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  1. m3owbox

    Boardwalk Villas 2 Bedroom?

    We are staying in the Boardwalk Villas in a 2 bedroom next week. Just wondering what the room set up is like? I have heard different things and wondering if in the second bedroom is there 2 beds? Or is it a bed and a pullout? Also looking for any Boardwalk tips and info. Thank you!
  2. m3owbox

    Weather in Late Feb

    Does anyone know what the weather tends to be like in late February, specifically the last week? Haven't been in Feb since I was a kid. Will it be decent enough for a swim? We are coming from North Dakota so anything will be much warmer than what we are used to. Thanks in advance.
  3. m3owbox

    Boardwalk Bakery Question

    Since the Boardwalk Bakery is not open 24/7 is the mug station still available? Just wondering how we are going to get our early morning coffees.
  4. m3owbox

    Lets Talk WDW Golf

    On this upcoming trip in February, my husband and my father are really wanting to golf. I do not know anything about golfing in the World. So I was hoping some of you could help me out with it. Where are the best places to go? Is there transportation provided if you are staying at a Disney...
  5. m3owbox

    Room Charging

    I had a question about charging to your resort while in WDW. My husband and I are going on a trip with my family and we are staying in a 2 bedroom at BWV. Will we be able to have two separate cards to charge to or will everything have to be only on one card when we charge to the room? Can my...
  6. m3owbox

    Boardwalk Tips?

    It has been way too long since I have stayed at the boardwalk. Last time I was there I was about 12. Does anyone have any good tips and neat little things that I should know?
  7. m3owbox

    Grace Period

    What is this grace period I keep hearing about with Fastpass+? Thank you for any help.
  8. m3owbox

    Grand Floridian Villas

    We will be staying at the Grand Floridian Villas in March. Does anyone have any important information or tips you think we should know? Thanks in advance!
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