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  1. Gurt

    Treehouse Villa's SS Buses

    Hi All, I know this has been previously talked about but I can't find anything more recent than 2014 and I am wondering / hoping there have been some improvements, does anyone know if you still have to catch a internal bus from the tree house area to the main Saratoga area in order to get a bus...
  2. Gurt

    Pre-Trip When are we going back?

    Well im in a planning lull and thought I would write my 1st ever pre-trip report, so a bit about us and our story, I had several trips to Disney as child which were great but then there was a 15 year gap we travelled elsewhere, back in 2011 my mum said she would love to go to Disney for her 60th...
  3. Gurt

    Date Time Hour

    Hi All, I am planning our upcoming September trip which there are 3 of us, me, BF and mum, for our 2013 trip we spent all day everyday together which was fine it worked out great and we had a awesome time, however this trip me and the other half would like to have a little bit of time on our...
  4. Gurt

    Dining Plan Menu Question

    Hi All, I am sure this is a dumb question but I have just been looking at some menus, we are on the dining plan the one that is 1TS 1QS when looking at the Yak & Yeti TS menu there is no 'Entree' section on it's own, the menu is split like 'Wok', Noodles', 'Grill', so now for the dumb part...
  5. Gurt

    Reservation Notes Question

    Hi all, I have been making ADR's for our September trip, the reason for the trip is my 30th birthday and I have previously seen people says to others to make a note on their reservation but I don't know how to do it, when booking I noticed the special note bit but that for allergies, please can...
  6. Gurt

    Feeling frustrated and a bit down :(

    Hi all I guess im just having a bit of a moan really, me, my bf and my mum are returning to the world in September (yey for that) but I have been doing all the planning which don't get me wrong I love doing but the others are making me feel like I am being a pain and getting all short with me, I...
  7. Gurt

    Boardwalk Favorite's

    Hi All I am currently planning our September trip and would like to work in an evening at the Boardwalk, this will likely be Friday 30th we have never been to the Boardwalk before so my question is what are your favorite evening activities to do when you go?
  8. Gurt

    MCO Customs

    Hi Guys, Before I start I have tried searching the forum, I have Goggled and I know there is no definitive answer. We are traveling from the UK I know on our last trip in 2013 we did some sort of pre-customs clearance thing to speed up clearing customs in the US, we had a lay over in Atlanta...
  9. Gurt

    Parks with kids advice

    Hi All, I have a friend who has booked a trip and will be taking (along with his wife) his 2 kids who will be aged 5 and 6, boy & girl, I don't have any children but have been to the world a few times so he has been asking for my advice, I have told him things like taking midday breaks, going...
  10. Gurt

    2016 Dining Plan Question

    Hi Everyone, Sorry if this ask been asked before I had a search but couldn't find it, also sorry if this is something that is common knowledge around all you experts. We are booked for next September and whilst it is way to early for my ADR's there is no harm in checking out places to eat...
  11. Gurt

    2016 couple of questions

    Hi everyone, it's good to be back here :) After our 2013 trip I thought it would be many years before I got back to the world but my lovely boyfriend decided we need to squeeze a trip in next year before we become real grown ups and and spend the next 10 years buying a house, getting married...
  12. Gurt

    Online Check In

    I have been trying for weeks to check in online for OKW but I keep getting a error message, I have tryed on my home laptop, work PC and my phone and get the same thing everytime, I am trying it through the MDE website which already has our reservation linked but no luck, can anyone tell me were...
  13. Gurt

    14 Year Wait and only 71 days to go now PTR

    So now I have got most of my planning done I am having a pre-trip lull! So what better to occupy my time than writing a PTR! 71 days to go! The story so far, I have been to Disney 3 times before but unfortunately my list trip was 14 years ago, which in my opinion WAYYYYY too long ago but until...
  14. Gurt

    PTR Question

    Hi All, As I am fairly new to the site (loving it all the way) I wanted to ask is there too much you can put in a PTR? it is only 71 days till our holiday and I am planning like crazy but I have hit a bit of a lull so thought, I will write a PTR but I don't want to bore people with all my...
  15. Gurt

    Birthday Button Question?

    Hi All, sorry if this has been already answered but I have been reading lots on this site for a couple of months and thought it was about time I said hi! I am bot a disney newbie but it has been a long time since my last visit, I went ti disney when I was 8,9 and again when I was 12 I am 26 now...
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