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  1. winstongator

    To read reviews, or go in fresh?

    I am debating whether or not to read the reviews and listen to the podcasts on galaxy’s edge. This is the one land I’m really looking forward to. We live in FL, so DHS is where we’ll mostly see it, but we will be in SoCal in July and I may sneak a peak then. Do I want to be completely surprised...
  2. winstongator

    Disney Q2 FY2019 Earnings

    Earnings release Webcast I haven’t listened to webcast or read the transcript (yet). From release: WDW seemed packed in March, and the new normal crowded in January & February. Studio results will be much better next quarter. Disney+ getting mentioned as a cost in developing. Will be...
  3. winstongator

    Rides with longest wait times

    I was thinking about how the parks will look in 3 years, and what attractions will have the longest waits. I figured I should look at attractions today and see which have the longest waits. Using touring plans data (thanks @lentesta ) for average wait on a level-5 medium crowd day I got the...
  4. winstongator

    Do you use crowd calendars to choose when to go to WDW?

    I have been spending way too much time looking at crowd calendars. Then it hit me: I don't even use the calendars to determine when to go! I am a pass holder and lucky enough to get to the parks what I consider a lot. Looking forward, our next trips are for a business trip my wife has there...
  5. winstongator

    Visualizing wait times

    Rock-n-RollerCoaster average posted wait times by day. Each graph is a year, x-axis is the day of the year. Things you can see: Wait times for much of 2018 were high, especially early in the year Early in the year has gotten longer lines than the summer You can see that August has been slow...
  6. winstongator

    How crowded is ESPN Club Sundays during NFL season?

    I am thinking of going with family this coming Sunday for early dinner. How crazy will it be? I was thinking of getting there around 3:30, knowing the 1PM games wouldn't be done. Hopefully we'd catch one of the 1PM viewers tables as they left, around 4PM. There are only three 4PM games, and...
  7. winstongator

    Annual pass pickup, do I need credit card used?

    I bought my annual pass around a month ago, for use starting in late October. Since then, I lost my wallet which had the card I used for purchase in it. Am I going to have a problem activating it? I'll have ID and the confirmation email, as well as the replacement card and the ability to show...
  8. winstongator

    What will they replace Lilo's Playhouse with?

    I haven't been to the Poly since Lilo's Playhouse closed. What did they replace it with? How about the other kids' clubs they closed? We are going to try the new Pixar Play Zone in November.
  9. winstongator

    Pre-Trip Wife and daughters' girls weekend, my WDW solo trip

    My daughters have a long weekend at the end of October. My wife mentioned meeting up with one of her friends, her friend's mom and niece. It was going to be 9 women and me. That sounded more like a girls weekend to me, and felt like the perfect time for a solo trip to the world. I really...
  10. winstongator

    DHS Capacities

    Did DHS hit max capacity at all around when Toy Story Land opened? I know the land itself hit its capacity and there were lines to get in. What was the capacity of TSL? Do we know what the capacity of Galaxy's Edge will be? Would it hitting capacity plus people waiting to get in cause DHS to...
  11. winstongator

    Star Wars fan won over by Marvel

    I grew up loving SW. Saw RoTJ 6 times in the theaters. Saw TLJ 3x. Loved Rogue One. Enjoyed Solo. I didn't love the first Iron Man, and having young kids, don't make it to many PG-13 movies (besides SW) in theaters. I was a MCU skeptic since then. Until recently. I first got hooked on...
  12. winstongator

    Are you planning on staying at the Star Wars resort?

    I am a Star Wars fan, and also a fan of Westworld. As I was watching that and thinking about Galaxy's Edge (not sure about timeline integrity), Westworld type immersion for GE & the themed hotel entered my imagination. I also coupled this with info a CM could get from your magic band. My idea...
  13. winstongator

    Epcot Technology Ride

    You're a photon emitted from the sun. You're hurtling towards Earth at the speed of light. You hit an unsuspecting human, bounce off and head towards their spouse, who at that time is taking a picture. The photon generates current in the digital camera sensor. Now we're an electron in the...
  14. winstongator

    Disney sees studio revenue soar 21% after 'Black Panther' crushed expectations

    https://www.cnbc.com/2018/05/08/disney-earnings-q2-2018.html DIS official earnings report: https://www.thewaltdisneycompany.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/q2-fy18-earnings.pdf I was curious to see how the Parks & Resort segment did considering how much busier it seemed in January & Early Feb...
  15. winstongator

    How are port changes handled?

    We are leaving Monday for a 4-night Bahamas cruise. I went looking for recent Navigators for what the schedule might be and saw that a recent cruise in March had its Nassau day swapped with the Castaway Cay day. Do they just switch the days for the shore excursions? Do they change other...
  16. winstongator

    Trip Report The beginning of something special

    I've been reviewing my last 5 years of going to WDW. This is from our first trip as a family. A short Labor Day trip 2013. We flew down from NC to MCO. We were worried because our younger daughter's carseat got lost in luggage. No worries. Rental car spot, or general baggage claim had a...
  17. winstongator

    How much do I need to plan?

    We are doing our first cruise in a month. It's my wife and two young daughters, ages 7 & 10. I'm wondering how much planning people do relative to a comparable length WDW trip. Do you block out when kids will go to the kids clubs, what activities you'll do when? How much can you do in...
  18. winstongator

    Trip Report Last trip after 3 years as a passholder

    We've been APs for the past 3 years, and I've been lucky to get my money's worth out of those passes. 24 trips, over 60 days at the parks. Lots of fun and great memories. This is our last trip planned for our passes, and we're not going to renew. We're doing DCL for my daughters' spring...
  19. winstongator

    Last visit after 3 years as a passholder

    3.5 years ago, we told our kids we were moving to Florida upon entering our room at Port Orleans Riverside. After settling in, we got our annual passes. Used it some the first year, a ton in the second, and our third year is coming to a close. We've got one last visit. We're staying at the...
  20. winstongator

    1 Parent, 2 kids, one won't ride coasters, other loves them

    How do you handle that? Every once in a while I am at the parks with my daughters while my wife is either traveling somewhere else or at home. I've had some rough times when I've told one that we've got a fast pass for Soarin', but then the other freaks out not wanting to ride it. She freaks...
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