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  1. figmentbaby

    Wdw Cp!!

    On behalf of everyone who will be a future CP in january...CONGRADULATIONS!!!! I'LL SEE YOU DOWN THERE! no need for reply unless you want to. I just wanted everyone to see =)
  2. figmentbaby

    has anyone visited wdw 4th of juky weekend???

    hi everyone! i think im goin to wdw during 4th of july weekend. i wanted to kno if it was anything special or if i should wait for another time or maybe someone wants to join me! well anyway thanks 4 the help! :D
  3. figmentbaby

    Getting to know you, getting to know all about u

    Hi guys! I haven't posted in awhile. I thought it would be nice to just describe yourself to see if anyone has common interests and to really know who you're talking to? I guess I'll start... I'm 19 years old from Queens NY, attend Carnegie mellon school of architecture in BLAH pittsburgh...
  4. figmentbaby


    Does anyone know what the 4 huge construction boulders are being used for right next to the Wilderness Lodge ( i think). All I know is that I could see them cleaing land from the monorail and bringing in truck loads of machinery. Thanks guys!
  5. figmentbaby


    Ok guys, I just came back yesterday from my trip to WDW. My friends and I stayed at the Polynesian and the last night we were there, we didn't get back to the hotel until around 2 a.m. from PI. On our way to our room we can view the MK, u know over the water. Anyways, there was a huge cloud...
  6. figmentbaby

    Disneyland park #3???

    Hey everyone, I was just researching an intern for imagineering when I came across this line on the disney website. "Plus, keep your eyes and ears open for the news of our upcoming third Theme Park. Right now, it exists in cyberspace, where you can find it at thirdthemepark.com. " Ok, if...
  7. figmentbaby

    Does anyone remember the 80's tv show Totally Minnie???

    Ok, question guys...does anyone remember that show called Totally Minnie?? I must've been about 2 or 3 years old when it debuted (if that's how you spell it). I used to have it on tape but my parents decided that the MACY's thanksgiving day parade was more important:hammer: Well, anyways...I...
  8. figmentbaby

    Disney park in VA?

    Ok...I just came back from VA visiting a couple of friends and we went boating on the Potomac River. From that river we saw a sign stating the new "Disney" park?? Does anyone have any info? Construction was already going on but I thought it would have been more publicized. Someone fill me in...
  9. figmentbaby

    Question about Figment!!

    Hey everyone...I kno Figgy is comin back yay!! But what about the original imageworks? You know that really cool upstairs part of the imagination pavilion that they closed down? Thanx every1
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