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  1. DisneyJedi

    American Disney Idol

    Any participants if I post something I sang? Bunch of chickens when I tried to do this last year. :)
  2. DisneyJedi

    Monsters Inc. on ABC 10/30 in HDTV!!!

    Monsters Inc. will be shown on the ABC television network on October 30th. If you have an HDTV with HDTV tuner you can see it in better quality than the DVD. I plan to record this on my PC with my HDTV/DTV tuner/capture card. It's going to be great...
  3. DisneyJedi

    HELP - Can someone record DLP Globe Trekker Episode?

    My home theater PC screwed up and did not record the Globe Trekker episode that aired at 4am this morning on the PBS station in my area. The episode has some Disneyland Paris in it. I am hoping someone can capture it. Here's a description of the program: Globe Trekker - Paris City Guide...
  4. DisneyJedi

    TV Event: The George Lopez Show goes to Disneyland

    It's coming up: http://www.tvtome.com/tvtome/servlet/GuidePageServlet/showid-4698/epid-323751/ And as usual... set to record (in HDTV) on my home theater PC on April 30th. If nothing screws-up, I'll be adding this one to #disney-central newnet irc . Here's a summary of all the...
  5. DisneyJedi

    Don't Miss the WDW Offer on your TiVo

    Just a heads up that TiVo (at least the series 1 standalone version) has a special star ad for a chance to win a WDW vacation and also order a DVD planning kit. Whether the planning DVD (kit) will be the same as on the website, who knows, but I know some of you collect them nonetheless. :)...
  6. DisneyJedi

    Happy Easter!

    While everyone else was making pretty designs on their eggs, I was painting this: Happy Easter everyone!
  7. DisneyJedi

    What's Your Favorite Disney-related Sitcom Episode?

    Vote on your favorite sitcom episode where the cast went to a Disney park (or ship). Try to say why you liked the episode more than the others. Here's the choices:
  8. DisneyJedi

    According to Jim

    I have never watched this show, but was tipped off that this week's episode was the 2nd part of a 2-parter for the show on the Disney Cruise line. The episode had its moments. I can't believe this show has been on for 3 seasons and I had never heard of it before. I guess I should watch ABC more...
  9. DisneyJedi

    Ride Videos II

    Well.. I am sorry to be the one posting this report, but the Disney media server at #disney-central on IRC has suffered the loss of it's storage drive that contained everyone's very appreciated Disney media. Popkid has run scandisk in DOS and Windows to repair the drive, but luck is not on its...
  10. DisneyJedi

    A Wedding Story - Disney TV Special

    Look what 'ol TiVo found: A Wedding Story Episode Title Jen & Tom Episode Description Disney World's Cinderella and Prince Charming wed. Episode Number Duration 0:30 Original Air Date 10/24/2003 Genres Reality, Romance Rating TV-G Bits CC Type Series Channel 178 TLC...
  11. DisneyJedi

    The Lion King DVD Changes

    I thought this was interesting. Why did Disney change this scene? I liked the original look of this animation. http://www.animationnation.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=006655;p=
  12. DisneyJedi

    Help me make the most of 1 day at Disneyland

    My wife and I managed to sneak in a day we can visit Disneyland on our first trip out west in late October. Our Disneyland day will be October 21st. What is a recommended schedule of events at Disneyland? I'm a seasoned WDW visitor (4 times) and definitely want to catch the attractions that the...
  13. DisneyJedi

    Mission Space Postcard

    My wife got this in the mail last week. Thought I would share it with everyone: front back
  14. DisneyJedi

    Taping Disney Vacations Illegal Now?

    With the advent of a new bill being considered... it will be a felony to record 'bootleg' theater videos from copyrighted works like motion pictures. Heavy fines and up to 5 years in prison would be implemented. Since the rides at the Disney parks are also copyrighted, do you think the same will...
  15. DisneyJedi

    American Idol / American Juniors Thread

    Anyone seen American Juniors last week? Three of the 10 kids sang songs featured in Disney movies and they did quite well with them. In fact the kids sounded and performed better than alot of the contestants in American Idol. Juniors was quite entertaining last week. I hope for more of the same...
  16. DisneyJedi

    Ideas Disney Would Never Fathom

    Popkid and I got to talking (yes that is dangerous) and we collectively concocted attractions Disney would never consider in a million years. For purposes of entertainment and a good laugh please share your ideas of what Disney would dare not step into. Popkid and I envisioned the...
  17. DisneyJedi

    If you like Clay Aiken American Idol Checkout This from 5 Years ago

    I found this in a thread at TiVocommunity this morning. Clay Aiken singing Unchained Melody suppossedly 5 years ago. Sounds like he's singing to a MIDI, but nonetheless... wow! http://hands-clean.net/megluke/ClayUnchainedMelody.mp3 What do you think? You know this is Simon Cowell's...
  18. DisneyJedi

    Stitch - The TV Series! cartoon in the works

    According to http://www.tvtome.com/tvtome/servlet/ShowMainServlet/showid-14425/ 39 episodes in production for next fall! Cool!
  19. DisneyJedi

    Kelly Clarkson - Thankful

    Wow.. just listened to a few tracks of this album tonight.. impressive! Track 08 with Tamayra Gray is great! Here's the track list: 01. The Trouble With Love Is 02. Miss Independent 03. Low...
  20. DisneyJedi

    TV Sitcoms w/ WDW?

    I'm trying to collect episodes of situation comedies where the stars of the show visit Walt Disney World in an episode or two. I have recorded and encoded Roseanne: We're Going to Disney World part I. I'm hoping to get part 2 soon. I have uploaded part I to Popkid in the (((TV SHOWS))) folder if...
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