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  1. tare

    Plastic shopping bags

    So have they eliminated the no plastic shopping bags or do you still put your purchases in a bag without buying one.
  2. tare

    Casey's hot dog

    does anyone know what july's hot dog is at casey's?
  3. tare

    Epcot desert party

    has anyone done this? Just wondering of the alcoholic drinks are included the wording I read about it makes it confusing. Also was it worth it for those that have done this?
  4. tare

    Trader SAMs

    I am sure this was posted. Can't find it now but when is trader SAMs supposed to be open at the poly??? Thx
  5. tare

    Ice skating Olaf?

    Any confirmation as to Olaf joining the ice skaters??
  6. tare


    I always forget when they publish and when you can make resies for the candlelight processional.
  7. tare

    Renting a dvc

    We are looking into renting a dvc. Any thoughts on the boardwalk villas and contemparary towers?
  8. tare

    Easter bunny

    Any word on if and when/where mr and mrs Easter bunny will beat the world?? Maybe this is posted already I just didn't see anything. Thanks!!!!
  9. tare

    Glow with the show ears

    I had read somewhere that when you have the glow ears you get to sit in a special section kinda like doing a dining package for the woc. Is this true???
  10. tare

    hapa duniani lords prayer in swahili from AK

    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of this song??? I absolutely love this song. I had once gotten it from a member here and now it is somehow deleted off my computer--ughhhh Thanks in advance everyone!!!
  11. tare

    Plaza inn

    Does anyone know what characters are there for the breakfast???
  12. tare

    Halloween party plus tour

    Just wondering if I booked a 2:30 tour and have Halloween party tickets that same day would disney let us use the Halloween tickets to get in or would we still have to have a regular ticket??? Halloween tickets alow us in at 4:00 and being on a tour that starts at 2:30 wouldn't allow us time...
  13. tare

    Wait times app

    Does anyone have an opinion on the most accurate and reputable app for wait times at dl?? For iPhone. Thanks!!!
  14. tare

    Weather late september

    Any advice on how to dress in late september?? What is the average temp during the day/night?? Thx in advance.
  15. tare

    Oldie movie

    I love the movie where the red fern grows!! I remember seeing it at school when I was young. It's hard to watch cause I cry cry cry!!! Anyone else a fan??
  16. tare

    Halloween party

    Just wondering if anyone knows the time disney will actually let you in with your Halloween party ticket??
  17. tare


    Does anyone know how often they do the fireworks during the last part of September?? Like nightly--3 times a week or just on weekends??? Thx in advance!!!
  18. tare

    Walts footsteps tour

    Any input on what everyone think of a walk in walts footsteps tour??
  19. tare

    Test track?

    Has anyone heard of any soft openings for test track--I'm here and would love to ride it before we go home on Wednesday. :)
  20. tare

    My disney experience app ughhh

    Why is it that any time morning or afternoon, this app always says the characters are zzzzzz they have turned in for the night??? Also it doesn't show all the characters meet n greets at other parks either when I know for a fact that some are always there??!!?? I find this app utterly...
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