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  1. DISR

    First time at Yacht Club!

    If you have time for a relaxed morning (you aren't rope dropping and hoofing it to a ride), then go to EPCOT France for breakfast. The food is good and it is a rare opportunity to enjoy part of the World Showcase with minimal crowds.
  2. DISR

    Animal Kingdom Lodge Club Level

    The room categories may have changed, but I believe the CL always gives you a Savannah View room on the Arusha Savannah. You will be on the 4th floor and relatively close to the lobby. If you compare the non-CL room upgrades, the CL is a relative bargain. The lounge itself can be hectic...
  3. DISR

    Favorite off-site hotel?

    Depends on what you are looking for. If staying offsite, I prefer to have room to spread out, a kitchen, and laundry in the room. If those things appeal to you, I would look at Floridays or the Hilton Grand Vacations Club Tuscany Village. Floridays' rooms seemed nicer to me and the Hilton...
  4. DISR

    Restaurants for the non-Disneyphile/Foodie

    I actually had a slight preference for the octopus at Tiffins over Capa. That is pretty high praise for the Tiffins dish.
  5. DISR

    Restaurants for the non-Disneyphile/Foodie

    Do the Nomad Lounge attached to Tiffins instead of trying to do Tiffins on the same day as Jiko. The apps/tapas there are as good as anything in AK, and that will allow you downsize your meal quite a bit. Ask if you can also order apps from the Tiffins...the octopus was very good last time I...
  6. DISR

    Golden Oak Observations

    Yep...wasn't surprised by most of what I saw (I have family in the high-end resort construction business as well), but it is another thing to actually see it. I was pretty well aware there are few permanent residents, and homes may be used for only a few weeks a year, but it was a bit eerie to...
  7. DISR

    First-timer needing help with accommodation options

    As others have mentioned, it is very difficult to do Disney in less than 4-5 days. The limited Fast Pass system and the size of the area are against you. You will definitely need to prioritize the experiences and attractions you want to do across WDW. This will probably not be a trip for...
  8. DISR

    Golden Oak Observations

    I'm sure I'm like many on this forum who occasionally check out the Golden Oak listings and dream a bit. Last weekend I got to stay in the Four Seasons, which is essentially in the Golden Oak neighborhood. You drive the entire length of the neighborhood to access the hotel. The individual...
  9. DISR

    Disney Yacht Club vs Four Seasons, opinions??

    IMO the location isn't the biggest deal, it is the cost/benefit if most of your time will be in the parks. I always get a significant discount rate for my Deluxe resort stays, so my stay at the Four Seasons was significantly more in cost. I'm not a huge fan of split stays, but I would probably...
  10. DISR

    Animal Kingdom Lodge vs. Yacht Club (Suprise We're Going to Beach Club)

    Kind of interesting psychology...AKL is so far from everything (probably meaning MK), but you rarely hear a comment about monorail resorts being so far from AK. MK will always be the center of the Disney world to many of its fans.
  11. DISR

    Morimoto Last Weekend

    No...it was late and we wanted to get going. I think the manager was tracking the situation on some level though. The fact that he personally cleared plates and brought our check was a pretty good indicator. It was likely either a training or staffing issue. There seemed to be enough people...
  12. DISR

    Disney Yacht Club vs Four Seasons, opinions??

    Correction :): The pools are 100% better....the adult pool, the family pool, the splash pad, the sports pool, the lazy river, and the water slides (it is an entire complex). You won't have trouble getting a chair, and every chair has an umbrella. They will bring you fresh towels and a pitcher...
  13. DISR

    Morimoto Last Weekend

    I know Morimoto Disney Springs is not on par with his other outlets, but we were pretty disappointed in our visit this weekend. We sat in the lounge area upstairs and ordered pork bao and sticky ribs. Everything tasted extremely salty to me. The service was just poor. It took awhile to get...
  14. DISR

    Solo Dining

    I'm a fan of Splitsville for variety and quality of casual food. I think Disney Springs is a great option overall considering your location. You may not want to spend a day later in the trip exploring there, so arrival day may be your best chance. Haven't tried it yet, but STK becomes a...
  15. DISR

    Disney Area Golf

    I played the Magnolia...the Palm was closed for aeration. I liked the Magnolia, but I think I like LBV better. I wanted to play Tranquillo, but I couldn't get on the course due to Drive, Chip, and Putt being held there on Saturday. Oh well, more things on the list to try for next time.
  16. DISR

    Hilton Bonnet Creek vs Waldorf

    We made the right choice...the Four Seasons may have ruined all other Disney hotels for me...maybe all other hotels period. It was amazing, and we are already trying to decide when we can get back there.
  17. DISR

    Disney Yacht Club vs Four Seasons, opinions??

    I stayed at YC in Oct and just got back from my first trip to the Four Seasons yesterday. As you can see from my signature block, I gravitate to Disney deluxe resorts. Nothing on property compares to the Four Seasons in any category except proximity to parks and theming. The rooms, service...
  18. DISR

    Capa Vs. California Grill

    I did eat at both restaurants over the weekend. My take is that Capa stands up against fine dining anywhere. Outstanding service, menu, execution, and ambiance. The fireworks view there is probably a bit overstated due to the distance from MK, but you can see EP as well...it is just a very...
  19. DISR

    So here’s the backstory...... Questions about going with an (almost) 3 year old.

    I've done lots of toddler trips to WDW. I always have to remind myself that what is important to me (or what I think should be important to them) don't always align with what they are interested in or need. We spend lots of time at places like the boneyard instead of on rides. Also, we always...
  20. DISR


    The Tiffins octopus made me a convert to that dish...now I look for it in other restaurants. The rest of the meal was OK, but not great. I agree with the posts that indicated some of the dishes were a bit bland. I actually prefer the small plates in the Nomad Lounge next door.
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