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  1. Respo12

    Will they bring back RunDisney Sneakers?

    The new balance Run Disney sneakers were so charming. I think I heard new balance lost the rights or contract expired. Anyone know if they will be back, or even if another brand such as Nike will take over? Thanks!
  2. Respo12

    Contemporary refurb?

    Hey everyone, I can’t seem to find the asnswer, but I thought I remember reading that the contemporary was refurbed within the last year or 2, can anyone confirm? I’m staying in the main tower lake view in April. Will my room be freshly redone? Thanks!
  3. Respo12

    Resort runs?

    Hey everyone, I saw this morning there is a new $15 dollar 3k resort run at the beach club every Thursday, and comes with a little goodie bag at the end. What other resorts offer these kind of mini runs weekly?
  4. Respo12

    35% Room only discount?

    Hey guys, disney has a 25% room only offer now which requires booking by 12/21, and is for stays between 1/1/17-4/8/17. Going by past patterns, will they announce another, possibly better (35%) discount on 12/22? I'm planning my trip for february btw. Thanks in advance!
  5. Respo12

    Reservation question?

    hey all, I have a quick question, I booked my trip and received my magic bands in the mail already...but something came up and I am now flying in one day later then originally. So i called up and took the first night off of my reservation. Now will this affect my magic bands, etc? will I have to...
  6. Respo12

    National Rental car?

    Hey all, has anyone noticed an absurd increase in price for national rental cars? Im an emerald club member of course, and have booked with them for the past 4 years. each year it has gone up slightly, but not enough to push me away... this year they want $417 for the week of 2/2-2/8...Thats...
  7. Respo12

    Watch Super bowl in Club level lounge?

    Hey everyone, I will be heading to the Beach club on february 2, and I would like to catch the super bowl that night. Can anyone speak from personal experience on where is a great place to catch the game? We are staying in the club level, so do they do anything special in the lounge for the...
  8. Respo12

    What time is the Super Bowl MVP parade at MK??

    hello, everyone, I am going to be at disney during the super bowl week, and was wondering if anyone knew the time of the MVP parade down main street? and how crowded etc does it get?
  9. Respo12

    Do you need to book park tickets to receive Magic bands in the mail?

    Hey everyone, just wondering if I book a room and then buy tickets at the concierge once i get there, will i still be able to get my bands in the mail? and then just apply the park tickets onto them once i arrive
  10. Respo12

    1st week in Feb 2014...why no availability?

    Hey everyone, does anyone know why Im having trouble finding a room for the first week of february 2014? I usually always stay at the BC, and can always get a room with ease at that time of year. Theres nothing available, at BC, YC, or even GF and Bay lake tower if i wanted to splurge. Is there...
  11. Respo12

    How to get a Reservation at BOG?

    I have a trip scheduled for the last week in february, and I know they are booked up until may or longer. But is there any way or advice anyone has on getting a dinner reservation at Be Our Guest? Is there a best time to check, or anyway to find out if anyone canceled? thanks in advance!
  12. Respo12

    Beach Club Villas or standard room?

    Hey everyone, I have stayed at the beach club atleast 6 trips in a row now, and we LOVE it. We are planning another in february, and the beach club villas are presented at a very similar price. is there any con to staying at the villas as opposed to a standard room? thanks!
  13. Respo12

    Disneyworld site booking?

    I was browsing around on the disneyworld.com site yesterday and i got a price of 1700 for the resort i wanted for the week i wanted, and I had to wait until today to book it, so when i went back to do it today, the same week and resort is giving me 2,100 dollars!! anyone experience the same thing?
  14. Respo12

    October trip, no Promotions??!

    Hey all, I am planning on taking a trip from Oct. 8th - the 13th which is when i have off of work, and it looks like I can't get any sort of promo for that time. The dining plan only goes to the 4th and resumes on the 19th, and the 30% off (which is what I really want) ends sept. 29th. Any...
  15. Respo12

    30% off for October stay?

    Any word if there will be another 30% promo for stays in october-november? I see the current one ends september 29th, and I would like to book my stay for the second week of october, and I'm not really interested in the dining plan promos. thanks in advance!
  16. Respo12

    Rain on my trip...

    Hey everyone, I just checked weather.com and its saying I am going to have scattered showers, and thunderstorms just about everyday next week 11/11-11/15 on my trip. should i be worried? could this change? i thought november was never rainy in orlando?
  17. Respo12

    Crowds next week? (11/10)

    Anyone know what the crowds will be like next week?
  18. Respo12

    Port Orleans Question?

    Ive Heard from a few people that one of the resorts at port orleans has been very recently renovated. One source told me it was french quarter, and the other told me it was riverside. Anyway My room is booked for Riverside alligator bayou, in Nov 08. Did i make the right choice? what is the...
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