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  1. nelsonj3

    Reliving the Classics at Epcot - An Epcot Center History - Part One

    Hello! I try not share my videos too often on here because I don't want to spam, but I thought several people may be interested in this one! This is Part 1 of my Reliving the Classics at Epcot series of videos! Check it out and let me know what you think! By the way, I know I made a...
  2. nelsonj3

    Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground - Full Video Tour 2018

    Here is a complete video tour of Fort Wilderness that I shot this week (March 2018) in 4K 60fps! It’s over 40 minutes long! Enjoy!
  3. nelsonj3

    Sometimes a Relaxing Stroll Around the Parks Can Lift Your Spirits

    I've been making "Relaxing Stroll Videos" around the parks using my smartphone stabilizer and my iPhone. I've had several people mention that it really lifts their spirits to just put these on in the background and enjoy the sights and sounds of the parks. I don't narrate the strolls, except...
  4. nelsonj3

    Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort - Full Tour

    Here is a full tour video of Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort in 4K UHD. Enjoy!!
  5. nelsonj3

    Grand Floridian Resort - Full Tour in 4K

    I did a full tour of the Grand Floridian Resort in 4K. I thought some here might find it useful for trip planning or just recalling fond memories.
  6. nelsonj3

    Disney's Polynesian Village Resort - Full Tour in 4K

    Here is my full tour of the Polynesian Village Resort in 4K UHD. It is fully narrated and shot on a beautiful (but hot), Florida day! Enjoy!!
  7. nelsonj3

    Disney's Boardwalk Resort - Full Tour in 4K (Relaxing!)

    Here is a tour I did of Disney's Boardwalk Resort in 4K on June 30, 2017. I narrate the video in a laid-back manner to point out the features of the resort while still keeping the video relaxing to watch. I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think!
  8. nelsonj3

    Live Stream This Evening Showing Hollywood Studios Updates

    Hello! I will be Live Streaming from Hollywood Studios tonight at 7pm Eastern Time on my YouTube Channel - ResortTV1. http://www.youtube.com/ResortTV1 We will be walking around the park and checking out all of the latest progress as of today. You can actually see quite a bit from inside the...
  9. nelsonj3

    Would these be allowed in the parks? (smartphone gimbal / stabilizer)

    I was looking at this: smovestabilizer.com/order to help me shoot more stable videos and live streams on my iPhone. It's not a selfie stick, and it is fairly short and doesn't extend. Would this be allowed at the parks?
  10. nelsonj3

    Beach Club - Full 2017 Tour in 4K

    Hello everyone! I just finished editing and narrating a full tour of the Beach Club Resort. My Port Orleans Riverside tour was appreciated by many on this forum, so I thought I'd share this one here as well. Whether you are trying to make up your mind about where to stay, or whether you are...
  11. nelsonj3

    Port Orleans Riverside Full Tour and Overview May 2017 in 4K

    I just made a full tour of Port Orleans Riverside in 4K UHD complete with narration to explain the different areas of the resort. This video took a long time to put together. Enjoy!
  12. nelsonj3

    Live Streaming Today at 6:30pm at the Magic Kingdom

    If anyone is interested, I'll be Live Streaming today at 6:30pm at the Magic Kingdom. I'm also going to film Happily Ever After in 4K, but I know the official Disney Parks Blog is already streaming it live. My goal for my live stream is just to let viewers enjoy a stroll around the park live...
  13. nelsonj3

    Busch Gardens Skyride (Skyway)

    Enjoy a ride on the Busch Gardens Skyride in 4K. If you haven't been to Busch Gardens in Tampa for a while or at all, this video will give you a good overview of the park.
  14. nelsonj3

    Horizons - 1080i HD Video - Who Misses this amazing attraction?

    I had to share this with everyone. I found this video in my archives. I did not make it, but the author gave permission for it to be shared freely. This is the only HD video that I've ever seen of Horizons. Al C. did a great job on this, and I had to share it with any other huge Horizons...
  15. nelsonj3

    Disneyland Planning Videos - 2017

    After lots of searching, I finally found the Disneyland Planning Videos for 2017. I put them together in one video to make it easier to watch. I hope this is helpful to someone. I don't know how different these are from the 2016 version.
  16. nelsonj3

    Walt Disney World Planning DVD 2017

    I finally got my 2017 Planning DVD after trying to order it three times. I don't think they're sending these out as much as before. Anyway, I uploaded my DVD to YouTube to make it easier for others to see it if they cannot get one in the mail.
  17. nelsonj3

    What is your favorite WDW Music for relaxing/studying/working, etc...?

    I really enjoy listening to music from WDW specifically for relaxing, getting ready for work, getting ready for bed, studying, or even cleaning. I find that it puts me in a much better mood and makes the time go way faster. I like the music from the parks better than the music from the...
  18. nelsonj3

    Pop Century - Full Resort Overview Video (November 2015) for Informational Purposes

    We just returned from a trip to Pop Century a couple weeks ago, and I put together a very thorough video overview of the entire resort including a look at our room in the 70's section. The video is long, so feel free to skip around to see the parts that you're interested in. I hope this is...
  19. nelsonj3

    New Disney Springs Resort TV Channel

    Just got back from a weekend stay at Pop Century, and I was able to capture the newest Resort TV Channel - The Disney Springs Preview Channel. It's short, but it's pretty good and worth a watch! Enjoy!!
  20. nelsonj3

    CityWalk Daytime and Nighttime 2015 Tours in 4K

    Last week, I made a couple of video tours of CityWalk at Universal Orlando both during the day and at night. If you haven't been for a while, check out all of the new changes and additions!
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