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  1. zurgandfriend

    Trip Report A Short Father & Son Visit to the World

    I had to go to Orlando for business. I always stay an extra day or two to get my WDW fix and my DW is fine with it. Our DS had just come home from college after finishing his junior year. He is as big a Disney fan as his dad and was not pleased that I was going to visit WDW without him. He...
  2. zurgandfriend

    Trip Report Just a quick blurb

    Just a quick trip blurb rather than a full-blown report. I do not think the step-by-step movements of two old farts like my DW and myself are very interesting. My DW and I slipped away to WDW for a 5-night, 6-day get away trip. We did not tell our DS we were going, he is in college and gets...
  3. zurgandfriend

    Nix the T-Rex now it is Tea Time

    Thank you for all of your input regarding the T-Rex restaurant. Upon further review, my DW has changed her mind and decided on late afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian. At first, it was tea in the Crescent Solarium of the Beach Club but as it is seasonal, we are doing it at GF. My DW had tea in...
  4. zurgandfriend

    Ok tell me about the T-Rex Place

    When we visit WDW my DW and I each pick a “smaller” meal one night, usually after a big breakfast. I usually pick Sunshine Seasons or the Plaza for a burger & shake. DW’s “go to” place was Cosmic Rays but since they reduced the menu, she has been experimenting. This year she wants to go the...
  5. zurgandfriend

    Tell me about the Yacht Club

    First, let me say that I love my DW! We are planning a Disney get away after our DS returns to college in the fall. We need some R&R after a summer with him home, but I digress. Anyway, we started out considering Port Orleans. Next, my DW suggested the Wilderness Lodge. Then she surprised me by...
  6. zurgandfriend

    Where’s the pie

    In perusing menus for our upcoming WDW vacation, a fact just hit me that caused me much hesitation. I cannot find a simple slice of pie for dessert. Apple, blueberry, cherry or peach there does not seem to be a pie within reach. They have cheesecakes and Crème Brule in many different ways. They...
  7. zurgandfriend

    Port Orleans - Your Thoughts

    First some background, DW and I are planning a little WDW get away just the two of us when DS goes back to college. We talked about this and set it as a goal during our year of hell. DW went through Chemo/radiation and then I had my knee replaced. We are both up and “running” now. “Knock...
  8. zurgandfriend

    Which steakhouse do you suggest and why?

    I am planning a trip in the fall for my DW who has been very sick but is now on the road to recovery. We have been to WDW many times and have eaten at many of the restaurants. I am planning her favorite places Victoria & Albert's, California Grill, BOG and Cosmic Rays (go figure). I would also...
  9. zurgandfriend

    Trip Report The well that trip was different

    I am not one for long trip reports and am most assuredly not a picture person so my trip report will be short. However this trip I got to look at WDW from a different perspective. In January of this year, during the worst winter on record in New England, and one week after I booked my most...
  10. zurgandfriend

    Got my ADRs

    Got my ADRs set, we have eaten at all of these location in the past and they run the gambit from very posh to not very fancy but I’m happy and wanted to share. Day 1: Lunch=Casey’s, Dinner =Plaza Restaurant Day 2: Breakfast= Grab and Go, Lunch=Columbia Harbor House, Dinner=Biergarten Day 3...
  11. zurgandfriend

    Double Whammy not letting it get me down

    First; I slipped the other day and tore the meniscus in my knee, so I will need surgery and physical therapy. I have a trip scheduled in late August so I have my work cut out for me. Second; here in the Boston area we are in the middle of a blizzard. We are in the jack pot zone and will about...
  12. zurgandfriend

    Where to Stay?

    To save for our WDW trip I moonlighted in retail, as I do every year, from November 1st until this past weekend. I now have the money necessary for our annual pilgrimage and I will book very shortly. This trip will be special as it’s a “milestone” wedding anniversary for my DW and me. Now here’s...
  13. zurgandfriend

    Pizza Best and Worst

    The Disneyfoodblog today rated the best pizza Via Napoli’s and the worst any counter service pizza. I agree with the best but the worst I ever had was from room service at the Wilderness Lodge. So what is your favorite and least favorite WDW pizza?
  14. zurgandfriend

    Ohana Bread Pudding

    I saw today on the Disney Food Blog that the Ohana bread pudding is now being served in the Tambu Lounge. Which means a trip, or two, there for me next visit. I don't know about you but the bread pudding is my favorite dessert at WDW.
  15. zurgandfriend

    Dole Whip Heaven

    Check out the Disney Food Blog today, they are previewing Epcot Flower and Garden Festival "must eat" treats including; a sweet potato cinnamon waffles topped with dole whip and dole whips spiked with rum. They also preview a bacon cupcake with maple frosting and topped with pretzels that looks...
  16. zurgandfriend

    Roasted Corn & Baked Sweet Potatoes

    I saw this on the Disney Food Blog today The Liberty Square Market is offering roasted corn and baked sweet potatoes. Is anyone else’s mouth watering over these items? I mean buttered or spiced if you prefer, roasted corn and a baked sweet potato! I’m a red meat eating puma and I could make a...
  17. zurgandfriend

    2 New Starbucks

    Per the Disneyfoodblog there will be 2 new Starbucks in Disney Springs. This may be old news to you but I had not heard this before. Really! god would die if they put in a Dunkin's or a Tim Horton's.
  18. zurgandfriend

    Three Pies to Try

    The Disney food blog this morning discusses the 3 pies you must try. It’s a bit misleading as the pies are; Banana-Peanut Butter-Candied Bacon Pie from the Boardwalk Bakery Lobster & Scallop Fisherman Pie served at the Ireland booth at Food & Wine festival Mango Pie from the Yak & Yeti Also...
  19. zurgandfriend

    Mac & Cheese

    Check out the Disney Food Blog today, they discuss the Friar’s Nook and their mac & Cheese menu items. Included are cheese burger macaroni & cheese, blue cheese macaroni & cheese with balsamic and macaroni & cheese with toasted panko bread crumb topping, that’s the one I would try. Has anyone...
  20. zurgandfriend

    Cronuts come to Epcot

    Per the Disney Food Blog the “Cronut” or Croissant Donut, as the name is trademarked, is now being sold at the refreshment port in Epcot. I have heard about these things but have never tried one. Has anyone tried one of these on or off property? If so, are they all they're cracked up to be or is...
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