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    Disneyland 5/22/19

    Anyone at the park today... I know it's raining, but the app shows many indoor rides (HM, Pirates) closed as well. Anyone know more of what's going on?
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    Rumor BatB Rumor from Screamscape

    From Screamscape. A rumor that the new Tokyo BatB ride will be replacing Pinocchio and Snow White. I dont think it would fit personally.... "Ok… back? So far this all sounds fantastic,, but remember what I said about there being a cost to pay. Space in Fantasyland is very limited and to put in...
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    New Ticket and AP Prices 1/6

    https://micechat.com/213713-disneyland-ticket-increase-2019/ Some big changes!
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    Next Castle Park?

    With the success in Shanghai, Disney may want to expand again, especially in Asia? What are the likely cities? Beijing, Chongqing?
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    Disneyland "Social Clubs"

    David Koenig wrote an interesting article today about the drama between 2 DL Social Clubs (lawsuits filed, smears, etc.). During my trips to the resort I have never have problems with them, however I can see their attire and numbers being intimidating to the average guest. How bad is this...
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    MAXPass (upcharge mobile Fastpasses) coming to Disneyland...impacts to WDW?

    https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2017/01/additional-disney-fastpass-locations-and-new-disney-maxpass-coming-to-disneyland-resort/ Will they do the same thing in Florida?
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