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  1. kap91

    Disneyland's Theme

    Had a thought this morning... http://www.themeparkconcepts.com/2019/01/14/theme-park-musing-8-disneylands-theme/ People tend to analyze Disneyland as a thematic treatment of America and American mythology - which is definitely an accurate reading - and the optimistic point of view is often...
  2. kap91

    There's a Great Big Beautiful Assortment (of Reasons People Visit Everyday)

    I wrote this a few weeks ago but forgot to post it here. Always fun to hear what people think. https://www.themeparkconcepts.com/2018/09/02/oh-theres-great-big-beautiful-variety-reasons-people-visit/ Recently, I was watching an episode of Super Carlin Brothers, a Youtube channel devoted to...
  3. kap91

    But it's all Fake!

    Wrote a thing for my blog after coming across this criticism one too many times. Always love feedback and discussion. https://www.themeparkconcepts.com/2018/03/18/but-its-all-fake/
  4. kap91

    Mermaid Analysis

    Hi everyone. I wrote an analysis of all the issues with Mermaid and proposed some ways to fix them. If anyone likes reading long essays you’ll enjoy this. Would love to know what you think. http://www.themeparkconcepts.com/2018/02/27/why-is-mermaid-so-bad/ In the last major essay on this blog...
  5. kap91

    Why is Pirates so good?

    Wrote an essay on the topic. Would love you guys to read it and see what you think. https://www.themeparkconcepts.com/2017/10/17/why-is-pirates-so-good/ ---- Theme park fans are an interesting bunch of people. We consist of everything from blue collar vacationers, hipster theatre auteurs...
  6. kap91

    What's up with Indy?

    I thought Indy had just been under a refurbishment not too long ago, and Disneyland is usually so good with maintenance (at least compared to Orlando where I spent most of my Disney days in my life), but the last few visits to Disneyland in the last month or two Indy has just been in a sorry...
  7. kap91

    On theme and the future.

    I like writing essays about the parks and this has been on my mind. Before today’s Presentation gets underway I just want to throw out some thoughts about Epcot. Future World was never about the future or technology or science fiction but about Humanity, our interactions with each other and...
  8. kap91


    So my side project for a year has been working on my ideal adventureland. My website has some previous art and a treatment. But I decided to remake one of those pieces digitally using more of a painting technique instead of line work and washes. So here it is. I might come back to it again but...
  9. kap91

    Industry groups/mixers/social gatherings

    Hey all - figured this was as good a place to ask as any. Any of you know if there are any industry groups that meet up regularly to network and chat and/or just geek about theme park design (since it's not a topic most civilians seem to care about lol)? Specifically in LA, since that's where...
  10. kap91

    Jolly Holiday Ride

    Helllo everyone, I've posted before about this concept I've been working on in the past year but since I intend to keep on working it I figured it'd be nice to have one place to keep posting. I have a full page on my website www.themeparkconcepts.com for exhaustive detail. So first the images...
  11. kap91

    Disney transport doodle

    Not sure if it warrants a thread but I was talking to one of my friends that works in monorails and it inspired me to doodle up what I'd love to see for WDW's transport system. I might try making it into a more stylized transit style map but for now here it is even though I'm pretty sure it's...
  12. kap91

    Mission Space Psuedo 3D

    Hello - I swore there was a thread on this but I can't find it. Does anyone know how the viewing Windows work on mission space? I know it utilizes a projected image that's distorted and magnified but am pretty unclear on how it works specifically. I've always thought that type of display (I...
  13. kap91

    RIP Ralph Clemente

    One of the men responsible for helping get the educational film programs off the ground both at Universal Orlando and MGM passed away today. He was a Florida film legend and a mentor and friend to so many in the Florida film community. The film program he started at Valencia College has...
  14. kap91

    New images of pirates

    Look! Real sets! Concept art looks friggin amazing https://d23.com/shanghai-disney-resort-unveils-new-images/
  15. kap91

    What's with all the flags on the roofs?

    I've been meaning to ask this forever: all over WDW though mostly the magic kingdom there are ropes and flags running over all the rooflines. I'm assuming this is some new annoying safety thing. It looks like they're slowly in the process of adding metal railings to at least some of these...
  16. kap91

    Tram Refinishing

    Didnt see this posted. Not a very huge update but nice detail. Looks like some (or possibly all?) of the interiors of the trams at AK have been refinished in a slightly darker color which looks nice and better yet no scratches or peeling seats etc.
  17. kap91

    Universal maintenance issues

    So, all I've heard about on this board is how great Universal maintenance and show quality is these days. Well, I just visited today for the first time in almost a year (great to be back in Orlando for more than a weekend!). I only did 3 things (Mummy, Transformers, and FJ) but just with these...
  18. kap91

    After 40 years the building is themed!

    Probably been discussed in one of the mine train threads, but just in case: The top of the philharmagic show building is finally completely themed! I know they added papparettes a year or two ago but now it's all covered in a brickwork paint job that matches the rest of the castle facades. Maybe...
  19. kap91

    New Rockwork at Enchanted tales

    Looks like the slight sight line issues by Viilage Haus are being covered up by the addition of new rock work or some sort of steel framework structure.
  20. kap91

    Town square theatre fire

    Word from relative is that there is/was a fire at the town square theatre this morning and that people were evacuated. No word on how severe, cause, or injuries - sounds like everyone is ok. Said smoke could be seen from fantasyland? Anyone have any more details? Hope it wasn't too bad. Just...
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