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  1. jumnzert

    Things to buy before visiting

    look at that cute l'il guy, can you really ever have too many?
  2. jumnzert

    Things to buy before visiting

    I always try to remember a sharpie marker, to mark our refillable mugs and to update balances on our Disney Gift cards. And back up sunglasses 😎 A reusable water bottle with filter has come in very handy my last few trips
  3. jumnzert


    are the pull out beds there fairly comfy?
  4. jumnzert

    You can have any WDW meal/food item RIGHT NOW, no matter where you are. What is it?

    I had a dream last night about the Violet Blueberry Vanilla Croissant Doughnut at Taste Track, here it is 11 and I still can't get it out of my mind :(
  5. jumnzert

    best buffet for dinner?

    you are getting such amazing suggestions! Boma really is a great one, and the added plus of visiting beautiful Animal Kingdom Lodge! I have also always enjoyed Tusker House , great character interaction there. Cape May seems to get better each time I go :)
  6. jumnzert

    Epcot Flower and Garden recommendations

    I was there this past Sunday in the afternoon and evening ( closed it down ) and I thought the lines were VERY manageable, we hit some popular ones and it seems like we only had maybe no more than 4 people ahead of us, the longest line we encountered was for the beloved Orange Bird sipper cup (...
  7. jumnzert

    Epcot Flower and Garden recommendations

    oh yeah I started at the Arbor for those fantastic fried green tomatoes but I still managed to find room when I ended up in Canada for the scallops 😋, even managed to poke in a beignet at POR before bed ( I don't think food intake counts at WDW )
  8. jumnzert

    Epcot Flower and Garden recommendations

    OOOO OOOOO just got back this Monday and by far for sweet the violet blueberry vanilla cronut at Taste Track was crazy delicious! The fried green tomatoes at the Arbor( terrace indoor ) was my fave followed by the blackened shrimp w/ grits at Florida Fresh, the scallops at the Canada booth was...
  9. jumnzert

    2019 Must have treats each park

    luckyyyyyyyyy!! we were there this past November and I fell in love all over again with it! I couldn't get enough of the French toast
  10. jumnzert

    2019 Must have treats each park

    MK savory-pepper jack pretzel ( but I was never able to locate it my last trip I think its at Tortuga Tavern now ) MK sweet-cheshire cat tail Epcot savory- Tartine aux fromage at Les Halles in France Epcot sweet-turtle brownie Sunshine Seasons AK savory- shrimp mac n cheese @ eight spoon cafe AK...
  11. jumnzert

    Looking for Recommendations for Trying (New to Us) Restaurants

    I have to give another vote to Sanaa, went with a group of people and everything was fantastic, the desserts were also exceptional. If you have seafood lovers in your group Cape May Café has always been one of our favorites, just went this past November and it was a standout for me.
  12. jumnzert

    Buffet (dinner) suggestions?

    Garden Grill in Epcot, they do bring the food to you but the character interaction was our favorite of the trip , you cant NOT love Chip n Dale : )
  13. jumnzert

    What's your "go to", "cannot miss" meal at the world.

    French toast at POFQ Sassagoula's
  14. jumnzert

    Favorite Dessert from a Quick-Service/Cart?

    very recently discovered the Cheshire cat tail at the Cheshire café in MK --I'm hooked
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