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  1. m3owbox

    MUST DO disney dining?

    Ohana dinner
  2. m3owbox

    Does anyone else miss the corrosive robot spray on Test Track?

    I miss the whole thing, the hot room, then the cold room, then the robot. It's just soooooo boring now!
  3. m3owbox

    best epcot dining?

    Chefs De France was amazing. We just went there last month and it was a great experience.
  4. m3owbox

    Name the things you MUST do every time you go to WDW??

    Eat at Ohanas Stay on Disney Property Grand Marnier Slush ToT Splash Mountain Buy a new WDW mug with the year on it
  5. m3owbox

    Selfie sticks - is this a thing at WDW yet? Disney clarifies policy

    I only saw 8 on my 8 day trip last month. But every person that had one wasn't paying attention to where they were going.
  6. m3owbox

    Do people really avoid the Swan/Dolphin merely because...

    When were you last there? I was there last month and they shared busses with the Boardwalk.
  7. m3owbox

    corrupt a wish

    Granted, but the water is ice cold. I wish that I could run the Castaway Cay 5k today.
  8. m3owbox

    Questions about Castaway Cay 5k

    Do you sign up on the ship or beforehand?
  9. m3owbox

    Philadelphia Flower Show

    Thanks for sharing!
  10. m3owbox

    Trip Report 21 Cajuns live trip report

    How busy has it been?
  11. m3owbox

    Dining Reservations

    1900 is a really good buffet. And if she likes Cinderella it will be a great meal for her. Plus the sisters walk around and they are hilarious. Food is good too. Personally i like the food there better than BoG. The only reason we booked BoG for our upcoming trip is for the atmosphere and my...
  12. m3owbox

    Marketplace Causeway construction

    The kiosks.
  13. m3owbox

    Marketplace Causeway construction

  14. m3owbox

    Brilliant New Disneyside Ad

    Alright, it made me cry! Only 4 more days.
  15. m3owbox

    Trip Report Disney in Winter came and went 2015!!

    I didn't even know The Boardwalk was going through renovations?
  16. m3owbox

    Boardwalk Villas 2 Bedroom?

  17. m3owbox

    Boardwalk Villas 2 Bedroom?

    We are staying in the Boardwalk Villas in a 2 bedroom next week. Just wondering what the room set up is like? I have heard different things and wondering if in the second bedroom is there 2 beds? Or is it a bed and a pullout? Also looking for any Boardwalk tips and info. Thank you!
  18. m3owbox

    Any popular WDW restaurants you just don't get the appeal of?

    I didn't like Boma either. The food was a total miss in our whole family's book.
  19. m3owbox

    Any popular WDW restaurants you just don't get the appeal of?

    Wasn't impressed with Via Napoli on my last trip. The food was just meh. Wouldn't go back. Also BoG dinner was underwhelming. The dessert was good but the main courses where underwhelming. Was hoping it was just an off night. Will be going back later this month.
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