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  1. Father Robinson

    Muppet Mobile Lab

    Just curious, does anyone know if they still do the Muppet Mobile Lab in EPCOT? My son really wants to see it.
  2. Father Robinson

    What's This Wilderness Lodge Music Loop Track?

    Hey friends, I need you ears, literally. We just got back from WDW recently and stayed at the Wilderness Lodge Villas. As I'm sure a few of you know, the WL has added a few tracks to the loop. The old tracks are still there but there's new ones mixed in. This is one of them. I would love to get...
  3. Father Robinson

    News UoE new area music

    Don't know if this is temporary or not, but the area music near the UoE building has changed.
  4. Father Robinson

    David Ogden Stiers (Cogsworth) dies

    The actor who voiced the clock, 'Cogsworth' in Beauty and the Beast has passed away. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/david-ogden-stiers-dead-dies-mash-disney-voiceover-beauty-and-the-beast-cogsworth_uk_5a9bc5a9e4b089ec353b1315
  5. Father Robinson

    Magic Kingdom August 21, 2018

    That day is a Tuesday. The park is opening for special ticketed event at 7:45am. The park is closing at 6pm that night, anyone know why? Doubtful it's for MNSSHP.
  6. Father Robinson

    HEA soundtrack

    Does anyone have or know where I can get a clean version of the soundtrack? There are a few edited versions on YT where they managed to filter out the firework noises but even still those versions aren't CD quality. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Father Robinson

    Midnight Illuminations

    There will be an encore preaentation of ROE tonight at midnight. Amyine kniw why?
  8. Father Robinson

    Muppet fountain gone

    The fountain in front of the Muppet theater has been temporarily filled in and is now being used as a planter. Not sure how long it will remain like that because the controls for the fountain were located in the construction zone and had to be moved. They told me the fountain will be returning.
  9. Father Robinson

    Illuminations torch no pyro

    For a couple of days now the torch has not been shooting the 2 bursts of pyro right before the thousand points of light finale. Tonight the globe didn't even open. I guess technical probs, but I find it cool that to compensate for the 2 bursts that would normally come from the torch, they shoot...
  10. Father Robinson

    Trader Sams wait times

    My wife and I are thinking of trying Trader Sams but are wondering about the wait time. We know that when it opened the wait was 2 hours just to get it, can anyone clarify if it is still that long of a wait?
  11. Father Robinson

    Max (Flight o t Navigator) + Star Wars vehicles

    Any idea where Max from Flight of the Navigator, the Skiff from Jedi and the Snow Speeder from Empire went when the backlot was leveled? Also, is it reasonable to assume that the latter two will reappear in SWL when it's complete? Max is iconic to true Disney fans and totally deserves a refurb...
  12. Father Robinson

    IllumiNations video from above the American Adventure

    Here is a very cool vantage point for ROE! It appears to be taken from the laser room in the AA. This is a must see for ROE fans as it's a view the guests can never see or experience, but also it managed to capture a flawless performance of the show as well!
  13. Father Robinson

    Monorail voice narration on busses

    The same voice that does the monorail narration is now on the busses. The previous voice is no longer being used. Also there is no music (Mickey Mouse March for MK, Imagination for EP) on the bus when arriving at the park. The current voice is very monotone and hard to hear especially when it's...
  14. Father Robinson

    Crane at Cinderella Castle

    Read today in the General Discussion forum that there's a crane at the castle as of this morning (Aug 15). Any idea why and how long it will be there? I know repairs are needed from time to time, but I'll be there this Saturday and with BTMR, SFT, and IaSW down and HM behind a scrim, the last...
  15. Father Robinson

    Illuminations lasers on video

    Anyone know what shutter setting will stop the lasers from appearing like they're moving (strobe effect)? Not interested in making the show look artsy if that would be the effect if say the shutter has to be slowed way down..just was wondering if it was possible to make them appear stagnant in...
  16. Father Robinson

    Halloween decorations

    When do they go up?
  17. Father Robinson


    What is the rule now concerning bringing tripods into the parks? I read somewhere that now they have to be inside a bag? Is this true? I've never in all my years of going to the parks had a problem getting in with my tripod, and have never had it in a bag.
  18. Father Robinson

    IllumiNations New Pyro Changes

    I'd say probably half of the pyro in the show has either been changed or modified. Forgive me, but I have no idea what any of the proper names of the actual pyro/fireworks are, I can just describe them. Most notably in "Chaos", the red flares, the ones that used to shoot in all different...
  19. Father Robinson

    Wishes - Alternate Jiminy Cricket Dialogue

    This is a question I've had literally for years, but never bothered asking until now. I've heard two different versions of the JC dialogue in the show. The one I've always experienced in the park is the album version, but I've also heard another version where Jiminy's lines while very similar...
  20. Father Robinson

    Summer 2016 discounts?

    When does WDW start offering discounted rates for travel in July or August?
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