna71985

    Some what Disappointing?

    Unfortunately that's life (I was on the Fantasy during Hurricane Sandy, and we couldn't make it to the island at all). Safety is very important to Disney. And honestly- if there was bad weather, I don't think you would have wanted to be around water
  3. joanna71985

    Dream- Tips & Must Dos!

    Seeing the characters is easy. Just arrive a little early (the exception will be the main princess gathering- that one gets very crowded)
  4. joanna71985

    Which would you choose?

    I see you already decided (but my vote was going to be the Magic!) I want to sail again on the Magic someday to see the new Tangled additions
  5. joanna71985

    Arctic Themed Coaster Announced for 2020

    I am looking forward to the new coaster Wild Arctic has 4 walruses (soon to be 5), 2 belugas, and several harbor seals
  6. joanna71985

    Transatlantic, boring?

    I've never done a TA before, but I hope to someday! (especially as I love days at sea)
  7. joanna71985

    Captain MINNIE hoping to inspire girls

    I can't wait to meet her in Sept
  8. joanna71985

    First Disney cruise!!!

    Exactly! I've done 7 cruises, and all have been with DCL (it is amazing)
  9. joanna71985

    SeaWorld Christmas Celebration 2018

    Just the ice skating show (plus the pot roast tater tots...soooo good!). As a whole, I definitely prefer SW
  10. joanna71985

    SeaWorld Christmas Celebration 2018

    I found the Christmas event at BG to be very underwhelming
  11. joanna71985

    SeaWorld Christmas Celebration 2018

    I see myself in the picture
  12. joanna71985

    Are private Cabana's at Discovery Cove worth the cost?

    I go by myself, so I wouldn't find it worth it (my last time there, I spent over 2 hours in the aviary). I usually hang out between the aviary, otters, and marmosets
  13. joanna71985

    SeaWorld Christmas Celebration 2018

    The shows! I'll be seeing Miracles and Countdown to Christmas every week (plus O Wondrous Night occasionally). I also can't wait to try the holiday treats
  14. joanna71985

    Sea World For Sale?

    I highly doubt it
  15. joanna71985

    Best ship for a first time cruiser?

    A good "starter" cruise would probably be 4 nights, so you can get a feel for if you like cruising (in that case, the Dream or Magic would be good). However, I like longer cruises (so I love the Fantasy). Also may depend on if there is a particular itinerary you want
  16. joanna71985

    Best day ever! Trainer for a Day program

    Oh man, let's see: we got to help feed the otters, we got a private meet with 2 of the small mammals (including a sloth), there were 2 dolphin experiences (the first one is the one that day guests do. But the second one was just for TFAD people. There was a foot push which was amazing! You feel...
  17. joanna71985

    Best day ever! Trainer for a Day program

    Yesterday was amazing! After 9 years in FL, and almost 4 with my SeaWorld pass, I *finally* made it to Discovery Cove. And to celebrate, I decided to book the Trainer for a Day program. It was awesome! Definitely hope to do it again someday
  18. joanna71985

    First Time to SeaWorld in 15 Years [TR]

    I don't think SLH is geared towards kids (it's one of my favorite shows, and I see it all the time)
  19. joanna71985

    When does Infinity Falls open?

    I rode twice yesterday. It's a lot of fun! (just be prepared to come off looking like a drowned rat, as my group got SOAKED)
  20. joanna71985

    This is why SeaWorld must continue breeding killer whales

    There is still plenty of time for SeaWorld to start breeding again And no, I highly doubt the whales at SeaWorld would ever be put in the wild. For one, most of them were born there. For another, they are used to humans (and depend quite a bit on humans). Also, the pollution in the water alone...
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