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  1. mm121

    Disney PRT (Personal Rapid Transport) System to Connect Southern End of Disney World

    Disney PRT (Personal Rapid Transport) System to Connect Southern End of Disney World I've had this idea for awhole and think it would be pretty cool and also right in line with Disneye recent moce of building the Skyliner as an alternative transport option. A PRT SYSTEM Like the one at...
  2. mm121

    Coke Freestyle Machines Scattered around resorts? CBR only or new thing property wide?

    Just saw in a youtube video that at Carribean Beach they have Coke Freestyle Machines Scattered around resorts for use with the mugs. Is this a CBR only thing due to the construction? or new thing that may go property wide? Here's the video for reference, machine shown at 11:30
  3. mm121

    Disneyland East Ultimate Resort Expansion Options

    I know this would take decades to do, but with the new pumba garage and eastern gateway projects it would be awesome. with this plan they could connect all the way down to the toy story property yes i know it would take them literally a million years to get some of those properties but still...
  4. mm121

    Dozens Displaced by Hotel Fire Given Shelter at Walt Disney World

    This is a nice gesture from Disney, the accountants arent going to like it though. its pretty bad you have to literally have your home burn up into flames before Disney forgets about the all mighty dollar and does something nice Dozens Displaced by Hotel Fire Given Shelter at Walt Disney...
  5. mm121

    LBV & Epcot Center Drive Construction

    what are they doing at LBV and epcot center drive? the whole area is a mess. if anyone has any pictures or diagrams showing the new versus the old that would be cool i know the rest of the lbv construction was to add the bus lanes, just hard to tell whats going on at that intersection Mods...
  6. mm121

    Animal Kingdom Resorts Transportation Network?

    Would you like to see an Animal Kingdom Resorts Transportation Network? Heres a way they could do an Ak system using automated people movers like at london hethrow the vehicles could be themed to safari jeeps There's also a spot where a moderate Animal Kingdom resort could be built
  7. mm121

    Epcot Land clearing? whats being built here?

    anyone know whats being built here? guessing its something disney springs related
  8. mm121

    Disney Road Improvements

    http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/tourism/os-disney-road-improvements-20150826-story.html The road projects include: A flyover will take resort traffic over the Magic Kingdom's toll plaza, providing easier access to travelers heading to hotels such as the Contemporary and Polynesian...
  9. mm121

    will disney build more hotels ever at WDW?

    will disney build more hotels ever at WDW? seems they'd want to keep some of this business in house, rather than giving this gold to outsiders by wasting disney land at flamingo crossings. since it sat vacant for so long its really too bad they didnt opt to just develop it themselves. though...
  10. mm121

    Do any of the resorts have what would be the equivalent of a "Presidential Suite"?

    Just curious do any of the resorts have anything that would be the equivalent of a Presidential/Penthouse Suite at other hotels? I know the castle suite would be in this class, but its not a suite that can be simply booked. If no Presidential Suites exist what would be the biggest/best room...
  11. mm121

    New Cast Parking Garage

    just saw this construction on google, and was curious when it started and what if anything people know about it. would be interesting to know what they plan to do with the space this will free up
  12. mm121

    Unknown construction by the casting center

    does anyone know what is being built by the casting center? the simple assumption would be additional cast parking to go with the new operations center being built the area outlined in purple is all fenced off.
  13. mm121

    new disney spring cast services building

    can anyone possibly explain / show on a map where this is located?
  14. mm121

    Direct Check In - No front desk required - Test, Thoughts?

    http://www.disneydining.com/big-changes-tested-property-disney-guests/ Just wondered what everyone here thoughts are on this? the ability to check in via the app, and never visit the front desk and just precede direct to the room. Personally I think this takes away part of the guest...
  15. mm121

    Additional Gate/Park Locations at WDW?

    over time theres discussion about adding a 5th or 6th gate at wdw.. the question when looking at the map is where another gate would fit. thoughts? if it was a smaller gate such as a waterpark i'd put it where the ORANGE circle is located, as this would help spread out more traffic towards...
  16. mm121

    The Ultimate Hollywood Studios Expansion

    Saw some amazing ideas for studios, but people were saying theres no room to build anything.. so let me solve that problem for you :)
  17. mm121

    This would look so cool in Tomorrowland or Epcot.

    750-foot jellyfish-like mass with their smartphones: http://wrd.cm/1gywEmX Youtube video
  18. mm121

    The Ultimate Magic Kingdom Expansion

    Another thread got me thinking as it was talking about Fantasyland being blocked in preventing further expansions. If Disney wished to absolutely max out the space available in and around MK they could add a whopping 21 new attractions. Tommorrowland Phase 1 - 4 new attractions (removing 1)...
  19. mm121

    New Countries / Attractions for World Showcase (Past Rumors/Announcements)

    Would be great to see new countries/new attractions added to the World showcase. There are spaces for 21 countries total, 10 on each side of the USA.. though only 11 countries were ever built and most that were built have no attraction, only shopping and dining. Mexico Attraction -...
  20. mm121

    Has there been any word/rumors about the Night Kingdom Project?

    Has there been any word/rumors about the Night Kingdom Project? I remember hearing about this back when Pleasure Island initially closed. It would have been an evening experience with limited hours and a limited capacity with a premium price, similar to SeaWorlds Discovery Cove.
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