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  1. Pi on my Cake

    An Idea a day keeps the Doctors Away (Daily Open Brainstorming Prompts)

    17 Day Streak Current Goal is 25 Days! Alright, here's the goal. We're gonna start a streak of daily brainstorming and we're gonna see how far we can go before we break it! Each day I (or somebody else) will post a simple prompt and we'll work together to figure out a pitch for it! Just some...
  2. Pi on my Cake

    Trip Report Solo: A Disneyland Story - My first trip by myself!

    Alright, I won't get too into it, but there's been a lot of rough stuff in my life the last several years. Depression, anxiety, family member deaths, family members battling (and surviving) cancer, issues with school. A bunch of stuff. But, I'm graduating soon. I have, with plenty of therapy...
  3. Pi on my Cake

    31 Days of Imagineering

    Merry First Day of December everyone! I had an idea. Seems a lot of newer people have been having issues with moderator approval on their posts. @spacemt354 has said this is because their post counts are too low. So, they need to make a lot of posts that don't involve pictures or links or...
  4. Pi on my Cake

    California Adventure - Guide to the First Five Years

    California Adventure: Early Days Guide for Scene 7 This is a guide created for Scene 7 of the One Little Spark Competition Here is a map at opening day with the area you will be working with for the scene in red. I’ll be going land by land to detail stuff so you can get a better idea of it...
  5. Pi on my Cake

    One Little Spark Competition (Sponsored by Stealing Things)

    --Overview-- The One Little Spark Competition (Sponsored by Stealing Things) is a brand new armchair imagineering competition! I have stolen the Dreamfinder's Ship which can take that one little spark of inspiration and turn it into wonderful creations. So, I'm taking some creative, talented...
  6. Pi on my Cake

    Rumor Heimlich's Chew Chew Train being moved to Florida? (Reddit rumor)

    Saw this on Reddit. Figured I'd ask our insiders if there was any truth to this The Reddit poster went on to say his source said it would be going, most likely, to Planet Watch in DAK. Possibly with other Bug's Land rides or theming. Possibly just Heimlich. @marni1971?
  7. Pi on my Cake

    One Little Spark - Discussion Thread

    It all starts with One Little Spark... --The Roster-- @FireMountain @nated1226 @AceAstro @TwilightZone @OutboundFlight @Disneylover152 @PerGronStudio @Brer Oswald @Evilgidgit @TheOriginalTiki @MonorailRed @Disney Dad 3000
  8. Pi on my Cake

    Tomorrowland Murals painted black?

    Someone posted this to Reddit recently. No one there seemed to know why this was done. Thought I'd post it here to see if anyone knew what they were doing?
  9. Pi on my Cake

    Just a mysterious teaser for an enigmatic thing...

    More details to come next month. Starting the month after.
  10. Pi on my Cake

    Disney Hotel Help

    Hello! I'm a Florida resident. Looking into the possibility of a graduation present to myself of a trip to Disneyland next spring. Had some questions about hotels i was having difficulty finding answers to. Is there any kind of public transit option that would allow me to get cheaper hotels...
  11. Pi on my Cake

    Applied Imagineering - Doing Real Stuff for Real

    So, I have, over the years, done little promotional stuff, displays, and games at the movie theater I work at (well, past several years I work seasonally when I'm home from college). Essentially really small scale real life Imagineering projects. It gave me the idea to make a thread where...
  12. Pi on my Cake

    MGM Studios 1995 to 2001 Guide

    Introduction 1996 map 1999 map 2001 Map This a guide to MGM Studios from 1995-2001. Meant to help with Sorcerer's Apprentice. It is done mostly by memory. This was my favorite park. It started going downhill in 2005 and, if I can take a moment to be overdramatic, died a slow agonizing...
  13. Pi on my Cake

    Club 3booze. Open Drunk Brainstorming (Sober people can give us ideas)

    I'm about to start drinking. And I'm pretty sure at least one or two other people from Team Brava are gonna also. Though it might be fun to have a place for drunk imagineering. If you aren't drinking, you can suggest things for us to create! If you are drinking, let's hang out and make stuff...
  14. Pi on my Cake

    A Brand New Imagineering competition!

    Nope. It's a Tide Ad
  15. Pi on my Cake

    Pi's Disneyland! Updated: Fire Mountain

    Skip to: Completed Park Map Attraction List The Post you are Currently Reading -Land Descriptions- Adventureland Part 1 Adventureland Part 2 Enchanted Forest Dark Woods Fantasyland Part 1 Fantasyland Part 2 Fantasyland Part 3 In and Around Snow White Castle Cloud Circus Tomorrowland Part 1...
  16. Pi on my Cake

    Century City by Team Younger

    Team Younger proudly presents: Century City A Toon Town Walt Disney's very first animated work was created in 1922. To celebrate a century of animated excellence, the many major animation companies have come together to work with Walt Disney Imagineering to create the greatest Toontown style...
  17. Pi on my Cake

    Pionmycake Presents: Kansas Disneyland! - Completed

    This project was never completed as intended. A brief run down of the plan for it has been posted on page 3. Full descriptions for some aspects can be found on the pages before that. Introduction You know the machine from Tron that transports humans into the computer? Well, that machine works...
  18. Pi on my Cake

    What happened to the safari?

    So, what happened to the amazing yet subtle plot in the safari with the poachers and big/little red and the guy from the base talking to us over the radio. I still love the safari, but it feels kinda empty now. I also miss the little bit of excitement and thrill from the chase at the end...
  19. Pi on my Cake

    One Sentence Competition - Season 3 Episode 1

    Hello, fellow Armchair Imagineers! Welcome to Season 3 of the One Sentence Competition! For those of you who don't know, the One Sentence Competition is a fun, casual competition. There are no eliminations and no large time commitment involved. You can drop in or drop out at anytime and most...
  20. Pi on my Cake

    New to site

    Hey! call me Pi. I ggrew up like 2 hours away from WDW. been a huge fan my entire life! I'm currently going to college studying engineering with the dream of someday being an imagineer. Hugely excited to be a part of the Disney College Program for the spring and summer!!! When I get some free...
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