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    that Travolta Gotti move

    Saw it for laughs with friends. Not very good as expected. That bit at the front and end of the movie with him basking in the glow of New York reminded us a lot of the China movie at Epcot, but with Travolta Gotti instead of the poet.
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    Any pics of the city at the end of World of Motion?

    Are there any good pics floating around of the dark and glowing future city diorama from near the end of World of Motion? I'd even settle for some ugly flash pictures showing the nuts and bolts of it, too.
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    Petting Zoos?

    Local here. The wife's had a wild hair to visit a petting zoo. Logically there should be some around here. Glancing at Gatorland's web site indicates they've got one. Any thoughts about theirs or others in the area?
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    Lining up for Impact Wrestling? Brining snacks and umbrellas to CityWalk.

    I'm probably going to try to catch Slammiversary next Sunday. I know it's lining up for a while by the Hard Rock / Blue Man Group ish area of CityWalk. I'm not familiar with current rules at CityWalk. Can I bring an umbrella? What about bringing snacks from home for the wait?
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