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  1. princessmommy

    5e- can you pick your staterooms?

    i know you can't choose the corner 5e rooms but is it possible to choose other specific 5e rooms if you book well in advance? I've checked a few dates and only see 5e gty. We need 4 rooms in 2018 just preliminary stages right now since we can't book anything but I plan on booking opening day...
  2. princessmommy

    Guided fishing- need advice

    booking a guided fishing excursion as a surprise. We are staying at POFQ. I like the idea and convenience of being picked up right there and fishing there. However, if you think or have experience getting bigger fish on 7 seas lagoon or crescent lake- I wouldn't be opposed to cabbing over to...
  3. princessmommy

    Getting to Mickey's Backyard BBQ

    Can we park at Wilderness Lodge and boat over to Ft. wilderness? I'd like to tour the lodge before the BBQ:)
  4. princessmommy

    Scooter question

    i know I know... Dreaded scooters. My parents are joining us this summer for their first trip since MK opened (they think it's still all one park). My dad will be using a scooter. Where do you park these in the room? We are staying at AKL, should I request them a king bed room? Or will a two...
  5. princessmommy

    Song Ideas!

    I need suggestions for our annual Disney Vacation Video. We always make a video rather than take a bunch of photos. For our next trip we will have my parents with us... Any ideas? Here is our WDW video from 2014:
  6. princessmommy

    Can I bring a toaster?

    Can I bring a toaster to plug in the room? Is this allowed.
  7. princessmommy

    Standard View at AkL... Pics?

    Does anybody have pictures of a standard view at animal Kingdom Lodge? I just upgraded our June stay from CBR to standard view at AKL... So Excited!!!!!!
  8. princessmommy

    Halloween night- where to stay?

    We are going 11/1-11/7 and staying at pofq. Instead of adding one night to our existing ressie, I was thinking of renting points for a one night stay and heading to MNSSHP on 10/31. Which would you choose, or would you just add on to POFQ?
  9. princessmommy

    Backyard bbq transportation

    Are there buses to individual resorts waiting after the bbq like there are after hoop de doo?
  10. princessmommy

    GTY 5e

    Will GTY 5e all have the oversized verandah? Or is it only certain staterooms in that category?
  11. princessmommy

    Preferred CBR rooms worth it?

    $245 for my trip to upgrade to preferred rooms. Is it worth it? I feel like for $245 I'm almost almost halfway to the price jump to deluxe lol.
  12. princessmommy

    Studios: OKW or BCV

    Which would you choose? Why?
  13. princessmommy

    Post your dessert party pics!

    I just booked this for June, and would love to see some photos besides the ones I've googled. If you have personal photos of the tomorrowland terrace dessert party please post! I'm so excited:) Desserts, set up, view, show me whatcha got!
  14. princessmommy

    50s PTC vs. Sci Fi for grandparents

    We are taking along my parents who are in their late 60s. Do you think sci fi or 50s will make them more nostalgic? We (my family of four) like them equally the same, I'm not sure which my parents will like more. Any experiences with grandparent age diners?
  15. princessmommy

    Which villages have completed refurb at CBR?

    Is there a specific village to request at Caribbean Beach? I've read Jamaica 45. Does anyone know if this section's refurb is complete?
  16. princessmommy

    Scooter at CBR

    Is there a way to guarantee a ground floor at CBR if needed for scooter purposes? (Since there are no elevators)
  17. princessmommy

    Are packages linked to dining?

    If I cancel my room package will it cancel my dining reservations?
  18. princessmommy

    2015 room only

    Rates will go up when 2015 rates are announced, I got that part. To make this a package with tickets and dining, will I have to cancel my room only and rebook it as a package? What is the point in booking it early if that is the case?
  19. princessmommy

    Trip report (sort of)

    I completed our cruise video, which is my version of a trip report. It is kind of like a visual trip report. What do you think? Click here:
  20. princessmommy

    Using a birth certificate question

    We are using birth certificates for our upcoming cruise. Do I need my marriage liscense since my last name is different?
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