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  1. Tori

    Extreme Heat or Extreme Cold?

    Hot weather please. I can't stand being cold.
  2. Tori

    Is It Just Me, or Do Omnimovers Stop a Lot More Than They Used To?

    It's impossible to get stuck upside down on a coaster because of gravity.
  3. Tori

    Ladies: What do you find more manageable for the parks? Short or Long hair?

    I have a pixie cut and I love it at the parks! I use fiber wax and my hair stays put all day.
  4. Tori

    Changes in the Festival of the Lion King

    Sounds like you saw the contingency version. She normally does fly.
  5. Tori

    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed

    Forbidden Journey doesn't go upside down.
  6. Tori

    When will the line for SWGE start to form?

    During SWW they let guests line up the day before. Like 8-9pm.
  7. Tori

    Ever had this happen before? A turnstile saga...

    This. He left the general line and went to AP line. When he should've just went to AP line to begin with..
  8. Tori

    Ever had this happen before? A turnstile saga...

    If it were closed the touch points would've been covered. All you had to do was ask if they were open.
  9. Tori

    Ever had this happen before? A turnstile saga...

    You assumed that the line was closed.
  10. Tori

    Is it just my imagination or has Disney been on point with the air conditioning lately?

    A lot of buildings have been uncomfortably cold lately. I have to bring a light sweater when I go to parks.
  11. Tori

    Why is there no walkway from the Transportation and Ticket Center to Magic Kingdom?

    I agree. I wish there was a walking option from the TTC to MK. I'd visit MK more if it weren't for the monorail situation.
  12. Tori

    When CM's Go a Bit Overboard

    One reason why I don't ride the tram.
  13. Tori

    News Disney removing plastic straws and more by mid-2019

    Plastic straws are only banned from DAK. You can bring them in the other three parks.
  14. Tori

    Availability of Oswald ears

    I believe they have been discontinued.
  15. Tori

    News PhotoPass at some character locations being replaced by automated cameras

    You can still use your own camera. That hasn't changed. Asking a random guest to take photos of you is no guarantee that the photos will come out half way decent. You'd be surprised at how many people don't know how to take a photo.
  16. Tori

    News Disney Parks Celebrate 90 Years of Mickey Mouse with the 'World’s Biggest Mouse Party'

    I reeeally don't think you'll have to camp out over night. Im sure getting there at 7am will suffice. Only AP holders are allowed in from 7:30am-9am.
  17. Tori

    What the heck are some people wearing?

    I'm more offended by the matching t shirts, cargo shorts and socks with sandals. :oops:
  18. Tori

    What the heck are some people wearing?

    I wish people put more effort into their clothing choices.
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