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  1. Patcheslee

    2020 rates???

    I'm trying to research if DL is even in our vacation budget for 2020 but rates still don't show for me. Do they normally hold off for this long? Or am I missing something? I have to have vacations requests of 5 day or more in 6 months before (work policy limits how many ppl can be off at the...
  2. Patcheslee

    Switch AK and HS day?

    We have our current plan for June as follows right now. Day 1 arrive 10am Day 2 EP (Coral Reef) Day 3 MK (Fathers Day dinner at BOG) Day 4 rest/water parks Day 5 AK (Tusker House)rope drop Day 6 HS (Mama Melrose)rope drop Day 7 rest/ waterparks Day 8 EP Day 9 MK (Cinderellas Table) Day 10...
  3. Patcheslee

    Titanic museum

    Has anyone done the Titanic Museum tour? We have a good 5 hours before check in and thought about taking DD10 here since she is obsessed. How long is the actual tour? And did you feel it was worth the cost?
  4. Patcheslee

    UK family looking for a Disney Princess nanny

    So this came across my local new page if anyone want to be a nanny. Second, okay which one of us is it? Lol http://www.wave3.com/2019/03/21/family-will-pay-disney-princess-nanny/?fbclid=IwAR1HSyiSt7ni001B_bt-Vf_uCW6gkFrPmUTiQeFbnFdHIjpQzHwLYU0htas
  5. Patcheslee

    Theatre tours for 10yo

    DD10 is obsessed with performing arts and musicals, to the point I have had to hear about her plans for her to attend the performing arts college in Indiana for going on 3 years now. She's gotten to be involved with our community theater for the past year so she can see how involved and how much...
  6. Patcheslee

    Teen missing posted on FB page 9-15-2018

    I normally wouldn't screen shot posts but trying to help a mom get this out to find her daughter.
  7. Patcheslee

    Disney charity auction

    Hopefully this is allowed. Was scrolling though FB and a charity auction for Give Kids the World came up. Didn't know if anyone would be interested. https://m.charityauctionstoday.com/m/auctions/IndyDisneyMeet2018-5339/items
  8. Patcheslee

    Surf lessons

    DD9 has begged for 2 years to take surf lessons anywhere that has a wave. I'm somewhat leery because I can't swim myself so I'd just be sitting on the sidelines and don't know what I'd be letting her get into. What kind of swimmer do you need to be for it? And what kind of water depth do they...
  9. Patcheslee

    I realize why people complain about transportation...

    At TTC at 9am for Epcot monorail =60 min downtime, missed FP for Soarin at 10:30am becauseof downtime and security check got backed up. Now- Monorail back to TTC to hop to 1900 park fare=20 minutes no end in sight, go to tran to get car instead, 15 minutes no sign of tram. We left epcot at 4pm...
  10. Patcheslee

    Unreliable MDE park hours???

    Messing around on MDE today and noticed AK hours showing 9am-10pm for June 4th. Full website shows 8am-11pm then EMH 11-1. Does this mean I shouldn't rely on the app for last minute park hour changes?
  11. Patcheslee

    Through or around Orlando

    We will be spending a couple days at St Augustine before heading to Disney Caribbean. So we will have rental for our vacation. Our plan has is leaving St. Augustine around 3pm on Saturday, which means hitting the Orlando area around 5pm. Is the traffic worse cutting straight through Orlando on...
  12. Patcheslee

    What do you do until trip?

    So since deciding to go last August, we are down to 50 days till we fly out. ADR done, FP done, reading way overdone. Now I'm sitting here tapping my foot waiting to leave. So what does everyone else do once all the planning is done? I'm obviously on forums, and writing down arraignments we have...
  13. Patcheslee

    All locations on property accept gift cards?

    Since we are staying at CBR we will be getting a Disney gift card we plan to use that for souvenirs. I had planned on taking DD8 to Pearl Factory since she is really into jewelry. (I swear I gave birth to a fairy "Shiny things!!!") I understand some kiosks may not accept gift cards, but are...
  14. Patcheslee

    Restroom while waiting

    I realize that some shows mean being there up to an hour before it even starts, Fantasmic for example. What happens if DD has to use the restroom while waiting and we've been seated. Do they allow ppl back in or is it sorry about your luck and have to wait in line a second time to regain admittance?
  15. Patcheslee

    X-men at Disney lol

    DD8 saw a Pandora commercial last night and came running into the laundry room yelling "Mom, mom there's X-men at Disney World!!!" Okay hold on where did you see that? She rewound the tv to the Pandora commercial and assumed the Navari was Mystique lol. Man that took some explaining to do.
  16. Patcheslee

    Which parks to book FP first

    I know there are a lot of guides and such written about FP+ priority for each park, but there doesn't seem to be anything about which parks to book first considering the whole of DW. Which is actually kind of strange with all the info out there. I know that FEA is the first on our list but...
  17. Patcheslee

    Good packing tips for flying

    Well MIL and FIL decided to gift us round trip flight for our trip in June as a late wedding present. DD and I have never flown, and its been over 20 years for DH. What a good source for packing tips ect? Luckily our luggage set already meets carry-on standards, so one less worry. And tips would...
  18. Patcheslee

    Chase bank promotion for new customers

    I didn't see this posted so heads up: Chase is offering a $200 deposit on new member checking accounts. You have to have direct deposit, online banking, and paperless statements. But considering the offer the Disney card, I went ahead and opened an account.
  19. Patcheslee

    Enchanted tales FP or wait till BOG dinner?

    Which would you do? I know Enchanted Tales being something I know my daughter wants to see when we go. We also have dinner at BOG for 4:30. I don't know if it would make sense to : FP earlier in the day, FP 90 minutes before dinner, or not use FP hope the line isnt too bad after dinner and hope...
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