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    Going to San Diego Zoo from Disneyland

    Thanks all.....given me some things to ponder as I plot....;)

    Going to San Diego Zoo from Disneyland

    That would be fun....:cool: The railfan in the family not joining us will be rather upset with me though....;) guess I need to figure out logistics of getting there, with luggage, staying somewhere in San Diego and then getting back to airport after my Disney trip.....guess if I was going to...

    Going to San Diego Zoo from Disneyland

    Am a WDW geek, never been to California really or DLR, to which I have always wanted to go and now hope to next year. Beginning to plan. Was not planning on getting a car on our future trip, but thinking I wanted to visit the San Diego Zoo. Maybe adding a few more days maybe not. Well when I...

    Rumor New Parade: Magic Happens

    Well being a WDW vet I never have seen PTN or Soundsational! But seriously am geeked over the fact MSEP is still in existence, Spectromagic is my favorite and its been dismantled for certain, but I thought MSEP suffered same fate. I would be very happy to see it once again. Hope DLR does get...

    Oga’s Cantina at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is now texting guests when there’s space available in the wildly popular Disneyland bar - OCR/SCNG

    I think that's Jitterbug....had one of those for my Dad. I had not seen those on CC. My whole family uses Consumer Cellular, 3 generations! They simply use ATT network....and you can use any phone as well as buy them directly from CC....we love it for the low rates and great service. :angelic:

    News Disneyland Park to close at 6 PM on Sunday, June 2nd.

    Thanks for sharing.. I only get to live vicariously through my DLR app thus far but have been enjoying examining the wait times in park post GE, and amazed at how low they have been compared to WDW throughout this, and when I saw the 6PM closing I knew something was up....:angelic: Last trip I...

    Disneyland Unique Offer Codes, PINS, etc for DLR Hotels

    Yeah I just went to WDW a few months ago and got one for WDW just the other week....but am feeling the need to explore the original park I have never played in before. :happy:

    Disneyland Unique Offer Codes, PINS, etc for DLR Hotels

    Thanks for that explanation.....learning curve to be acquired....I did find a link to unique offer codes for DLR so they must exist but be a very rare commodity....;). Still find it odd one cannot modify existing Disney Hotel reservations on MDE....for DLR....but like you say demand/ supply...

    Disneyland Unique Offer Codes, PINS, etc for DLR Hotels

    Am used to WDW offers, but wondering if any of you DLR vets have experience getting room discount offers via unique offer codes, pins, etc via mail, email, etc. I see one cannot modify an existing reservation as they can at WDW, so do DLR peeps make additional reservations then cancel or what...

    Anyone else actually like DCA?

    Thanks I for one will be spending ALOT of my time looking at all those details....one can do that more when its just adults on a trip! The more I read the more feasible going back to the hotel and going between parks allows for more efficiency by simply avoiding the transition times you hurdle...

    Anyone else actually like DCA?

    Well ok so I am planning my first adventure to DLR sometime in next year. Veteran WDW geek. I used to avoid DHS because it was my least favorite, and mostly not an all day park. Understood that will change and did spend most of a day there this year but even with Toystory Land I still left at...

    Disneyland's Galaxy's Edge - crowd entry/exit control May 31 - June 23

    Wow just read they are actually going to use Stormtroopers to get guests to leave the land.....:cool:. Who would say NO to one of those guys?:angelic:

    My Disney Experience system status and outages watch

    WOOHOO it would not work all day yesterday but I decided to look again after seeing your post Mr Penguin and looks like you fixed it! Ha.;) For some other reason shop Disney Parks wont work on my phone or computer....have not tried tablet. I get the general page but no pictures?!?!? Guess I...

    My Disney Experience system status and outages watch

    You are using an android phone and wait times are showing?

    My Disney Experience system status and outages watch

    :angelic: Just today was first time I looked at MDE since upgrade on my android. Could not see wait times, would show anything else, like bathrooms, or restaurants and list them but nothing for wait times or listing of them. I uninstalled twice and still nothing. UGH!!! The download says MDE...

    Second Week of January Weather Experience

    I have been every week in Jan and Feb. I prefer early February, but yes it is hit or miss, as you can have a rainy 40 something morning early January....but also could have a 60-70 degree high some days as well. I am happy as long as the sun is shining and I have layers on. :angelic:

    Fast Pass Changes

    $150 per person for 3 days, you have to purchase minimum 3 days worth. I have read some people purchase more but we did purchase 3 days and used them for AK, DHS and one day at MK....to do the tier one things back to back, and they even adjusted the times in between if they were close by, like...

    News Tomorrowland Speedway and Walt Disney World Railroad to be impacted by TRON construction at the Magic Kingdom

    Ugh Alien SS.....don't abbreviate....:angelic:.....was the worst use of a fastpass I ever made.....jerky, short and just not a ride again ever in my book and I can't say that about anything else besides Stitch......:joyfull:

    What ride(s) can you absolutely not miss during a Disney trip?

    IT IS! Think the grease gets hot and aids in the speed....and I almost got my perfect ride again bit over a week ago, we intentionally headed that way just before fireworks were to begin, and timing was off a few but they put us in last row...WOOHOO....fireworks did not go off but it was waaaay...

    Deliveries to your hotel room

    Last week I saw a lady carrying away two large grocery bags labeled WHOLE FOODS AMAZON PRIME and she was walking away from the Bell Services area to elevators.....did not occur to me that those staying in the DVC units with kitchens could do that...pretty cool but sure there was $$$ to...
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