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    What you are willing to pay for?

    I started working on this poll last night. The new Maximum ticket price poll didn't influence me creating this poll. Since Disney has raised prices and added now costs, I decided to create a poll. Some of these options are not far-fetched such as Star Wars: Galaxies Edge paid soft opening...
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    Gamer Informer's top 300 games of all time

    This is not the list the readers of Game Informer made. Here are games 300 to 276: 300. Yakuza O - PS4 299. Wii Sports - Wii 298. Ace Combat 5 - PS 2 297. Alien Isolation - PS4, Xbox One 296. Amplitude - PS 2 295. Infamous - PS3 294. The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay - Xbox...
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    Guests tried to climb Tree Of Life

    http://blogmickey.com/2017/12/guests-reportedly-attempt-climb-tree-life-disneys-animal-kingdom/ That article actually has pictures of 1 out the 4 climbers trying to climb Tree of Life on December 2nd.
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    What your thoughts on the video game systems you tried, own, or use to own?

    I am starting out with the Colecovision Flashback and is the only Flashback out of the series that I played. Colecovision Flashback The Colecovision Flashback is basically a plug and play system that has played emulated Colecovision games. It came out in 2014. Its one of many Flashback systems...
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    What pets outside of dogs should WDW allow in Hotel rooms?

    I am doing this poll since WDW are allowing dogs at 4 WDW hotels starting October 15th. You can select all the answers in the poll if you want. Me personally, I would say none. My reasons are most of the pets can't be into inside a WDW theme park, and I had people feed my fish while I was...
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    Disney filed new patent- Track-based Swing Ride with Long Arm Pendulum

    https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2017/10/06/disney-patent-hints-at-spider-man-style-ride-with.html I know has a topic in Disneyland forum on this site, but then Patent mentioned Tarzan besides Spiderman and it tells me Disney wants this technology more than Marvel attractions. The...
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    What your rather see at WDW?

    I am asking this do to the night time events and what I saw on Kilimanjaro Safari. The last time I went on Kilimanjaro Safari I saw the Ostrich doing its mating dance. All I am willing to say is the Ostrich did that dance towards animals that aren't Ostriches including a zebra.
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    Name this song

    Here are the rules: You give some lyrics to the song as way for other people to guess. You can give up to 5 hints including the song artist and the year The person who guesses right decides what song should should be guessed next. That person gives out some of the lyrics and some hints related...
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    What WDW theme parks should have a paid park wide food tour?

    I am asking this because I read on another site that starting on October 1st the Magic Kingdom will launching a new tour called Taste of the Magic Kingdom. Taste of the Magic Kingdom is going to be a paid culinary tour that will have popular snacks and dishes of the park.
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    What WDW theme park should have a 24 hour event in 2024?

    Magic Kingdom had a 24 hour event in the past with the park being opened 24 straight hours. I picked the year due to the following facts: all 2017 D23 announcements are going to be done by then. If there are any new WDW theme park announcements in 2019, they should done by 2024 also. At least...
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    What are your favorite 1980s songs?

    I'm starting with Money for Nothing by Dire Straits. Its due to the guitar work only. If you appreciate great guitar playing that is one of the finest songs for that. I first heard this song back in the 1980s as a kid back when MTV actually played music videos. The song is rightfully known...
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    Should WDW theme parks sell alcohol flavored fudge?

    I am asking that because a couple of the fudge places I went to during the weekend weekend and the flavors did include cherry wine fudge and dark chocolate cherry rum fudge. I actually don't know how the Alcohol flavored fudge, but seeing them made me think of the possibilities Disney can make...
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    What attractions you think will be gone by WDW's 75th anniversary?

    This isn't an imagineering thread, but a predicting thread. Attractions do come and go. Case in point back in 1991 some attractions like Horizons, Body Wars, and Snow White's Scary Adventures, and Backlot Tour exist, but no longer does as examples. I mentioned 1991 because it was my first trip...
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    Should monkey wearing a diaper in a baby stroller be allowed in WDW?

    I am asking that because I read that a monkey wearing a diaper went for a meet and greet with Pluto at Epcot after leaving the baby stroller. The Service Monkey did have a leash on.
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    Did you eat a dry turkey before?

    I am asking this due to Thanksgiving being two weeks away. I ate dry turkey multiple times in the past. I had no part in cooking those dry turkey's. The good news I didn't eat a dry turkey since 1999.
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    Man Arrested after trying to bring gun into Epcot

    http://touch.orlandosentinel.com/#section/-1/article/p2p-91766530/ What happened was a 61 year old man was trying to bring in a load gun. He was selected to go through the metal detector and he disclosed that he had a gun on him.
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    What WDW theme park would win in a battle

    This was topic was influenced by the Magic Kingdom battle topic with me putting on my own rules. Magic, The Force (used in the Star Wars Universe including DHS resident Darth Vader). Weapons, Animals. fiction creatures, bad odors, acid, spays are allowed in battle. This would be allowed in...
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    What is your favorite Non Disney fast food place?

    Mine is Kopp's Frozen Custard. I don't go a lot there though. They have been around since 1950 and is known as a Wisconsin icon despite not being the oldest Custard place that serves fast food place in Wisconsin. They are known for more than Frozen Custard. They are known their Jumbo burgers...
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    Disney Announced Coca Cola Polar Bear Meet and Greet at Coca Cola store

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    What tropical storm/hurricane you want to be named after a Disney Character?

    I am asking because there is a hurricane moving that is called Gaston. I guess Disney has to add the lyrics to the Gaston Song since there is Tropical Storm/Hurricane named after him now. Here is the new line for the Gaston Song: "There is no Hurricane like Gaston".
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