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  1. KrzyKtty

    Disneyland Christmas Crowd Projection ?

    So, Now that we know ROTR is opening in January 2020, does anyone th think this may affect the crowds at the park between Christmas and New Year's? My have never been to Disneyland yet, so I am not sure. But I was curious based on all of the posts I have been seeing about reduced crowns. And...
  2. KrzyKtty

    Disneyland Christmas 2019 or Bust

    YAY!! Excited that I just booked my family's 1st ever Disneyland Vacation. Multi-time WDW veteran but first time Disneyland vacationer. We will be staying from December 26th through December 31st. Getting 4 day park hopper tickets with maxpass. I know that time of year the crowds will be nuts...
  3. KrzyKtty

    Evil Disney Destinations Email

    Here I was, planning semi-imaginary Disney Vacations extremely late in 2019 and 2021 due to WDW withdrawals, when all of a sudden I get "the email" from Disney Destinations with the "Pin" offer code in it. Now I am stuck with the emotional toll of trying to convince myself that I shouldn't try...
  4. KrzyKtty

    First Time DLR guest - Logistics

    Hi, I have tried to do some reading through old threads for general information, but some specific advice might be helpful. We are long time WDW guests. My family and I are planning our first trip to DLR after Christmas 2019. I know, I know, it is a long time away. However, it sometimes takes...
  5. KrzyKtty

    Princess meet and greet

    Someone please tell me that I am not the only adult around a little excited to meet a Disney Princess as an adult lol. Belle from Beauty and the beast was my "Frozen" growing up. I love Belle, her story, and the movies! Made my mom sing 'Tale as old as Time' almost every night. However, I have...
  6. KrzyKtty

    Morning ADR - Transportation

    I know this has been asked, so sorry for doing it again. Managed to snag a 8:05 a.m. reservation at the Crystal Palace for June 14th. How soon should we get to the park to make sure we aren't late? I wasn't sure how long it takes to get through security now? Also, we will have our own car, so...
  7. KrzyKtty

    Room Charges - Rewards $ And Gift Cards

    Please feel free to move this if I picked the wrong place. We are going to Disney in 2 weeks, and this is our first time since the magic bands were used. This is also our first time using the dining plan How does the charging to the room tab work? Because in pre-check in it asked for our...
  8. KrzyKtty

    Birthday Pin - Resort Pre-Check in

    Do they still do the birthday buttons if you are going to celebrate a birthday for your child? If so, how do you receive them if you do the pre-check in. Last time we went they didn't have pre-check in so he got it then.
  9. KrzyKtty

    In Room Celebration - WWYD

    We are purchasing an in-room celebration for our 3yr old daughter this June. We are getting her the Princess Package for her 4th Birthday, but I'm not sure what day to do it on. The benefit to getting it on arrival day is that we would get her autograph book early, so she would be able to use...
  10. KrzyKtty

    Water RIdes - Shoes

    So I am debating whether we should bring some type of sandals/water shoes for Splash Mountain and Kali River Rapids, or just deal and wear our normal sneakers. I have never bothered to bring any other shoe before, but it got really annoying last time dealing with trench shoe all day lol. What...
  11. KrzyKtty

    Soarin or TT

    We have an 8 am breakfast at Garden Grill at Epcot in mid June. I was thinking due to the proximity, it would make more sense to rope drop Soarin then onto TT. Should I change it up and still rope drop TT instead and come back to Soarin? Single rider is out since my two children are 8 and 4. I...
  12. KrzyKtty

    Club Dolphin

    So I tried to make reservations at the Sandcastle Club for June 15th to no avail, so I made reservations for Things 1 and 2 at Club Dolphin instead. I was wondering if anyone else has used them and their thoughts? My children will be 4 and 8 at the time and we will use them from 5-7.
  13. KrzyKtty

    Busses to MK from POR-Riverside

    We are staying at POR-Riverside in a Pool view Royal Room, so I guess we will be in the Magnolia section. I am considering driving to MK one day, or both, just to let the children and husband experience the monorail/boat at least once. I know that means dealing with the parking lot and stuff...
  14. KrzyKtty

    Festival of Fantasy Parade Confusion

    I know the route for FOF parade, but I am confused if it starts in Main Street or Frontierland? Some blogs say one while some say the other.
  15. KrzyKtty

    Animal Kingdom Breakfast

    So my family is heading to WDW in mid June. We wanted to be at AK for the 7a.m. EMH that morning. What are some of the best grab and go breakfast options in the park? We aren't huge breakfast eaters, so a drink and fun breakfast item work for us.
  16. KrzyKtty

    What to wear - Female question

    Sorry if this question is a bit too taboo period you can delete it if necessary. Ladies, I need help finding bras for my trip to Walt Disney World. I'm just not sure that my normal set that I wear everyday is going to cut it for 12 plus hour days at WDW. Being Italian I have been blessed with...
  17. KrzyKtty

    HS FP Reservations

    My FP reservation window opens up tomorrow, so I am trying to get my planning done today. In your experience, are FP reservations needed for any of the shows at HS? For example the Frozen Sign Along or the Beauty and the Beast show?
  18. KrzyKtty

    Move It! Shake It!

    Is the Move It! Shake It! Street party worth seeing? I have to decide whether we should take some time out of our itinerary to see it or just skip it and see the rides. I would be there with an 8 year old and a 4 year old.
  19. KrzyKtty

    Avatar flight of Passage question

    Does anybody know if Avatar flight of Passage will have Rider switch? My younger daughter will not be tall enough to ride, but my older son is. Since everybody can ride the Na'vi River Journey, we will use our fast pass for that. However my son, my husband, and I will still want to ride the...
  20. KrzyKtty

    Security Times

    So I saw some discussions about security wait times at MK on the Ferry thread. I was curious what the security wait times were like at AK and HS during EMH in the morning? The Quick Service Breakfast doesn't even open at our resort until 7 a.m. Therefore, I doubt we will be able to leave the...
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