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  1. JohnD

    Friend banned from most of Volcano Bay rides due to congenital amputation

    You read the the thread title. Here's his post from FB (with personal info removed): For Fathers Day I took my entire family, plus extended nieces and nephews to Universal Orlando’s new water park Volcano Bay and was BANNED from most of the rides because I HAVE A NUB!!! Below find a copy of...
  2. JohnD

    Large Wildfire north of Jacksonville

    There is a large wildfire north of Jacksonville. If you're traveling to WDW on I-95, find another route. https://www.jacksonville.com/news/20190524/if-you-are-north-of-jacksonville-whatever-you-do-avoid-i-95
  3. JohnD

    May 24: If you are north of Jacksonville, whatever you do, avoid I-95: Large Wildfire to Jacksonville's north

    There is a large wildfire north of Jacksonville and I-295. Traffic is a mess. If you're traveling to WDW from the north along the Eastern seaboard, find an alternate route. https://www.jacksonville.com/news/20190524/if-you-are-north-of-jacksonville-whatever-you-do-avoid-i-95
  4. JohnD

    Should I do HS and/or MK DAH?

    I'm planning on going to WDW in 17 days from April 29 - May 5. There are three DAH events during my trip. HS has DAH on Wed. May 1 and Sat. May 4. MK DAH is Thursday, May 2. My plans are to be in HS one day and in MK on multiple days so not sure if I should do any or none of these. Here's...
  5. JohnD

    New Brunch at Wine Bar George - Includes Dole Whip Mimosas!

    From their website (not yet on WDW website): https://winebargeorge.com/events
  6. JohnD

    New Skillets at Whispering Canyon

    Per Disney Parks Blog https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2019/03/skillets-and-shenanigans-a-new-menu-gallops-into-whispering-canyon-cafe/?CMP=SOC-DPFY19Q2wo0307190313190023C
  7. JohnD

    How do I turn off alerts?

    I have a Windows 10 computer. I was prompted at the bottom of the screen, would I like to turn on alerts (Windows 10 alerts with a sound effect and a popup at the bottom right of the screen)? I said yes to stop the prompt. Wish I hadn't said yes. Don't get me wrong, I like visiting WDWMagic...
  8. JohnD

    Convert a WDW Restaurant into a Characeter Meal

    As many of you know Artist Point was converted into a character meal with Snow White, two dwarfs and a photo op with the Evil Queen. Pick another restaurant and convert it into a character meal. I’ll start. Boatwright’s at POR becomes Tiana’s. You’re visited by Tiana and that alligator.
  9. JohnD

    Mobile Order Experience Introduces New and Enhanced Look for Guests at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort

    From Disney Parks Blog Mobile Order Experience Introduces New and Enhanced Look for Guests at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort
  10. JohnD

    Kona Cafe Switches up Dinner Menu

    From Disney Food Blog: http://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2019/01/30/review-new-menu-items-at-kona-cafe-in-disney-worlds-polynesian-village-resort/ I was looking at the menu online the other day and noticed the changes. Wow, a $95 porterhouse! Breakfast menu looks the same.
  11. JohnD

    News Disney Movie Magic Ending (Getting ready for Wonderful World of Animation?)

    By clicking on the calendar at the WDW website, I noticed that Disney Movie Magic ends February 23. Considering that Wonderful World of Animation is supposed to begin in May (according to this blog post), it would appear this is to get the new show ready for a May launch. At first I thought...
  12. JohnD

    Annual Passholder: Bus vs. Driving to Parks

    I preface this for Annual Passholders and on-site guests because they get free parking. Non AP holders staying off-site have to pay $25 to park so bus may be the preferred option for them. I stayed off property this past weekend because I decided on a last minute trip. I stayed at the...
  13. JohnD

    News American Adventure: Submarine scene

    The AA of the woman worker descending on the submarine is currently missing. It’s weird when you hear her lines but there is no one there saying them.
  14. JohnD

    2019 Poster Art Calendar - January

    Ouch. That hurts, Disney. Rub it in, why don’t you.
  15. JohnD

    April 27 OI Meetup Transportation Question

    I'm considering the April 27 OI Meetup. But I have a resort reservation (for now) at WDW starting 4/26. Is it better to drive to it and back? (Obviously, traffic will be light along I-4 between 1-2am after the event is over). Should I Uber? Or maybe a reservation for one night at UOR with my...
  16. JohnD

    Bad Experience at OI Meetup

    Actually happened to me at the 12/15 OI Meetup: After parks close to day guests, Orlando Informer sets up cash bars at both parks during their Meetups. At the cash bars, they hand out beers in opened cans. Rather, they should pour all beverages into cups. Do not hand out open beer cans, for...
  17. JohnD

    Which Candlelight Processional VIP Dining Would You Keep?

    Which Candlelight Processional VIP Dining would you keep and why for seeing CP on 12/20? Tutta Italia, 1:30pm (5:00pm show) Biergarten, 3:00pm (6:45pm show) Via Napoli, 4:40pm (8:15pm show) Via Napoli is the original ADR. I just made the other two. Need to cancel two of them. Illuminations...
  18. JohnD

    "Pooh" Cares for Disabled Child

    A video of a patient Pooh caring for a disabled child at Crystal Palace is making the rounds so I thought I'd share. https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/video-disabled-boy-winnie-pooh-breaking-hearts-internet-022932633.html
  19. JohnD

    Tokyo Dining Illuminations View?

    Can you watch Illuminations from the balcony at Tokyo Dining? If so, how good a view is it? Can I just reserve an ADR for a dessert/after dinner drink?
  20. JohnD

    Of all the days...

    So, I live in the Florida Panhandle and my 60 days out for making FP+ selections is the exact day that Hurricane Michael is expected to blow through. Worst case, I assume I can use my app if power is out.
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