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  1. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Star Wars Fireworks

    Does anyone know if they are discontinuing the Star Wars fireworks at HS? They aren't on the schedule past June 30.
  2. MotherofaPrincessLover

    APs and Memory Maker

    I have an unactivated AP (my first time). When I activate it, do I automatically have access to Memory Maker? I'm just a little confused on how that all works.
  3. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Activating AP

    I need to activate my AP during my next trip. This is my first time doing this. My first park is MK; do I just go to the ticket window at the park to activate it?
  4. MotherofaPrincessLover

    After-Fireworks Dessert Party

    Has anyone done the After-Fireworks Dessert Party? What time did you check-in? Do they take you from check-in to the viewing area or can you check in and then go to the viewing area when you want?
  5. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Room Request at Poly

    I have an upcoming trip at Poly in a standard deluxe studio. What building should I request? I like to fill my mug up in the morning before we go to the parks so I'd like to be close to a beverage station.
  6. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Ideas for Trip with Mom

    I'm planning a trip for my mom, me, DD (will be 9 at the time), and DS (will be 3 at the time for next August. I'm trying to find some special experiences to add in to the trip. We just lost my grandma (mom's mom) a couple weeks ago and it is very hard on my mom. On top of that, she has...
  7. MotherofaPrincessLover

    After Fireworks Dessert Party

    Has anyone done the After Fireworks Dessert Party? What time should I head to the viewing area? Is 15 minutes before the fireworks early enough?
  8. MotherofaPrincessLover

    December 2020 Cruises

    Does anyone have any idea when itineraries for December 2020 will be released?
  9. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Savor the Savanna

    Has anyone ever done the Savor the Savanna tour? What is the food like? My husband and I are not adventurous eaters so I'm wondering if this tour would be worthwhile.
  10. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Toy Story Land Extra Magic Mornings

    Does anyone know how long they're doing the TSL EMM for? A date during my trip is highlighted on the calendar but when I try to search it says unable to search for tables during that time.
  11. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Cake Delivered to the Poly

    I was hoping to get a cake delivered to my room at the Poly for my upcoming trip. Does anyone has the information on who to contact? Can custom cakes be ordered or are they all standard one?
  12. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Savannah Views

    Does Jambo or Kidani have better views from the savannah views? I'm having such a hard time deciding between the two.
  13. MotherofaPrincessLover

    HEA Dessert Party - After Fireworks

    Has anyone done the after fireworks dessert party yet? What time did you show up to get your wristband? Did it feel more relaxed since you didn't need to leave at a certain time to get to the fireworks?
  14. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Castaway Club Level

    Are you a gold member on your 5th cruise or will it be the 6th cruise before you're considered gold?
  15. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Dining With an Imagineer

    Does anyone know the approximate cost of dining with an Imagineer at HBD? Also, how long does this experience typically take?
  16. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Annual Pass

    I'm planning on getting an annual pass for 2019 and I'm wondering how a few things work. If I buy my pass before my trip but it's not activated, can I still make FP selections? Can I make them for every day of my trip? If I buy tickets to Disney After Hours (if it's still going on), will I be...
  17. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Split Stay

    Looks like my next trip is going to be a split stay. Can I book all of my dining reservations at once at the 180 day mark or am I going to have to do it at the 180 day mark for both reservations?
  18. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Sweep Times

    Does anyone know how long you have to run the half-marathon before the sweepers come by? I want to run it in 2019 but can't fully train for it so I'll somewhat wing it. I'd really like to have time to see some characters so I'm just trying to figure out how much time I'll have.
  19. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Beach Towels?

    Do I need to bring with beach towels on the cruise? I know Disney puts out towels at some ports that can be used but I can't remember if they do that at every port. I'd really rather not pack them.
  20. MotherofaPrincessLover

    Snack Credits in Exchange for QS Credit

    Can you still exchange a QS credit for snack credits? If so, how many snack credits do you get?
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