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  1. YorkshireT

    News Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2019

    It's like a Russian doll. Tony's party is an upcharge on an upcharge event. Got to hand it to Disney, they know how to exploit the gullible, I mean the fans. Next year if you pay for the Xmas party, and Tony's Party, you have the opportunity to purchase the Tony's mega party, where you'll also...
  2. YorkshireT

    Next Gen Busses

    Surprised they haven’t gone electric, would also cut down on the substantial noise pollution.
  3. YorkshireT

    Flight of Passage Pre-show Burn-In has begun

    My wife and kids are in tears.... crying “Burn in! Cancel the FP!’ Before they suddenly stopped, looked at each other and said; ‘ What’s Burn in, and what the heck is OLED?’
  4. YorkshireT

    Rumor Version of MaxPass coming to WDW in May?

    I saw this on Blackish lol. In fact, I saw them filming that episode at Expedition Everest in 2016.
  5. YorkshireT

    Advice on GoPro or the likes

    I know the above teaches digital video, but a gimble isnt needed with a GoPro Hero 7 black, unless you are after perfection- here is a video I shot with it, no gimble required, one error I did make was not setting it to the correct frequency for Lanzarote electricity so some of the lights...
  6. YorkshireT

    News 2019 Epcot International Festival of the Holidays

    I saw Lieutenant Dan did it before. Hope he may be back when we are there. None of these others apart from this Neil Patrick Harris and Whoopie seem to be known outside USA. Lieutenant Dan is though.
  7. YorkshireT

    How much $ is to much $ to charge for stuff.

    In 2009 profits had fallen 50% at parks and resorts. They kept attendance numbers up with heavy discounting, but profits at the parks were hit massively.
  8. YorkshireT

    News 2019 Epcot International Festival of the Holidays

    The only one I’ve heard of is Whoopie, albeit having googled them I remember the guy off Miami Vice. I’m there 12/20 to 12/30 and my daughter wanted to see Neil Patrick Harris (I’m not sure who he is either, but he’s known by the kids here in the U.K.).
  9. YorkshireT

    How much $ is to much $ to charge for stuff.

    Disney will be hammered come a recessesion.
  10. YorkshireT

    Rumor Brightline/Virgin Trains USA

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Virgin Trains just had to give up the U.K. East Coast line as it was losing money, so government had to take it over.
  11. YorkshireT

    Dogs at DVC

    They should get Teslas like I have, it has ‘dog mode ‘ which keeps it a nice temperature for as long as pooch is left in the car.
  12. YorkshireT

    Can a post 2016 resale buyer get TIW

    I have no interest in buying TIW myself, I spend nowhere near ithe sum either. Anyway I have the blue card (and as you say would have to spend closer to $1400 anyway due to 10% discount anyway). OPs question was can they get TIW as a resale buyer. Answer is many people get it as a resale...
  13. YorkshireT

    Can a post 2016 resale buyer get TIW

    Committing fraud, I’ve heard it all now. “Are you a member?” “ Yes”. For a start there is no misrepresentation. Most people ringing up will have no idea someone is posting on a forum it is direct buyers only, after x date owning x point etc etc. They are asked a question and answer it- yes I am...
  14. YorkshireT

    Can a post 2016 resale buyer get TIW

    Many have bought it over the phone, this is incorrect. And many resale only members have bought it that way. Reported widely on various forums, including person above.
  15. YorkshireT

    Can a post 2016 resale buyer get TIW

    Just buy it over the phone.
  16. YorkshireT

    Resale Prices Down?

    Sorry missed that. From my perspective, shame they did this for Riviera. I like the look of the new rooms so much, I would likely have been prepared to overlook the slightly dodgy location (given the Gondola depending on how that goes) and actually buy here, as the 1 beds are absolutely superb...
  17. YorkshireT

    Resale Prices Down?

    It has no advantage whatsoever. Any resale members from Riviera cannot book into original 14. Any resale members from original 14 cannot book into Riviera. There are will be, in any given time period going forward, more resale buyers for the original 14, than resale buyers for Riviera. Thus a...
  18. YorkshireT

    Resale Prices Down?

    And if you believe that, you'll believe anything. The argument it's for the good of members makes no logical sense. It's all about DVD wanting to take control of the resale market. And your point re Riviera points being usable by a resale buyer anywhere if they hold some direct points isn't...
  19. YorkshireT

    DVC "Galactic Gathering" Cancelled

    Price for this was a disgraceful price gouge of DVC Members. We have had to endure some crap recently since new management took over DVC with the lockoff premium debacle, severe limits on resale (they lost a Riviera buyer here). I've now got to pay for grocery delivery (don't my dues pay my fair...
  20. YorkshireT

    Looking at DVC---what can you experts tell me ?

    This is what most of us thought, but is not correct, which we found out to our great shock late last year. The points were always sold as never been able to increase overall , it even says this on promotional material. But on this last points reallocation, which was abandoned on threat of legal...
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