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  1. Maria

    Descansa en paz querido Tramp. :(

    Descansa en paz querido Tramp. :(
  2. Maria

    Does anyone know this photographer?

    This guy was AWESOME! :king: He took a picture of us (Ciff and I) one day and two days later, we were back at The Studios and we asked him to take a picture of us. While we were possing we went like "wait a minute...this is the same guy" and then he calls us by our names! :eek: We were in...
  3. Maria

    wow!!! what the heck is this??? LMAO! I had never seen this! This is tooo much! I am in shock...

    wow!!! what the heck is this??? LMAO! I had never seen this! This is tooo much! I am in shock hahahahahaha! I have to study WDWMAGIC again! LMAO ;-) but thanks for the message, it was a very nice surprise!
  4. Maria

    Shopping! Food! Other stuff! 11/21

    Loved the picture of the "snowed" castle! Thank you very much! :)
  5. Maria

    Official Photography Contest 11/16/07 - 11/22/07 Disney Restaurants/Food & Drink

    Someone´s going to kill me for this one.... :D But I did take this one, so it should qualify :lol: Foggy day in MK... Gotta love Coke!
  6. Maria

    Official Photography Contest 11/16/07 - 11/22/07 Disney Restaurants/Food & Drink

    I like this one - makes me smile when thinking of this traditional guilty pleasure while waiting for Fantasmic! (It was taken by Cliff, but if it doesn´t qualify, then see next entry... i just wanted to share it... hehe) :slurp:
  7. Maria

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Feliz Dia De Acción De Gracias!! :) (....and may you find everything you want to buy with the maximum discount tomorrow!) I experienced it last year at Dadeland... overwhelming! lol
  8. Maria

    Happy Birthday Maria!

    Thank you all for your good wishes! I had a very nice birthday, left work on time -that rarely happens- and then my friends came over for dinner. I cooked some snacks and salad and my mom and aunt made some pasta and meat that were delish! I had a Princesses' tablecloth that was sooo cute and...
  9. Maria

    Happy Birthday Maria!

    what? :shrug: :p
  10. Maria

    Happy Birthday Maria!

    That, I do!!! :drevil: I have thought about changing it, but seriously, nothing makes me laugh more than your phrase... so it´s staying for a good while longer! :D
  11. Maria

    Happy Birthday Maria!

    :lol: I just saw who Eduardo Verástegui is! I couldn´t remember him from Kairo or anything else- I couldn´t believe it! He is sooo handsome! :slurp:
  12. Maria

    Happy Birthday Maria!

    You are not late! It´s today and the day is not over! Come to the party! :kiss:
  13. Maria

    Happy Birthday Maria!

    Gracias! Vaya con Dios! :lol: :lol:
  14. Maria

    Happy Birthday Maria!

    MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS A TODOS! Many thanks to all! (Specially to Dana for starting the thread!) *kiss* I will try to take it easy today at work - my only demand has been to leave on time! ;-)
  15. Maria

    Wdding Dress

    I am sorry, I just came back and read here and realized I never came back to you with Leggenda´s phone number! I can´t contact my friend right now and I am guessing you are already there...! sorry!!
  16. Maria

    Wdding Dress

    Hi, talked to my friend a couple of days ago and she also bought her dress in Leggenda. I will ask her if she has some other way to contact them, and if so, I will let you know. :)
  17. Maria

    Official Photography Contest 9/7/07 - 9/13/07 Macro

    I don´t think I will find another one so I will keep this one... lol I highly recommend doing this.... those cards get lost very easily... tell me about it! This was our second one! (but we managed to find our pictures after spending one hour searching for them at GR) ;)
  18. Maria

    Will I have enough time?

    what amazes me is that you can think of having professional (and surely expensive) photos taken right after you eat a big meal! I would focus on having plenty of time to get a perfect make up and hair and choose a nice outfit for both of us! I can´t think of any food or else! lol Good luck! :)
  19. Maria

    to the man in the WDWMagic tshirt watching MK parade today!

    I am so curious that I thought I would bump the thread... :D
  20. Maria

    I love the Monsters. Inc Comedy club!

    I liked Turtle Talk a lot better than Monsters... Of course, it is different, but the "turtle" was a genious!
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