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  1. armyfamilyof5

    Going to Epcot on Friday for Food and Wine, any new stuff not to be missed?

    We are so excited to go to Epcot on Friday for Food and Wine!!!!! My favorite part of the year. We already have a list and were sad to see the chicken sausage and grits (oops sorry POLENTA) are missing from Canada this year and the salad will be gone from Greece... any new offerings we...
  2. armyfamilyof5

    Our 9/20/13 MNSSH party experience

    We entered he park around 5 pm and headed straight to Tony's for our dinner reservations. The kids pizza, the cannelloni and chick parm were wonderful the cioppino was not edible, totally horrible, we had the calamari for the app and no dessert. Headed to POC, then Haunted Mansion then teacups...
  3. armyfamilyof5

    We are going to MNSSNP tomorrow night, any touring plans?

    We have ressies at 8 at tony's and nothing else planned!
  4. armyfamilyof5

    We live in Clermont, 20 or so minutes from Disney and just had the best BBQ item ever!

    We are kind of new to the area, about 2 years or so and we went to a local BBQ place and had their egg rolls tonight that were the best ever. Pulled pork and coleslaw egg rolls from Uncle Kennys. I think they have won a bunch of awards, every one else had other stuff which they rated 10/10 but...
  5. armyfamilyof5

    Will the fact Florida has a "stand your ground" law prevent you from vacationing in Florida?

    I do not wish to start a political discussion please. Does the fact Florida has a stand your ground law cause you to worry about vacationing here? This was just asked on our local new station and I wonder if it would change plans for any wdwmagic members. Personally since I live in Florida I...
  6. armyfamilyof5

    We are going to dinner at HOB tonight & checking out DTD. If you were going, what would you order?

    I always always always order the shrimp and grits.... I hear the ribs are good. Maybe I should step outside my safe zone and check something else out? Any suggestions?
  7. armyfamilyof5

    Anyone that has read the GoT series willing to give us some spoilers?

    Okay, I watched the finale last night and have so MANY questions that's can't wait. If you are willing to provide some insight other might consider spoilers here are my lingering questions: 1. Who is Jon Snow's real parents? I don't think he was Ned Starks boy because I don't think Ned would...
  8. armyfamilyof5

    Went to Busch Garden's today and it really made us appreciate DISNEY!

    It was the kids field trip today and we went to Busch Gardens, the twins were like, wow this place can't compare to Disney. Now I am jonesing for some Disney and it will be the weekend before we can go and probably for just a few hours as well... Disney just has SO MUCH more to offer. If I...
  9. armyfamilyof5

    Finally had the Darth Vader cupcake...

    Today we finally had the Darth Vader cupcake and it was possibly the best cupcake we've ever had! Sorry we didn't get a picture, it was gone to quickly to snap one (we were worried, you know the Florida heat and all :rolleyes:). We think it is different than the other peanut butter cupcake...
  10. armyfamilyof5

    Epcot Flower and Garden Festival Shrimp and Grits, our faves!

    We went today and the Shrimp and Grits were our favorite. Sure wish I had the recipe to make this at home! The watermelon salad was outstanding as well, we had many other things but for us these were the stand out dishes. We didn't particular like the brisket (mostly fat), collard greens...
  11. armyfamilyof5

    House of Blues, what's your favorite dish?

    We are celebrating my birthday Saturday night at House of Blues. We've never been there but have always wanted to check it out. Any suggestions of things to try or things to avoid?
  12. armyfamilyof5

    Has guest customer service ever responded to an email for you?

    We had a horrible service at the Coral Reef this past week. My husband refused to "cause a scene" but basically the waiter refused to give the children water even after we asked twice, we never got drink refills the entire time, then we got an appetizer and the sauce for DH's fish after the...
  13. armyfamilyof5

    Can you really bring your dog to a park?

    We were at Epcot today and leaving Les Chef's Des France after a great lunch, this was about 1 pm. A woman had just checked in at the podium, as we walked by her we saw her leaning down and opening a small suitcase type bag which her small (less than 10 pounds) dog jumped into (happily) and she...
  14. armyfamilyof5

    Fastest way from DHS to Epcot?

    We are going to do some park hopping this trip, what is the fastest way between Epcot and DHS without a car?
  15. armyfamilyof5

    Do any WDW restaurants offer an active duty military discount?

    We ate at Ragland Road and received a percentage off discount when we presented our active duty military ID last March. We will be visiting the world again next month and would like to know if there are any other WDW restaurants that offer active duty a percentage off? We will be returning to...
  16. armyfamilyof5

    Tutto Italia comments & reviews requested!

    We will be at Disney World for two birthdays in March. We signed up for the birthday club and will receive $50 off gifts from Tutto Italia to celebrate our birthday there. The reviews we've found are not recent and some say small portions, some say large portions but they all say it is...
  17. armyfamilyof5

    Hollywood Brown Derby Fantasmic questions

    I made reservations for this for my birthday only to discover they no longer have a fixed price menu:mad:. Mama Melrose still does but there are no longer any Fantasmic reservations available:cry:. Since HBD no longer has the special menu has anyone else gone for dessert (or apps) just for the...
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