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  1. firsttimerteachers

    Touring Plans Crowd Calendar... not a big difference between dates in July and August?? how?

    Hi all, Still trying to decide on timeline for this summer's trip. it's our first time. it was suggested we wait until second half of august to go, although as teachers it's a tough one... but when i look at the crowd calendar on touring plans.com -- the differences between dates in july and...
  2. firsttimerteachers

    Can you purchase the dining plan at the Swan or Dolphin?

    Just curious if you can purchase the dining plan while staying at Swan or Dolphin? And, if it's during the Free Dining plan program, is it offered?
  3. firsttimerteachers

    First trip to FL/WDW - should we also do Universal?

    So we are currently planning a trip for our two boys to WDW this summer. Dates are still up in the air. I think this will be our only trip to Orlando... so my boys will be 9 and 10 - or 8 and 9, depending on the dates -- I'm wondering if we should do two days at Universal. Not sure if that...
  4. firsttimerteachers

    First Time Trip Summer Timing Advice Needed...

    My husband and I are both teachers in the same NJ district. We can't take any time off during the school year... and we have two boys, ages 8 and 9. They have never been to Disney, nor on a plane, or on a real full on vacation before. I' writing to ask about crowds in July VS August... not...
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