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  1. JusticeDisney

    About SWGE, maybe it’s just me, but...

    ...I think the place is going to be freaking phenomenal. Based upon what I’ve read and some of the pictures I’ve seen online, and more importantly based on what little I could observe when I was at HS a couple weeks ago, I can’t wait til it opens. IMHO, this land is going to be a total game...
  2. JusticeDisney

    Yacht and Beach Club Cabanas

    Just wanted to share that we recently had the opportunity to enjoy these cabanas for a couple days, and I cannot recommend them enough. It goes without saying that SAB is widely recognized as the best pool anywhere on property (yes, I know not everybody feels that way, but the majority of people...
  3. JusticeDisney

    Thoughts on After Hours Villains

    Just attended this event this past Monday and, overall, it was a lot of fun. It’s obviously not inexpensive, but if you’re able and willing to spend the money, you are almost guaranteed to be able to ride everything in the park. The only real issue I noticed was they let the regular park-goers...
  4. JusticeDisney

    Beach Club Resort/Villas Phone Number

    Is there a number which allows you to call these resorts directly to make room requests? Thanks!
  5. JusticeDisney

    Magic Band question

    When you order a band online (as opposed to the one you automatically get sent to you in connection with your resort reservation) how do you link that band to a particular person such that it has all the FP+ reservations and is useable as a room key, etc? Also, can you have more than one band...
  6. JusticeDisney

    Star Wars Land for Dummies

    First, let me say that, yes, I am that dummy to which the title of my post refers. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone can give me a quick summary or break down of what the two new attractions in this land are supposed to be like. In other words, are they screen simulators like FOP, actual...
  7. JusticeDisney

    Just booked DAH Villains!

    Really looking forward to checking this out! Just curious, anyone else going to try it?
  8. JusticeDisney

    How late does the safari run?

    Does anyone know how late into the evening the safari’s run? I’m getting ready to start making FP+ selections and I was wondering what’s the latest I can choose. Thanks in advance!
  9. JusticeDisney

    FP+ and DAH Villains selection time?

    I can’t remember if it’s 6am or 7am EST that you can book your FP+ selections at the 60-day mark? Can anybody help me out here? Also, with regard to DAH Villains, I know that becomes available on April 29th, but I’m not sure of the time of that either, nor am I sure whether you have to call...
  10. JusticeDisney

    DAH Villains Questions

    I know tickets are available for purchase for this event on April 29th. I was curious, does anyone know what time on that date they become available? I’m guessing 7am but I’m not totally sure. Also, once you purchase these tickets, are they assigned to your magic bands? Or do you have to...
  11. JusticeDisney

    Yacht and Beach Club Pool Cabanas

    I was just curious if the cabanas are finished and in use yet? If so, has anyone seen them and what do you think? If anyone happens to have any pictures of them, that would be great too. We’ve reserved these cabanas for a couple days during our upcoming June trip and I was wondering how they...
  12. JusticeDisney

    Any WDW diehards excited to try Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure?

    I ask the question here because I know a lot of WDW lovers who frequent this forum also venture over to Universal for a day or two and I was wondering what your thoughts are on this upcoming attraction. I have to admit, I think it looks pretty frickin amazing!
  13. JusticeDisney

    Is Disney After Hours offerred during the summer?

    Just curious if, as we move closer to the summer months, DAH will be extended to cover that time? In particular, I am interested in late June/early July. Thanks in advance for any insight!
  14. JusticeDisney

    Coming up on my 180-day mark!

    And I can’t remember the time at which I can start booking ADRs. I wanna say 7am? Am I correct on that? Thanks so much!
  15. JusticeDisney

    Disney Springs recommendations?

    I’m looking for a nice place for dinner in Disney Springs which I haven’t yet tried. We’ve already eaten at Raglan Road, Homecomin’ and the Boathouse. For our next trip we are considering The Edison, Paddlefish or Maria and Enzo’s. Was wondering what your thoughts and preferences are as between...
  16. JusticeDisney

    Cinderella’s Royal Table - What say you?

    In all my visits to WDW, I’ve never once tried Cinderella’s Royal Table. Thinking of giving it a shot on my next trip, so I was hoping for a little guidance. Is the food any good? What’s the overall experience like? Do you consider it a worthwhile place to eat? Anything else you would add...
  17. JusticeDisney

    Does Disney still send the welcome booklet...

    ...after you make your resort reservation? I used to get so excited to receive my booklet with all of the information and dates for dining, fast pass, etc, but I booked about 7 weeks ago and haven’t received a thing. Just curious, have they done away with that or something? Thanks in advance...
  18. JusticeDisney

    Which resorts allow dogs?

    I would never bring my dog with me on a Disney vacation, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why Disney would ever allow people to bring dogs into their rooms, but I’m just curious, which resorts do allow dogs? I believe the YC does? Any other resorts?
  19. JusticeDisney

    Think WDW would ever add a 5th Park directed at...

    ...adults? Ya know, kinda like Universal. I think we can all agree that, overall, Disney caters more to a younger crowd while Universal caters more to an older crowd. I see a lot of fun speculation around here about a possible fifth park some day at Walt Disney World, but does anyone think...
  20. JusticeDisney

    Why does it take 3 years to build a ride?

    GOTG expected to open in Spring 2021?!?! What?!?! That’s just crazy.
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